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The Comedian's Karma

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2/26/2017Oh it seems that comedian that post now is just a imposter
7/13/2016Karma roLL .C.C
10/25/2015You Are Still Not Missed You Stupid Fuck
9/9/2015Long time no see :-)
7/15/2015How's that retirement goin' for you? Lotta people miss you here
5/29/2015Best member there ever was. Wish you were here.
4/14/2015There. Neutralized that one for you, :-)
3/24/2015Jus sayin hi
1/11/2015Fun memories :-) W L
12/18/2014Happy Holidays ...C.C
12/11/2014Going on a year - and you're still a legend!
11/28/2014Thanks for the nice postcard, careful of falling coconuts - WL
9/30/2014He's not dead, he's on vacation!
8/30/2014Tired of retirement yet ?
8/25/2014The guys miss you too, I saw them talking about it just last night :-)
8/2/2014I miss you too
8/1/2014Yes, they do! Evidence is right here, you blind blob. Missin' you, Comedian <3
7/14/2014Missing your candor and your humor. Maybe one day...
7/10/2014Just to keep it going! Your fan club pines for you. ;-)
7/4/2014Come back !
5/10/2014You are still loved and missed Eliana
5/5/2014Pissant with a complex
4/20/2014Pissant with a complex
3/14/2014You Are Missed Eliana
1/30/2014Your a bloody cum bubble that ran out of your mamas twat, down the crack of her fat ass and became a vaginal blood fart!!
1/18/2014You're not missed. asswhipe
1/5/2014Slicin' through the libitard like a chainsaw... - R.P. McMurphy
12/28/2013Merry Christmas!!!! KarinZa
12/22/2013Merry Christmas to you and yours, Comedian! Happy thoughts! katballoo
12/20/2013U fuck da poo
12/20/2013Ass hat
12/19/2013Maintaining 2 accounts now? keep it up fagnugget
12/16/2013Merry Christmas hon - whiteangel
12/11/2013Uncle fucker
12/6/2013Rock 'em
12/5/2013Just cause I missed your smilin' face - R.P. McMurphy
12/4/2013Good to see you - Kirk
12/4/2013The Comedian is back. WoooHoooo! RayGun
12/4/2013I missed you! GLP is terribly boring without you. Please don't leave again :) Love, Pure of Heart
12/3/2013BOOM!!!! Good to see ya around - ClydeX
12/3/2013I thought you went away.
12/3/2013Nice to see you back ! From Tiger1.
12/3/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/3/2013Karma RoLL ....C.C
12/3/2013Retirement smirent BOOOOOOO!
11/23/2013Don't leave us alone and out numbered - Kirk
11/17/2013Stll glad your worthless ass is gone, you ignorant piece of shit.
11/10/2013Glad you've gone
11/4/2013Get your ass back I here. We see you signing on, so know you are alive. - Zetetic
11/3/2013Green >> Dangerwalt
11/2/2013Miss your threads and involvement....Mister​Houston
11/1/2013Just for good measure....ClydeX
10/31/2013How is it going Buddy!?....Exemplar
10/28/2013Back from exile-Kirk. Do not leave man, love your posts
10/16/2013Miss you
10/16/2013Don't come back we don't miss you!
10/15/2013Thread:The Comedian is retiring <<<<And not 1 single fuck was giving that day.Fucking leave already,Fucking homo!!
10/13/2013I love TWD! :-)))) Can't wait to see it!
10/13/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/12/2013Strangly obsessed with being gay, esp for one supposedly straight. I don't care what sex you like, but stop your pointless hate.
10/11/2013Hello, stranger!!! <3 KarinZa
10/7/2013Thank you.
10/6/2013If you cut and run you must be inconsistent somewhere. everyone is flawed tho...you should just be a man and stick it out -undestroyer
10/2/2013Please come back ~~LT Prepper
10/1/2013Racist white ape shit
9/28/2013Good luck, bro! SG
9/27/2013Fucking leave, retarded pussy.<<<<THIS
9/25/2013Ur the biggest shill/fuckwagon fag on GLP...Glad your gone asswipe.
9/24/2013Hohoho here comes the comedy fuckface
9/24/2013Fucking leave, retarded pussy.
9/23/2013Hey Rogue Messenger
9/20/2013I hate to see you go ~Marsute~
9/18/2013PUSSY,Oh wait i forgot you were a DICK LOVING BASTARD.,YOU!!!
9/17/2013Happy Trails - Zetetic/Infidelium/Mu​ltis Nominibus
9/17/2013Good Riddance to a narcissistic, racist, attention whore TROLL
9/17/2013Can't handle shit, huh? Pussy.
9/17/2013Eat your dick, I mean filet mothertrucker...Karma​ deleting faggot shill...SEEE YA
9/17/2013Good riddance
9/17/2013Awwww, really? No...no....no....no..​..you can't leave...I won't let you!! :( katballoo Happy thoughts to you!
9/17/2013Ass hat.
9/17/2013Don't go away darlin...we need you...cowgirlk
9/17/2013No, NO, you CAN'T "retire"!!!! Please don't retire! from Eggcellent
9/17/2013You're alright - rorschach
9/16/2013Fcuk off and leave, you worthless, mindless, cunt.
9/16/2013Self absorb bitch. No one cares. Its a fucking forum. Boohoo.
9/16/2013Fairwell Mein Amigo!
9/16/2013Drama queen
9/16/2013My respect for analyzing the kachina hoax - Veritas
9/16/2013That poll thread was the gayest thing i've ever seen. take a break dude.
9/16/2013Just because :) -- Pure of Heart
9/15/2013Hopi hoax, Manu
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