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8/25/2015Nice comment on the Lion thread - Big Daddy D
8/25/2015Exactly *just plain stupid to go on a walking tour* - completely unaware. Have a nice day, Sloane
7/11/2013You are correct on bills >CH
7/11/2013May I be the one allowed to mount Yoda and delilver blows? Cheops
7/11/2013Liked That Comment - MLK Would Bitchslap His Disciples...
6/21/2013FREE GREEN! ibyte on 2
6/17/2013I had one karma left to give and you won it!...lol for there attempt at twice lying...lol....saved
6/17/2013Exactly...he looks like a SISSY next to Putin!!!
6/11/2013Amazing post bro -SteamrolledGobias
5/29/2013I DON'T love Obama you idiot.
5/28/2013From Prescott
5/22/2013Good post thanks for the contribution -SteamrolledGobias
5/22/2013Nice statement dude
5/21/2013Great idea
5/20/2013"milli vanilli lip sync president on America" PERFECT! RayGun
5/16/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/16/2013"DHS buying up all the ammo IRS buying up all the shredders" :D - Comedian
5/15/2013Made me lulz
5/14/2013For your comment on the irs thread
5/14/2013Ha! Beat me by a minute. Good post on Hillary. -Rev
5/13/2013Great explanation you are smart -SteamrolledGobias

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