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10/3/2016Expose nasa shills
10/3/2016Just keeping it real friend- dr. rw
10/3/2016You are funny
10/3/2016Your av gives me seizures.
10/3/2016For your excitement on wiki leaks- hulk hogan leg drop
10/3/2016That avatar.... You must be a fag of the highest order.
10/3/2016Good to see another John Kasich guy here. You are right about Trump being a democrat
10/3/2016Stupid as they come.
10/3/2016Thanks for the thread. -Rev
10/1/2016Reported Abusive Post
10/1/2016Reported Abusive Post
9/29/2016Avatar tard
9/28/2016You hab the headlice ohh so ugly head
9/25/2016Dindu negro
9/25/2016Love ya back! Alpacalips
9/24/2016Smiles from morgan
9/24/2016Your Avatar is annoying
9/24/2016Reported Abusive Post
9/23/2016Love you too ~Tangy :)
9/20/2016Lick this up !
9/20/2016I heard you are collector.Of red karma.Pillar2
9/20/2016Ugly Cunt looking it thing ohh i just throw up seeing your ugly cunt looking head thing ohh uggly buggly cunt head rat face thing ohh i just threw up ohh
9/18/2016Corey Karma -Arkansassy
9/18/2016Sunday green from Hawk02
9/17/2016Dick. Your Avatar is annoying.
9/16/2016Change your av dude, far too hectic and nausiating.
9/11/2016Disgusting 9/11 post
9/11/2016Happy 9/11? Karma is a bitch.
9/11/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/11/2016You are a sick fuck. Seek help before you are killed.
9/11/2016Happy? fuck you
9/11/2016Happy 9/11 Allah Akbar!
9/11/2016Catch yourself on you sick freak! Show some damn Respect.
9/11/2016You are a sick person and need professional help!
9/11/2016Piece of fucking shit
9/11/2016Angry misdirected ass
9/11/2016Lick my tight bumhole sweat yes stick it in and lick it all up!
9/11/2016Stop begging to blow me asshole, not gonna happen. As far as chewing shit goes, be my guest.
9/11/2016You sicko
9/11/2016Regardless of who did it, several thousand people getting killed is no reason to celebrate
9/11/2016If youre wondering, its balls that are being licked in the avatar
9/11/20169/11 thread, cocky douche, pro-NWO, annoying avatar
9/11/2016Ur an asshole
9/11/2016Lick this up
9/11/2016Happy 911 fuck you asshole
9/11/2016Fuck you, and your disgusting avatar!!!
9/11/2016Pos >:(
9/9/2016Gonna leave this here.
9/9/2016Blueridge Doom was here
9/9/2016Damned stupid avatar!
9/8/2016Anxiety is for pussies and faggots. People with it should be put out of our misery.
9/8/2016May be the funniest Canadian on GLP - The Comedian
9/8/2016I can't stand idiots who make fun of Downs people.
9/6/2016Ummmm.... Dan Quayle like .... potatoe
9/6/2016"accept Jebus as her saviour" LOL -Denizen
9/6/2016Jesus isn't a potatoe----you'll get that when you meet him face to face
9/6/2016Fantastic cartoon obo and put.. Crimea river.. almost fell off my horse! WhiteLight
9/5/2016What a dickwad!
9/5/2016Lying Paid Govt Shill
9/4/2016Find a new pic.
9/4/2016Scary Avatar! - Click Here
9/3/2016If you can't say something nice...oh fuck it---Canada is fuckin' gay. Jedi
9/2/2016This is World War 3, not to be taken lightly.
9/1/2016Hello Bear Drinker-GeoStorm
8/31/2016Thank you, I love our military! ~Tangy :)
8/31/2016Your avatar is fucking annoying, DICK.
8/30/2016Ugly ugly ugly little troll
8/28/2016Your off course
8/26/2016For having a gay ass avatar. Who gives a fuck what you post about.. -Blueridge Doom
8/26/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/26/2016Fag. Word is you visit glory holes.
8/26/2016Could NOT care less about your avatar....grumpier
8/26/2016Could care less about your avatar
8/26/2016Dumb avatar
8/26/2016Get rid of that stupid avatar.
8/26/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
8/24/2016Tiny pink balls of ice.
8/23/2016MENSA still won't renew your membership card, in fact, MENSA does not believe you were ever entitled to membership (try to erase this one) - from Father Gascoigne
8/22/2016You dumb nagger
8/22/2016Lol,-,no one wins the olympics! usa came first in medals ranking is all.
8/22/2016Nice poll !!
8/21/2016They held elections during WW2 ffs.
8/21/2016Thanks for the red karma on my birthday. Hawk02
8/21/2016Post less
8/19/2016Thanks for your contribution to my thread! savcash
8/16/2016Lose the avatar, faggot.
8/15/2016That avatar is disturbing lol eekers
8/14/2016GeoStorm ;)
8/5/2016Have another!! -Flameworker
7/27/2016Hey RFM, thank you for the Lightning Strike PIN!!! :) -Flameworker
7/27/2016Thank god I figured out how to block your dreadful avatar
7/25/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/25/2016Negative feedback
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