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Kali Yuga's Karma

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1/15/2016You are an embarASSment to Italy
1/15/2016Jesus wasn't a jew
9/7/2014Commie tard
6/13/2014I care you idiot!
4/24/2014Paid shill
4/24/2014Good point
4/24/2014Jesus listened to Jonah, watch out there's a racist behind a bush... *boo
4/3/2014Much Love to you! Lucy :)
3/30/2014Because you deserve infinite red...
3/22/2014Good vid
3/1/2014Most damage ( debt ) was done by Bush in the first place.
3/1/2014YUCK go away
3/1/2014If you don't know what obama destroyed, you are an idiot.
2/27/2014Evolutionis real you are just too dumb to understand it
2/23/2014Hold your head under water until the bubbles stop
2/20/2014Soviet = Commies
2/12/2014Thank you - SoberLife
2/9/2014Not cool
2/3/2014Democrats are communist. U Tard
2/2/2014Enough guns?
2/1/2014Magic is from GOD!
1/30/2014Fake snow has been over done. we didn't need yet another thread on it.
1/17/2014Breaking Report: USA run by Aliens -Sorcha Faal
1/7/2014Fecal brain
1/6/2014Rev Woo-Woo
1/6/2014Still the race was set back by slavery..
1/6/2014Groid lover
1/6/2014YOu are a liar saying there is nothing on RABBI ABE. He is a lawyer
1/3/2014Retarded thread.
1/3/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/2/2014Thank you :) - SoberLife
1/1/2014You left your meds in my thread. What an insulting thing to do.
1/1/2014Spreading the love - insane asylum resident
1/1/2014Adolf Hitlers best buddy and satanist douche
1/1/2014Satanist who believes knowledge is more important than God.
11/11/2013Ya fuck google plus
11/6/2013Politics are fake and surely you know better if you're on GLP
10/29/2013Some green for you, acuk
10/21/2013For understanding the basics of the Tea Party
10/20/2013Easily influenced by media

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