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BunBun's Karma

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4/13/2014For your honesty
4/13/2014That's a lot of Red! GeoStorm
4/11/2014"but torture is really evil" ... thats why the CHRISTIAN GOD commanded the slaughter and torture of non-believers.. Also, the inquisition. all christian doings..
4/11/2014Bless you, the quite one
4/2/2014Ahahahaa. Loved your post on 5-yr.old.prayer thread. Ms.Superduper
3/31/2014You admit you are a christard biggot. biggot=but faggot. You're fucked in the head because your daddy hit you lol!!! hope you get hit again soon.
3/26/2014Evil shapeshifting bunny demon
3/26/2014You suck the demon cock
3/25/2014No god
3/22/2014Go kill yourself religiontard. Seriously, so you can be with your "god" faster. He'll buttrape your soul for eternity.
3/22/2014For the encouragement you gave the AC ~Bright Side
3/17/2014How does someone as dumb as you manage to survive?
3/13/2014Self admitted homosexual with a nasty fetish
3/9/2014Everything's Alright.
3/7/2014Dimmer than an elephant turd
2/26/2014Somebunny wants to hump you, and not to reproduce
2/22/2014Fuck you cunt. Someone dies and the first thing you think of is if he sucked Jebus dick to get in 'heaven'. Fuck you.
2/21/2014You have no proof of anything. None of us do. We are in a world full of suffering and no answers.
2/20/2014Christians are stoopid and so are you
2/19/2014Zealot with an agenda
2/17/2014Walk away and live free
2/17/2014You are a demon bunny spreading lies
2/17/2014Bun bun, this is God, you can't hear me just read my words, your sister is my favorite and that's why you suck
2/17/2014Jesus told your dad to beat you.
2/12/2014Yak yak yak
2/11/2014Hi sweetie! - Lisa :)
2/11/2014You are the bait of Satan-He welcomes you with open arms
2/9/2014Jesus milks your grandpa
2/8/2014Ms. Superduper
2/7/2014Bun bun!!!!-brightstarz
2/7/2014Love the cats getting jiggy story!
2/4/2014Your stupidity overwhelms me
2/1/2014There is no spoon and the cake is a lie.
2/1/2014Cupcakes! :) Sloane
1/31/2014You're retarded
1/31/2014I think you are a troll. If not, you need to seek professional psychological help.
1/31/2014Take your medication tard
1/31/2014Bun bun, this is GOD, it's not my voice you keep hearing
1/31/2014God is there for you-brightstarz
1/31/2014God is mad at you bc you are a demon
1/30/2014God loves you! - Lisa :)
1/30/2014Trust the Lord
1/29/2014Good on you,I'll do you a fine job
1/27/2014From Satans butt
1/25/2014Good defense bubbun, furry pete
1/22/2014Poor bun bun!
1/22/2014Yahweh knows all of our needs, ask him for gift of insight (MURK9)
1/22/2014Big mouth BITCH
1/22/2014Nasty little shit
1/22/2014This bitch does not fuck around! Respect!
1/20/2014Hope you find the answers you seek. Take Care, Always.
1/20/2014Why thehell arte you even doing this? and you're the craziest bitch of them all!
1/20/2014<3 for your thread krystle ann
1/20/2014The more intelligent one. pool
1/19/2014Dumb christian. Those who believe in the lake of fire deserve to go there.
1/19/2014Yes. Nonbelievers are satan's children.
1/18/2014Give it up bunbun. just jealous you're not getting any, no need to ruin it for everyone.
1/17/2014Disrespect a snowman
1/17/2014God Here
1/17/2014Science is for clever people-you are just dumb
1/15/2014Ozzy says fuck you
1/13/2014Thank you.
1/13/2014Karma drive by ar15-nut
1/11/2014You say you're a damaged.. I say Revelations 21:5 <3 -gracebear
1/8/2014It likes the demon bunny precious it does!!
1/8/2014It rubs the red on the face and does this when it's told, or else it get's the hose again
1/5/2014Lets get you red
1/4/2014College is okay
1/4/2014Welcome! - TheWeatherSpace
1/1/2014Fear consumes you which is apparent from your thread Don't know how you live like that...relax don't judge who are you? Angelseverywhere
1/1/2014You are a very sick person. Jesus said do not judge and you people are not following his command. I hope you change your ways.
1/1/2014Hey hunhun, your demons are showing. keep throwing those stones. four fingers are pointing back at you, missy. God only gives strong delusions to the wicked! i pray obamacare pays for your meds
1/1/2014You condemed yourself first dumbass by daming everyone that doesn't believe what you do to hell
1/1/2014You have no right to claim forgiveness by yourself without penitence and pass judgment on others. Your arrogance only buries you deeper.
1/1/2014If you're asking for forgiveness and guidance from the image you project to reflect your flaws, you're just talking to yourself.
1/1/2014You believe in the zionist counterfeited version of Jesus tailor suited for the maneuverable masses of lame self-righteous phonies.
1/1/2014Either a shill or don't know your Bible. You blaspheme God. It's sick.
12/31/2013For gods truth!! ibyte on 2
12/29/2013Happy New Year! From Be well
12/28/2013Thank you for your contribution to the Chick-Fil-A thread! Blessings to you. ....Olive Oil
12/20/2013Love your kitty--Oh_Yikes
12/20/2013Eats bunny poop
12/19/2013You aren't a cute light brown bunny, more like a coal black burnt ass demon!
12/19/2013Haters gonna hate. Like the idiot closed minded douchebags you are.
12/17/2013Faggot Cunt Ass Bitch!!! You Are Ugly And no One Loves You!!
12/16/2013Fucking Idiot
12/15/2013Evil and lowbrow christtard
12/15/2013Green to a Bunbun from a woofwoof.
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