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4/26/2015I just started posting on zero hedge. god help us. :D calx
4/26/2015Pleast don your Jade protection Helmet--UseLessRepEAT​ER
4/25/2015Thanks for the good wishes - sickness karma ain't much fun tho ~ Lil Sis
4/25/2015Always great to hear from you! ~goldielucks :)
4/25/2015Thanks. You too, brother -- filth
4/25/2015Doing awesomely awesome, bro! Tm
4/24/2015Just stopping by :) abi~
4/22/2015Everything is going good, AZ
4/22/2015Reported Abusive Post
4/22/2015Best Wishes with a green ribbon! George B
4/20/2015Thanks for replying with intelligence /// Narcissistic
4/20/2015Many thanks to you - SilverPatriot
4/20/2015Great post!! Let's be pirate DJ's :-) Green hugs from Vala :-) xx
4/19/2015Thanks friend! You made my night! BEST regards! St3v3
4/17/2015Passing through on a Friday night :) abi~
4/16/2015Buddy Karma ~ShillShank
4/16/2015Hi -- sees
4/15/2015Saw ya in a jade thread and saying hi! ~~~ Raye
4/15/2015Thanks for your valuable treads - Vanzetti
4/14/2015Nice to see you! GFX
4/14/2015Simple27 : )
4/14/2015I very much enjoy your threads - toyo_beate
4/14/20151 G_k
4/12/2015True karma - aqmah ^_^
4/12/2015Big green karma rolls along, rolls along, rolls along... ~Fist McKraken
4/12/2015We are mostly made up of water
4/11/2015Great thread! Peace F7
4/11/2015New Oil indeed!
4/11/2015Green water for you! - tripleh
4/11/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
4/11/2015Good thread :) H. Quinn
4/11/2015Green back at you! Hope you are doing well. - Tesla
4/10/2015Whore of Babylon :)
4/10/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
4/10/2015Friday hugs :) abi~
4/10/2015Spring is finally upon us here - SilverPatriot
4/9/2015There's my GLP partner! ~ShillShank
4/8/2015You're absolutely right - Vanzetti :-)
4/8/2015April Showers bring April Green. . . George B
4/8/2015Moran's! Wash
4/7/2015Sn7 :)
4/7/2015Relishing your post! Ha!! --GFX guy
4/7/2015Because it's so fitting for GLP, that and it made me laugh hysterically.
4/7/2015Too funny! ~KimmieAnnaJones
4/7/2015Big wave hello from Vala :-)
4/7/2015DontBeSuchAGiantWeine​r =)
4/7/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
4/7/2015Jade Helm vigilance--UselessRep​EATER
4/6/2015Glad you're okay! --sees : )
4/4/2015All is doing pretty well, have a terrible cold, but at least I have a nice husband to share it with! My mom is doing great. Happy Easter!
4/3/2015Happy Easter and thank you..davvi
4/2/2015Hugs :) abi~
4/2/2015Much love :) ~TML
4/2/2015Doing well here hope that you are also, just waiting for the ground to thaw for this years garden
4/1/2015Thanks for commenting on my meth thread! TrustNoOneKS
4/1/2015Hi yo Silver! Thanks for the Green! Down with Agenda 21! ~ Lil Sis
4/1/2015Thanks for the green! Cheers right back atcha! St3v3
3/31/2015One of the few legit ppl on this forum! ~ShillShank
3/30/2015Kindest regards -Lionels Love
3/29/2015Good thinking..Every card thread...Petitroche
3/26/2015Green day :) abi~
3/24/2015Hey Ag. Doing well. Hope you are too -- filth
3/24/2015Happy Tuesday! Lex T.
3/24/2015Here's some nice silvery Green for you, pal ~Lil Sis
3/22/2015Hope all is well by you and yours - SilverPatriot
3/21/2015Peace be with you my friend ~ Question EVERYTHING
3/21/2015Thanks, buddy! Fret Wiz
3/20/2015Lessons learned, TY Shiva ; )
3/20/2015I am amazed how low people can go to stop the conversation! GFX guy
3/20/2015Angry paranoid lying loser
3/19/2015Abi~ :)
3/18/2015F or listing/exposing the shillbots on the Chemtrail Pilot thread. from Eggcellent
3/18/2015Doin' great, my friend, & I hope u are as well:)...TPatGirl
3/17/2015Hanging in there, Boris the Cat
3/17/2015Hope you're having a nice week. Stay safe! ~ Simple27 : )
3/17/2015Happy St. Paddy's Day! T. Noticer
3/16/2015Beeches from breaking news now thread - doomless day!
3/16/2015Dreaming of blue skies ~raven~
3/16/2015It was awesome i hung out with skinny chic and her husband. :D calx
3/15/2015Tm :)
3/15/2015KipKat :)
3/15/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/14/2015AnonymousGirl :)
3/14/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/14/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/14/2015Sickandtwisted was here
3/14/2015G_K green!
3/14/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/13/2015Have a great weekend - SilverPatriot
3/13/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/13/2015Happy Friday Ag! --GFX guy
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