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Halcyon Dayz, FCD's Karma

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8/29/2016Up1. Were you abducted by Hoaxtards? Reality420
8/20/2016Up1. Where is Hal? R420
7/30/20161 up - hydra
7/16/2016Thanks for taking time to educate the "rockets don't work" tards - u-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d
7/15/2016Plutonic love. strgzr
7/10/2016Green from gg!
6/30/2016Up1 for Hal, the woowoo's nightmare. Reality420
6/19/20161up hydra
6/19/2016Always great posts
6/16/2016Thanks for helping with the dunces. -Astro
6/7/20161up - hydra
6/6/2016Up1. Reality420
4/29/2016Up 1. R420
4/21/2016Up 1. R420
4/11/20161 up - hy
4/11/2016Logic - Setheory
4/7/2016Up1. Reality420
3/30/2016Yep - Setheory
3/22/2016Good answer
3/14/20161up - hy
3/14/2016Negative feedback
2/27/20161up - hydra
2/24/2016You really are a piece of shit low life prick.w2w
2/23/2016Nice work in the FE thread! Sum Ting Wong
2/22/2016Up 1. Reality420
2/15/2016Sum ting wong
2/15/2016Nefarious Libertine
2/13/20161up - hydra
2/10/2016Hi from requiem
2/10/2016Up 1. R420
2/1/2016Indeed - Setheory
2/1/2016KipKat :)
1/8/2016EAT shit derek
12/23/2015Up1. The quality of HBers is declining. Reality420
12/10/2015Enough of the shilling already
12/10/2015Cheese eater
11/21/20151up - Hydra
11/18/20151 up - Setheory
10/30/2015Up1. R420
10/26/2015Faux intelligence ~Oracio
10/24/2015You Sound Like a 2nd Grader Screaming "hoaxie" at Anyone Who Disagrees W/you
10/23/2015Undeniable facts. 74444
10/18/2015Thanks for posting about Armstrong. It's a disservice to discount his accomplishments. strgzr
10/17/2015Up1. Reality420
9/18/2015Hatred is a cancer upon the world. It rots the mind and blackens the heart.
8/3/2015Voice of reason - Setheory
7/30/2015Grasping at straws...how pitiful
7/25/2015Up1. R420
7/18/2015For calling out the ignorant Fuckwits on this site - dante_friendo
7/13/20151up hydra
6/29/2015Fighting the hoaxies - hydra
6/20/2015I wll wear my foil hat with pride thanks ;) K Hall
6/16/2015Ad Hominem is the weakest form of rebuttal. In fact, in accentuates the weakness of your own position.
6/16/2015For educated logic and "You mean like the last 1,897,567 times doomers said that?" - phoomp
6/14/2015Just love ya!!! pamelaantoinette
6/13/2015Serious case of Dunning-Kruger
6/11/20151up - hydra
6/9/2015For informative posts-astral goat
6/9/20151 -Astro
6/5/2015Use of the word "proselytizing" before noon :0) jellee
5/26/2015It's always entertaining to read your rebuttals to the hoaxies - hydra
5/25/2015Many interesting satellite fact thank you # Dr. al-Garg
5/18/2015Up1. R420
5/16/20151up hydra
5/15/2015You're fucking rude. red
5/11/2015Your writing never gets old.
5/10/2015I enjoy your well reasoned answers ~ K Hall
5/7/2015Haha epic replies -astral goat
5/1/20151up - hydra
4/11/2015Up1. The moon hoaxies are persistent, aren't they? R420
3/30/2015Stop trolling
3/30/2015Up1. R420
3/29/2015Astral goat
3/27/20151up - hydra
3/24/2015Taking dealing with wooly thinking to a fine art :) K Hall
3/20/2015Negativity nancy
3/19/2015Poor deluded fool...
3/16/2015Up1. R420
3/15/2015Total nasa shill
3/13/2015Moon robots LOL
3/9/2015Fucktard of the highest degree
3/8/2015Great info
3/6/2015From: Bodhisatta
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