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10/5/2014Big Hugs!! - Indysmindy
10/4/2014Seek help
10/4/2014Bye Kate
10/2/2014Hi Kate
10/2/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/2/2014Sorry to hear. You are strong and will get through it. Just take it day by day, sometimes minute by minute if you have to. Hugs
10/2/2014We've heard it all before, drunktard.
10/2/2014Green for Charlie the Golden Retriever! : ) - ANHEDONIC
10/2/2014You chose that man. idiot. why are women like you so stupid to begin with? luckely karma seems to work in your case.
10/2/2014Stay strong in all this madness.... -= Travis Bickle =-
10/2/2014It is really pathological the way you post not only your own alcoholic personal life, but that of your family
9/23/2014Go soak in a tub full of pubic hairs drunky
9/23/2014Great, now he's gonna get black lung. smart. dumbass.
9/23/2014This isn't Facebook, retard. Put down the wine box.
9/23/2014It is really pathological the way you post not only your own alcoholic personal life, but that of your family
9/23/2014Strong kid!
9/23/2014Take the alcohol poisoning challenge ASAP
9/23/2014Nice manicure and accessories.
9/21/2014Reading your Prepper thread has been an inspiration! Thanks for the support too! ~ Bansheegrrl
9/20/2014Because you prep! 411
9/12/2014Thanks Kate....you did good....finley
9/12/2014Go, go, go!!!!
9/12/2014Love the KJV references!! *Haarp Lady
9/12/2014Good for you kate for your vid
9/12/2014Have a great weekend! nahkers :)
9/12/2014Love ya! :D calx
9/12/2014Hi Kate honey! -Ceelite
9/11/2014God damn, you really are fucking stupid aren't you? And you're the worst kind of stupid because you THINK you are smart.
9/7/2014Green for caring. From indiandave
9/7/2014Stop posting pics of your kids
9/7/2014Stfu. too stupid to be a cop's kid.
9/7/2014For helping someone in need. LMB
9/7/2014For reaching out to depressed OP - ANHEDONIC
9/7/2014That was a wonderful and special thing you did. Thank you I am grateful and you gave me peace of mind because I was worried about him.
9/7/2014For helping another! SkinnyChic
9/7/2014Trust...trust in God with all your heart:) New heart
9/2/2014So glad u r better! Order young living thieves oil , google the benefits! It will help your immune system .
8/31/2014Karma to my neighbor up north!--Hardwired
8/31/2014Fuck Canada, eh.
8/31/2014For your Mom! Nice going! - Sobriquet
8/31/2014Love = Pooch
8/31/2014Who the fuck cares...
8/31/2014Sorry to hear you're better
8/31/2014Get well soon from halman
8/31/2014Welcome back! :D calx
8/31/2014Should have gone to Reha
8/31/2014Feel better ~TM
8/13/2014Green from me - Indysmindy
8/5/2014Morally bankrupt pseudo-Christian who knows nothing of Gods love&acceptance of us all
8/5/2014Cunt as usual
8/5/2014I love Israel but don't ask for thread bumps.
8/5/2014Get a life drunk old lady. Israel murders children, you're proud to support that? STUPID, STUPID WOMAN.
8/5/2014You suck
8/5/2014Fuck kaunkada
8/5/2014I'm shocked your still alive in glad though-DramaQueen
8/5/2014You're a drunken old fuck-stain.
8/5/2014EBay two day shipping
8/5/2014For uploading the family sacrificial pit as her avatar. What a woman!
8/1/2014Hugs - Indysmindy
7/26/2014You do not have a clue, do you? i pity you!
7/26/2014Great video, oath
7/26/2014Love your avatar! Been here a while and I know you :) -dp
7/26/2014Love ya cutie. :D calx
7/26/2014Have another drink and go fuck a moose.
7/26/2014Get your drunk ass out of the NEWS threads
7/25/2014Bes Maat - Egypt has your back :D
7/25/2014Karma roLL ....c.c
7/16/2014Green for being nice - Indysmindy
7/11/2014Great comeback to a smart ass comment....thepatriot​icgirl
7/9/2014You have issues.
7/7/2014Yuck what a skanky whore you are
7/7/2014I like you... R.P. McMurphy
7/6/2014Great post karma from Infomonger!
7/5/2014Vala :-)
7/5/2014Freen For You! - ItsMaKa2
7/5/2014Suck my....
7/5/2014Pathetic drunk gets sloshed again, defends her violently abusive husband, flaunts alcoholic drama online
7/5/2014Happy weekend and hugs! - Indysmindy
7/5/2014Moose Vagina
7/5/2014Hard enough?
7/5/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
7/5/2014My Sask babe=Pooch
7/5/2014Didgusting attn whore. no one cares about your personal life.
7/5/2014Repulsive drunken old hag.
7/5/2014Why. Just why.
7/5/2014Beautiful house and yard! :D calx
6/26/2014Stop that you're not getting old. :D calx
6/18/2014Please read this sober by the light of day and take a forthright look back at your drunken posts
6/18/2014Happy Wednesday Kate! - Indysmindy
6/18/2014Wtf is irag?
6/15/2014Hey Kate! green to ya! Corkygreenstate
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