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Frank Frankson's Karma

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10/11/2014Illuminati symbolism
10/7/2014I still love to give you red
9/5/2014Stay away
6/3/2014Come Back
1/27/2014Eat this!
1/18/2014I still love to give you reds
1/8/2014Good Y
1/3/2014A little late but here's your weekly red
12/24/2013Hope you are well
12/19/2013Weekly red.... YEEEEEEEEA-A-A-A-A-A-​A-H
12/11/2013Weekly red
12/3/2013I'd forgotten about you for a while.. but now to recommence the weekly reds...
12/1/2013Here we go
11/16/2013Thanks .. Lord of Steel 4Hhorseman
11/15/2013M/ METAL RULES \m/
11/11/2013Let us all use our perspectives for growth!
11/6/2013Nag nag nag
10/19/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/10/2013GREEEEEEN for you
9/30/2013Nice to see you again
9/14/2013And again, take the butthurt, retard.
9/4/2013Regular red for the king of douchebags
8/28/2013Shut it!
8/28/2013Weekly red, many more to come.
8/25/2013GREEEEEEN for you
8/22/2013Weekly red, many more to come.
8/14/2013To keep you in the red, Douchebag
8/7/2013One of the most unpleasant trolls, on a site full of unpleasant trolls. Well done.
8/5/2013Third biggest troll on this site. Keep trying, maybe you'll be #1
7/30/2013You deserve so much more....
7/21/2013For being a douchebag
7/16/2013All The Shills Above You
7/16/2013Defamatory bastard who contradicts himself.
7/15/2013To keep the drooling fuckwit in the red
7/15/2013To try and help you into the green - Lamplite
7/5/2013A little more weekly red
7/3/2013Weekly red for the drooling fuckwit
7/3/2013Good stuff
6/26/2013Moon Hoaxer
6/26/2013From - DVC
6/24/2013Me no like you
6/24/2013Make love to me
6/22/2013With love and respect, 141
6/18/2013Hi Frank! Thanks for stopping by :) Love Spirit666
6/18/2013Meh, expect 50 or so of these a year from this poster.
6/16/2013Lamplite :)
6/15/2013Dumber than ducky... takes a special kind of fuckwittery to be dumber than ducky... you are the pinnacle of the evolution of the 'Drooling fuckwit'
6/15/2013Dumber than ducky... never thought anyone was dumber than ducky... you are the pennacle of the evolution of fuckwit!
6/12/2013Hi Frank! Drunk Uncle
6/12/2013World is flat too bud, science is a tool of TPTB
6/11/2013Sexy avatar ;) and good arguments - ChocolateChick :)
6/10/2013Drooling fuckwit
6/9/2013Hello Frank how's the matrix treating you? lol Thanks for stopping by :) Love Spirit666
6/9/2013Good point, no reason to trust the establishment! -Cebeij
6/9/2013Nice stuff
6/9/2013You've been warned
6/9/2013Why are you so rude to others who do not feel as you?
6/9/2013I'e been feeling it too. Read the Bible. It's all in there.
6/9/2013What an ass!
6/9/2013Jesus, what a rude jackass. Grow up.
6/8/2013I fuckin LOVE to give you red
6/7/2013Bold Liar
6/7/2013You're the only gay i dont mind on this site. Thanks for not pushing your agenda. Don't like the fact you voted for obama twice though
6/7/2013Lol ~ Loophole
6/7/2013You're the only gay i dont mind on this site. Thanks for not pushing your agenda. Don't like the fact you voted for obama twice though.
6/7/2013You are a real jackass
6/6/2013Thanks :) Lamplite
6/4/2013What a good pet you are - learn to be a man
6/4/2013He's a shill
6/4/2013TPTB do control us...we are all just here for the ride! --katballoo
5/30/2013Chosen people of G-dy in here.
5/29/2013Its that time again
5/29/2013Have one more, moran
5/29/2013TV is BS---UTownTrash
5/28/2013SAME BOAT- thetruthneverlies
5/28/2013You are right. ibyte on 2
5/27/2013What an easy convinced prick...
5/26/2013Thanks for the radio podcast tip.
5/26/2013Agree - DVC
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