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Abbs Dublin's Karma

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11/24/2013Correct about the Roman Catholic church - Voice
11/12/2013Thank you!
11/5/2013322 - re
11/5/2013Yes TSA will become the new gulag -Steamrolled
11/2/2013Eat shit.
10/28/2013Blessings to you in Jesus name :) Warriors of the lord
9/28/2013King james. bless you -NMEMT
8/28/2013Keep Telling it as it is! Thanks!
8/21/2013Solely for the numerology bullshit in your sig
8/15/2013Great vid and thanks for contributing! ~DAT
7/30/2013Obama is our lord and savior. +1
7/1/2013Meanwhile the president of the United States... - Guam, USA

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