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Elwa's Karma

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7/26/2014Some red for you
6/13/2014You're a nice and kind person...for your Dr. Richard Rockefeller post ...nutmeg
5/27/2014Wake up!!
5/23/2014Fuck off
5/23/2014Dance with the gypsies - Hydra
5/22/2014Dancing with you, your post, your sentiment, hugs Spazz
5/18/2014The best answer here!
5/5/2014Marxist loser
5/5/2014Paid government shillbag. How much was selling your soul worth?.... 10 bucks an hour to post pro-Obama propaganda???
5/5/2014Go away, shill!
5/5/2014Fuck you shill!
5/2/2014Green from nutmeg!
4/30/2014Stupid liberal race tard. go embrace your black overlords
4/26/2014I find you repulsive. - Kirk
4/24/2014Commie shillbag. Seriously just piss off and die
4/23/2014YOU shut the fuck up..
4/19/2014Google "Buddhists kill Christians" and wake up tard ~UAP
4/19/2014Excellent post on buddha/christ, same thing and of course there cannot be only one - xenophon
4/18/2014Yes. Dogs are angels.
4/15/2014Good post.
4/13/2014Karma is giving by members. See this is how it works. Be an ass get karma
4/8/2014Satanic Scum of the Paul Erlich Ilk. Hope they ban you idiot.
4/8/2014Total fucking retard doesn't even know how to use the site, AND is absolute total fucking idiot. Might as well leave right now, never gonna make it on GLP.
3/27/2014Just WOW stupid
3/25/2014The ignorance is palpable in this one.
3/25/2014You are the tool, you dense idiot!
1/21/2014Nice heart
1/19/2014We don't like satanists.
1/3/2014You're weak and a satanist to boot.
12/25/2013Well said. Re: Obuttfuck's christmas card thread
11/28/2013Scumbag maggot Obama shill needs to get his/her/its/their suppurating ass outta here
11/9/2013Scumbag maggot Obama shill needs to get his/her/its/their suppurating ass outta here

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