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Use your brian, moran!'s Karma

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7/13/2014Awesome post in Israel thread - Bes Maat
7/12/2014Satanic faggot. Cursed be you
7/12/2014Take your fairy tales elsewhere!
7/11/2014Dam good idea give every i.imagarent a shot call it the 666 mark
7/9/2014Drive by green. Superduper
7/9/2014For your input on the ME clusterfuck- THE INQUISIDOR
7/8/2014Dankz fo da pin :-D
7/7/2014Green fo common sense and discernment!....saved​
7/4/2014Glad you're using your brian, moran! ~Stoned G
7/2/2014Funnt shit there man..~sickandtwisted~​
7/1/2014Security force shill warning--RIGHT!--sees​
6/30/2014Interesting vid you posted on PR's thread. Thanks! --I'mpossible
6/26/2014Heart full of love :) paler
6/16/2014Dogs want to eat you because you're a giant piece of shit
6/10/2014Lol nice name
5/30/2014He is being pompous, arrogant, condescending, self righteous ahole for something we all are looking forward to. Mr C
5/14/2014Always good to see your postings!! ibyte on 2
5/5/2014For that jab at Brief. Good one
5/5/2014Low IQ
5/3/2014Green karma from Max Bacon
5/2/2014Sorry, lad :( I said I was just kidding!!! Lol, KarinZa
4/14/2014Good one for the shills..4H
4/13/2014Truthteller. Theobromine
4/13/2014Cannot disagree
3/30/2014Based on your remarks about people of faith, I think it's time for YOU to "Use your brian, moran!"
3/25/2014Cock collage! eekers
3/23/2014Lol!! i did i got a 97!! ibyte on 2
3/20/2014Chruches respone to Fred Phelp's death. Brother Love
3/20/2014Best advice so far.
3/17/2014Busting Shill Chops While Getting In News Of Importance. ~ TastyThoughts
3/16/2014You know I made it just for GLP last halloweeen :) -dp
3/13/2014Everything's Alright.
3/12/2014From goodmockingbird
3/8/2014Well said
3/7/2014Thanks for backing me up on my post--Tripleh31
3/7/2014SIcKaNdTwIsTeD~ repitiously delicious.
3/7/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/4/2014For posting in Bucegi thread! WeAreOne
3/3/2014Original name! ~ICBN
3/3/2014Low IQ
3/1/2014Thanks, astral goat it had been boiling in me all day
2/25/2014Tnx for the information !!! xxxK
2/17/2014Great Comment Lady J USA
2/16/2014Bite me!
2/7/2014LOL I thought it was appropriate :) eekers
1/28/2014Lol, thanks my friend!! Didn't even realize this was you! ~ Simple27 : )
1/25/2014Fuck off
1/19/2014Love you new nic! krystal
1/8/2014Indeed - /SV/
1/4/2014Cry about it
12/31/2013You are so right! Should have been the law long since!
12/31/2013Resident idiot
12/27/2013Peace and love <3 krystle ann
12/21/2013Terminal idiot
12/20/2013Fail. time to apologize to astro.
12/20/2013No Probs ~ ISON
12/19/2013Merry Christmas! krystal
12/14/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
12/13/2013Useless drivel from a butthurt psychopath
12/12/2013Hi my friend :) tampaheather
12/10/2013Thanks for your contributions - Ison tell tale sign - Ladyk
12/8/2013Because you earned some ~ Arcturus
12/8/2013Bad back at ya
12/6/2013Electrical Interaction comment. Great post! -Serendipitous
12/6/2013Pushes the doom agenda a bit too much. Hmm.
12/5/2013Yes cool thanx! u spelled it right. Canadiangreekme.. been following him as well <3
12/5/2013Happy Holidays ~ Simple27 : )
12/4/2013Useless drivel from a butthurt psychopath
12/4/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/4/2013Awesome comment - star fhisp
12/3/2013Thanks for coming by the thread :-) -DelusionsOfGrandeur
12/3/2013Thank you!! ibyte on 2
12/3/2013The Green Goblin hahahaha good 1 I would of said gaging girl
12/3/2013<3 you rock krystle ann
12/3/2013Vote of confidence!
12/1/2013Greetings from Brazil - AA
11/30/2013Calls those who disagree with him shills
11/30/2013Karma Love!....>>>>Settle4I​t<<<<
11/28/2013Thanks for oversaturation explanation! ~UAP
11/27/2013STFU with the shill accusations. Astro has been proven right every time, year after year. You and your ilk are wrong every time.
11/26/2013You are going to be very embarrassed very soon for your outbursts on ison
11/26/2013Your very welcome have a wonderful day :) sacred energy
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