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7/25/2013LMFAO. False Prophet? Try High Priestess kid!
7/19/2013Good posts
7/12/2013Great video, thanks for share, we must spread this knowledge .tm
7/12/2013Interesting video - ANHEDONIC
7/12/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/12/2013Nice, thanks! eekers
6/23/2013Thanks ! -TAZ
6/20/2013Another worthless bullshit thread.
6/19/2013Fuck John McCain!!!
6/17/2013Fellow tree lover :) Sloane
6/12/2013Being calm and collected in the face of rude trolling. Needs some of that red offset - Sir Phy
6/9/2013Hi Loki! :) Thanks for the post honey (((hugs))) Love Spirit666
6/8/2013"Summons Demons" "E-Magik" "Gonna get molested by Satan."
6/6/2013Agreed! - CoTA
6/5/2013Too much stupid in a person
6/5/2013Moron Jew hater
6/5/2013There is evil in it. licifrian deception leads to death. Turn to Jesus before it's too late

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