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Use your brian, moran!'s Karma

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2/28/2015Nazi fag
2/11/2015Dumb faggot
12/24/2014Get a brian moran
12/17/2014Thanks for the triplet sympathy :) from barely suppressed rage
12/9/2014Makes more useless red lines than a bunch of menstruating prostitutes on a water slide" - about to piss myself! Remoh
12/9/2014Nice Rant, Sledster
12/8/2014For being so wrong
11/25/2014So, It's ok for you to give your two cent's, but when others give theirs..they are wrong? idiot.
11/21/2014Cheers, BSZ
11/18/2014Brians!!!! -Wordsworth
11/18/2014So True! Watch the other hand!
11/17/2014Thanks again for your support / tropical
11/13/2014Jew hating nazi
11/6/2014Ha-festering twat! Hard Eight
11/6/2014Superbly eloquent response.
11/5/2014I dislike cops too. They have a God mentality and an ameba I.Q. / tropical
11/3/2014Nazi thug
11/2/2014Good to see you around again :) Bes Maat
10/21/2014Impressive and correct rant on fed corruption zeldannie
10/14/2014Fuck vaccines rant, wish I could give 10 karma! -TruthNow88
10/10/2014Eekers :)
10/2/2014ATX here! Checkin in ~Zcat
9/30/2014Jesus annnoints your asshole, you ignorant fuck.
9/24/2014Hell ya! Brainwash comment, DL's thread.
9/22/2014Loser low life
9/15/2014Watch out there's a Jew hiding under your bed.
9/15/2014Weak minded follower of lies.
9/15/2014How many times a day do you say " criminal zionist regime " ?
9/14/2014Green by Zod!
9/7/2014Reported Abusive Post
8/27/2014Cheers! ~ Simple27 : )
8/26/2014You're an idiot. I felt that you needed to be reminded of that fact.
8/26/2014Made m laugh ~ three little lambs
8/21/2014Hahaha! You Irish piece of shit! Have another drink, MORAN!
8/21/2014You're a naive beginner. Overmatched at every turn I have watched you. You need to be humbled badly.
8/18/2014Green Monday! ~ ancha
8/13/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/13/2014Punk ass bitch! Think of you at the range all the time! Weak, pathetic, Goy!
8/13/2014Jew-hating fag
8/13/2014Green from a friend ~ three little lambs
8/9/2014Hama dirtbag
8/8/2014IDW is right more than he is wrong, it's his emotions that turn people off :( - Eireann~
8/8/2014Brilliant answer
8/8/2014Green for you - Xannixon
8/7/2014Amen from michael
8/6/2014Right on! Ag47
8/6/2014Thanks for playing. Vala :-)
8/5/2014Thanks! Hugs! ~Tangy :)
8/5/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/5/2014Fuck the Paleostinians!
8/3/2014Thats rich, a shill calling some else a shill
7/30/2014For not seeing eye to eye, but we're able to be civil at least ~ swearengen
7/30/2014Fuck you too, a million times over, you despicable, soulless, piece of shit
7/30/2014Green for truth - Xan
7/29/2014"Much respect to you & all who served!" Thank you.
7/28/2014I'll smash ur head off ur sissyboy shoulders
7/28/2014I still laugh every time I see your username :) eekers
7/26/2014Stop ordering people around
7/26/2014For using the word chode. TA
7/26/2014Shades of Hillary Clinton :) I agree with what u said in latest post. Mia
7/26/2014Federal Way? Cool. Renton here- Etta
7/25/2014Absolutely, Ag47
7/24/2014Thank you for standing up for Janey. Not sure what Dalek is all about. - Eireann~
7/24/2014Greeeeeeen/akdar - Bes Maat
7/21/2014You're really not that bright at all
7/21/2014For the Janey love ~Tangy :)
7/20/2014You are so bitchy. Get a life you areligious moran.
7/19/2014Me first!! :) eekers
7/16/2014Satanic faggot. Cursed be you
7/16/2014YOU eat a bag of dicks...
7/13/2014Awesome post in Israel thread - Bes Maat
7/12/2014Take your fairy tales elsewhere!
7/11/2014Dam good idea give every i.imagarent a shot call it the 666 mark
7/9/2014Drive by green. Superduper
7/9/2014For your input on the ME clusterfuck- THE INQUISIDOR
7/8/2014Dankz fo da pin :-D
7/7/2014Green fo common sense and discernment!....saved​
7/4/2014Glad you're using your brian, moran! ~Stoned G
7/2/2014Funnt shit there man..~sickandtwisted~​
7/1/2014Security force shill warning--RIGHT!--sees​
6/30/2014Interesting vid you posted on PR's thread. Thanks! --I'mpossible
6/26/2014Heart full of love :) paler
6/16/2014Dogs want to eat you because you're a giant piece of shit
6/10/2014Lol nice name
5/30/2014He is being pompous, arrogant, condescending, self righteous ahole for something we all are looking forward to. Mr C
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