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NOLAangel's Karma

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7/13/2017Thanks for commenting NOLA! - Putin's Voluntaryist
6/15/2017Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
6/15/2017Love GFG
6/4/2017Hi doll! Thank you for the birthday wishes! I appreciate your thoughtfulness. ...hugs from nutmeg...
5/18/2017Saving a dogs life is what I call the REAL GLP EFFECT! -Artemis Rand
5/18/2017Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
5/18/2017From Ralph--a house dog....for all shelter dogs!
5/18/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
5/17/2017Good thread... you have a good heart -Enneadeka
5/17/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
4/24/2017Shall he find faith on the earth? TheLordsServant
4/23/2017Love GFG
4/6/2017Peace to you MySoul
2/25/2017Back at ya :) Stay safe! --Baltimore
1/19/2017NOLA - Kraut
1/19/2017Thank you! OceanEyes
1/13/2017Green from Alaska...
12/24/2016Merry Christmas Love GFG
12/22/2016Thank you for much appreciated prayer. -wtf
12/1/2016Love ya GFG
11/8/2016Thanks Love GFG
10/14/2016Love ya GFG
9/16/2016First nice comment
8/23/2016Love GFG
8/21/2016God Bless You!- HolySpiritWind
8/17/2016You Rock! Blessings, ItsaTwister
7/4/2016God Bless you! holyspritwind
5/19/2016Great reply
5/13/2016Thank you so much! Luisport!
4/24/2016Green Love God Bless! holyspiritwind
4/19/2016Buddy green.Lamb of God 25
4/6/2016Thanks for liking my gifs :-) -I_am_who_I_am
3/26/2016Crawfish etoufee' Carol B.
3/12/2016Jesus Loves you and so do I ! holyspiritwind
3/5/2016God Bless You! holyspiritwind
8/4/2015Thanks Nice reply
6/13/2015Lisa*Lisa was here :)
5/9/2015Yep it has!! mudda fugga
5/3/2015Thanks for sharing that dream
5/3/2015Love GFG thanks
4/5/2015Happy Easter - Corkygreenstate
1/9/2015Thanks! Ag47
1/3/2015New year southern green karma for ya! - Corkygreenstate -
10/13/2014Thank you :-) Rising Son
9/4/2014Thank you so much! Love Ellusion :)
8/16/2014Thank you for the birthday pancakes and streamers!!!! KarinZa :)
8/13/2014Love Gfg
8/11/2014GOD Bless you my friend! Thank you for your kind words! Susie:)
7/25/2014Green from nutmeg! :)
7/24/2014Thanks for the link NOLAngel!! *Haarp Lady
7/18/2014Religious idiot
7/16/2014Beautiful avatar photo! beeches
6/26/2014Love GFG
6/22/2014I live in Nola too, hard to trust this guy after giving him a chance over and over. Great post. Thanks.
6/21/2014Thanks for the birthday wishes! Corkygreenstate
4/4/2014MAy GOd always shine his light on you! susie..:)/Christian
3/30/2014Some extra love for you...morgan.
3/7/2014I hope it is a group effort. Onward Christian soldiers - JCITW
10/28/2013Walking dead link ar15-nut
10/23/2013Don't be frustrated. Smell the pretty flowers, and the coffee, and pet the furries. Comfort in good things.
10/11/2013Eff off
10/11/2013Excellent thread.
10/11/2013Use of word 'sheep' tax
10/11/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/10/2013Five stars and green karma!
10/9/2013Thank you! ibyte on 2
10/2/2013Thanks for being a 'suntard', LOL.Peace & Blessings-hugh m eye
9/26/2013From GLP Angel with love...
9/20/2013Xxx Krispy71 -had same connection issues too, was banned after it-
9/8/2013Sol Neman
9/8/2013Thank you very much, GT500
8/3/2013I like folks that think like me thanks. Sandpiper
7/22/2013Peace be with you down there Nolaangel. Isis One
7/22/2013Ancha! TY, seismic reading help.
7/21/2013Thanks for all your hard work!
6/11/2013Thanks for the support >CH
6/8/2013Great post karma from gonviral
5/30/2013TYVM for your contribution to my thread! - CoTA
5/23/2013How about... Sorrowful Maiden? - Knowbody Special
5/21/2013Hide your kids ,hide your wife, repeat ...
5/15/2013The Worlds Enemy :)
5/7/2013VERY good contribution to shill-topic thread--Razgriz
5/6/2013Eh deh fuggin fiya bawls makemehdanz
5/5/2013Karma fuel for New Thor...
5/1/2013One of us...Christian.
4/28/2013Good Call!
4/23/2013Being so supportive on the yellowstone thread. thanks <3
4/22/2013Good kharma for you RAKM. Best wishes, ;-`)
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