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6/21/2017Buy stock in binkies
6/15/2017Great Commie LibTard SMACKDOWN!
6/15/2017Truth about Maddow. Tired of us being chivalrous while they destroy our country. MSR
6/14/2017Men cant help getting bald you cunt! go shave your head and see how attractive you are! bitch
6/6/2017Great post, Protestantism thread----Terrebonne
6/5/2017Thank you for the support, jpop! I really appreciate it and love your posts...davvi
6/2/2017You have not a clue as to what a real nazi was. The world would be in such a better place if the US fought the real enemy in WWII. Now the bolsheviks ARE in control and communism is glorified.
5/26/2017Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
5/26/2017Hannity Green b. m.
5/26/2017Such good work....God bless....the old timer
5/26/2017Good thread on Hannity advertisers... Lilopin
5/26/2017Thank you for sticking up for Sean!
5/26/2017Boycott! ~ Where Eagles Dare
5/26/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
5/26/2017100% -Denizen
5/26/2017All dotcom tech companies, theyll fail soon -thetoolman
5/19/2017You don't know shit, so shut up.
5/18/2017No Dhimmi Greenery
5/16/2017Friendship green. Alpacalips
5/16/2017Brief :)
5/11/2017Nailed the Disney CEO description! -FBHO
5/8/2017Lol at ur bomb joke... real fucking funny... douche
5/8/2017Chigger Help Green b. Master
5/7/2017Get a real job and stop bitching
4/21/2017From a fellow teacher xxoo Lady Lazarus
4/21/2017Those who cant do it in the real world teach
4/20/2017LIBTARDs get what they deserve - Thebigfireforyou
4/18/2017Good advice.
4/16/2017Truth on President Trump (The Scientist)
4/9/2017Not buying it. ~Vasili
4/6/2017I dont want any death either - curry nosher :-)
4/3/2017The Hell with the other tard!!.... it prolly is the Black KKK!! Southern Soldier..
4/3/2017Black KKK
4/3/2017Oh my gosh! Thank you! Alpacalips
4/2/2017Green from Gonviral
3/31/2017You are traitors to your country, you will be remembered as such.
3/30/2017Oh snap! Capo
3/14/2017Thanks for the post! bigD111
2/24/2017For your awesome libTARD rant Carol B.
2/22/2017Linky or stinky this
2/22/2017Excellent post. -Revbo
2/21/2017From Chivas
2/19/2017Lake Oroville thread -auntiebeads
2/16/2017You don't see what's coming. Too busy hurling insults. Time to unite, not divide.
2/16/2017Ouch, you didn't muzzle yourself. lol - MultiStrada
2/15/2017Zionists are ignorant of history, or just stupid which are you?
2/11/2017Has good ideas
2/5/2017Alpacalips was here =-)
1/26/2017Great friggen post! Alpacalips
1/23/2017Thank you for the nice post defending young Barron! (Patient Grasshopper). Xoxo
1/16/2017Great words Love GFG
1/9/2017Word jpop. You saw the burried 60 Minutes also. Pure sociopath.
12/29/2016Good posts on the "I'm tired of Globalist's..." thread s.d.
12/12/2016Merry Christmas :) savcash
12/8/2016You are spot on
12/7/2016Love your comebacks! -FBHO
12/4/2016Merry Christmas <3 savcash
11/28/2016Beeches for comment on muss-scum machete attack thread.
11/27/2016For getting the word out about child rapists
11/21/2016I wish they would all leave, too. They promised they would. -Haun-
11/18/2016The Jews did it, pay attention
11/17/2016I like yer style. Aplacalips
11/17/2016From Ralph--a house dog
11/17/2016Bye tucker! i agree, good call. krinkfan
11/16/2016Great response to that terrorist
11/11/2016Butthurt skank snowflake--shut the fuck up will ya.
10/20/2016Good Post, Thanks! - Deplorable KC_Goldshine
9/26/2016You are right!---djfxw
9/19/2016Sister in Christ! jdb
9/16/2016Good comment! ...nutmeg...
8/29/2016Great post in the eighth grade student lighting teacher on fire thread. I couldn't agree more. ScarlettRedfern
8/26/2016Cheyenne greenery
8/17/2016Which bathroom will you visit? thetoolman
8/5/2016Happy green Zoo2
7/29/2016Yes please go "own". Lol
7/10/2016Thanks for asking, and glad you're well - Michael Deschain
7/2/2016I wish Trinity would ban this crisis actor shit....Reader.
6/28/2016From Ralph--a house dog
6/23/2016Great post....agreed!
6/21/2016Whoever puts me in that position . . . great post. Sloane
6/16/2016Get off your psuto pius soap box!
6/16/2016Loved your take on liberals in the Trump polls thread -Haun-
6/15/2016White devil majority - Michael Deschain
6/13/2016Well said. -Revbo
6/5/2016Good job F>f
6/1/2016Knock those pedos down!!! - mehitable adams
6/1/2016Good point. Boris
5/18/2016Because it's not - I LOVE THAT! - mehitable adams
5/12/2016You're right
5/6/2016Genius! - B@Z
4/23/2016For being logical -Arkansassy
4/22/2016You're a fag for not being "BROKEN'... STFU.
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