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6/10/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/23/2015Great stuff!
12/31/2014Stupid input
9/14/2014Tired of people running their mouths, you included
9/12/2014Really pal?
9/4/2014Shut up you racist fuck
9/3/2014Agree 100% - DontBeSuchAGiantWeine​r
8/19/2014Go to hell...
8/5/2014Bad person
7/16/2014Racist loon.... you give me negative -- I return favor.
7/15/2014Horrible person.
6/17/2014Truth - RD
6/17/2014Another timid turd lapping racist...and dumb
6/16/2014You make Sicilians look like idiots. Shut yer trap greaseball.
6/15/2014When you draw flak you are over the target.
5/12/2014So full of shit
5/12/2014Correct about the jews. two books.
5/4/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/26/2014Well done, bludgeon them with the facts. two books.
12/21/2013Go suck Merkel's ass!!!!
12/20/2013You're an idiot please stop breathig ASAP
12/20/2013You're not very-well liked, are you?
11/19/2013Closet Jew
11/19/2013Telling the truth
11/14/2013They've never "protected our freedom" - ever.
11/12/2013You know the person that's different on the inside ;-)
11/7/2013Blames the Jews for having no girlfriend, ugly wanker.
11/3/2013The protocols are a hoax and you know it..
11/3/2013For truth about the dark side of society - Nemamiah
10/31/2013YOu are blinded by the matrix that has you angry at other humans.
10/28/2013Wipe your ass on this red thumb - POS
10/27/2013Scumbag. If Lou Reed is in hell, you'll join him, asshole
10/23/2013Fucking racist retard
10/20/2013Staph infection is nasty they should have better facilitys
10/20/2013That's racist!
10/18/2013Unless you change your perspective, you will be sad, angry, and hateful your whole life
10/18/2013Good post
10/18/2013You seem to love the color red
10/18/2013The protocols .... the PLAN.
10/17/2013Fuck diversity. Each culture should own their own land.
10/17/2013You are the idiot
10/17/2013Stupid cunt needs more red
10/11/2013Lack of empathy.
10/6/2013Derailing dipshits! Mad Science
10/6/2013As if it matters.
10/3/2013Fuck you, Nazi. Your pathetic filth have no right to be called "American". We should bag your asses up and ship you to Tasmania where they will lash some sense into your stupid asses.
10/3/2013You're an ugly person
10/3/2013Yyou need one more foot, to shove up your ass. Already got one in you mouth.
9/14/2013Look there comes Mossad...
9/13/2013Loser blames jews for his shitty life
9/8/2013Heil Hitler, here's some more red for you.
9/7/2013Just as bad
9/6/2013Are you always a racist ass, or is it just a phase you are going through?
8/30/2013Keep the good work. manu
8/30/2013You are of your father the devil
8/30/2013Arrogant dickbag
8/29/2013Good stuff
8/29/2013You are a very racist, ignorant and arrogant individual. you should really just stop coming to this site with your continued negativity. - Hg80 say's
8/27/2013Dumbass idiot. Your IQ is lower than your age.
8/24/2013You hate jews, why, jealous?
8/24/2013Fix that red - Xerces
8/24/2013Just adding more deserved red to what you already received.
8/23/2013You are evil!
8/23/2013Low IQ. Obsessed with the internet and arguing online. Possibly an autist.
8/23/201312 hours. Bravo for your tenacity.
8/23/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/23/2013You're the face of the next great world wide disaster
8/23/2013Right. Agent73
8/22/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/22/2013Go Fuck Yourself! It's always the Dipshits that think they know whats going on.
8/22/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/22/2013Idiot, it's not the jews.Ghey
8/22/2013Low IQ
8/21/2013Simple minded fucking prick!
8/21/2013Another GLP resident Jew hater
8/21/2013Good posts. Manu
8/21/2013Retard. RETARD. REEETTTAAAARRRDDDDDD!​!!! How does it feel being a retard, retard?
8/20/2013"Nice" 666 logo you got there... We know who you are.
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