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Elemental's Karma

Total: 1062 (773  User Votes + 286  Thread Reports + 3  Threads Pinned) and 7

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8/22/2014A little green for Ele: BKK
8/20/2014Beautifu words, sorry for your loss x
8/19/2014Base12 Was Here
8/18/2014Love from ANHEDONIC : )
8/17/2014Nahkers :)
8/16/2014Have a great weekend my friend from Prowilson123 :) xx
8/15/2014XXXOOO =) Inerrancia
8/15/2014Reported Abusive Post
8/11/2014Back at ya; BKK
8/11/2014Brief :)
8/11/2014Back atchya :) Fire Watch~
8/11/2014Karma Blessings!....>>>>Set​tle4It<<<<
8/11/2014Miseltoe in position ;) xxx
8/10/2014Nah-kers :)
8/7/2014I hope you are doing very well! Love, Sloane
8/7/2014Oooxxx =) Inerrancia
8/7/2014Love GFG
8/7/2014Base12 Was Here
8/6/2014Hope everything is okay my friend , hugs and kisses from Prowilson123 :) xx
8/5/2014Up1. Reality420
8/4/2014Thank you so much for the upgrade! Setheory
8/3/2014Nah-kers :)
8/2/2014Much love back to you :) Fire Watch~
8/1/2014Much love!!! - MaTV
7/31/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/31/2014Hallo! :D calx
7/30/2014My best wishes, my friend =) Inerrancia
7/30/2014Love and admire you so much! 8)
7/30/2014Hope you have a great week my friend, big hugs to you from Prowilson123 :) x
7/29/2014Hi hun! eekers
7/29/2014Brief :)
7/29/2014Wishing best to you. God bless. :) Shhh...
7/28/2014Money good -- bane bad; BKK
7/28/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/28/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/28/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/27/2014Base12 Was Here
7/27/2014Thanks for posting to my thread, little bird
7/27/2014One up - Veritas
7/27/2014Another week closer :D love Beery xxx
7/27/2014Nah-T :)
7/27/2014Green Sunday smooch....Lekker:)
7/26/20141up - hy
7/26/2014Hey you, nice to see you back on, hugs - Wispa.
7/25/2014Smart and Sweet always deserves green. Cheers! - Setheory
7/23/2014Green Karma_GeoStorm
7/23/2014Happy Wednesday :) Fire Watch~
7/22/2014Green for the best the UK has to offer!!! :) -Acula
7/22/2014I'm beyond good, and I hope you're even better! ~ MO
7/21/2014Besos - Patito
7/21/2014I love you too, hugs and kisses from Prowilson123 :) xx
7/21/2014Not me but He who lives in me love ya GFG
7/21/2014Big Karma ((((HUGS))))....>>>>S​ettle4It<<<<
7/21/2014Brief :)
7/21/2014Hi doll! :) eekers
7/21/2014Big hugs. Shhh..
7/20/2014Love & Respect - ANHEDONIC
7/20/2014He who counts chickens last, laughs before they hatch. Beercan :) xxx
7/20/2014Nah-T sends green hugs your way!
7/20/2014Hugs & Kisses to my favorite GLPer! -TV
7/18/2014Mtn mang
7/18/2014Green love filled with green kisses for a wonderful weekend....Lekker:)
7/17/2014Miss you; BKK
7/15/2014Hugs to one of my fave's. Love you. 8)
7/13/2014Backatcha - 74444
7/13/2014Inspirational blessings and loving hugs xxxK
7/13/2014Not Knot Knotty Naught Naughty Nah-T
7/12/2014Hello. Have a great weekend!_GeoStorm
7/11/2014Pure ugliness
7/11/2014Enjoy the weekend and hugs back :) Fire Watch~
7/11/2014Thanks, to a friend. -Astro
7/11/2014My best wishes =) Inerrancia
7/11/2014Hi Ele! : D - ANHEDONIC
7/11/2014Hi my friend :) GLP won't let me post other links, but search yourself, you'll find it :) much LOVE! ~TH
7/11/2014Smacking green kiss....Lekker:)
7/11/2014From Base12
7/10/2014Leaving you Karma Blessings!....>>>>Set​tle4It<<<<
7/10/2014Happy summertime, hope you have a great summer from Prowilson123 :)
7/10/2014Much love and lots of hugs. :) Shhh...
7/10/2014For today to be a good day! Love, Sloane
7/9/2014Big Cornish hugs and nibbles ;) Beercan xxx
7/9/2014Brief :)
7/8/2014Green Greetings!!!! KarinZa :)
7/8/2014Thanks for the Pin!!! George B
7/8/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/8/2014Awakened one was here
7/7/2014Sorry for your loss.
7/7/2014Lovely Ele, hope all is well with you; BKK
7/7/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/6/2014For a good person :D -Acula
7/5/2014Nah-T :)
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