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8/13/2016Don't worry, eat oatmeal. pool
7/22/2016Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
7/22/2016Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/20/2016Miss ya!
5/20/2016Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
2/12/2016Baby i love you ~cat
2/11/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/3/2016Hey Mo, don't know what has transpired to have you missing, but you are missed. We go back to far here. Anyway,...hope you find yer way back, or not. Be Well.~Z
2/2/2016I miss your perspective around here
1/30/2016Miss you - Lisa*Lisa
1/28/2016Sad that nodody else has thought to come here and give you the love you deserve. You are a shining star and you have a big, wonderful heart. I miss you and think about you. love, gg
1/18/2016Made some new gifs and was thinking of you. gg:)
1/8/2016Wishing you love and happiness, MO. miss you a bunch. gg
12/31/2015Happy New Years
12/29/2015I did my best for GLP. Happy new year.
12/25/2015Merry Christmas!
12/25/2015Merry Christmas Green and have the best day! :)
12/25/2015Merry Christmas to you and yours. SeeingInTheDark
12/24/2015Merry Christmas!!!
12/24/2015Merry Christmas, MO!!! ~ET
12/24/2015Merry Christmas MO!!
12/23/2015Merry Christmas, MO! gg:)
12/22/2015Merry Christmas .C.C
12/20/2015Merry Christmas ! May GOD Bless you with health, Joy and Prosperity in the New Year! Susie..:)
12/19/2015Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! love always, eekthecat
12/17/2015We wish you a Merry Christmas ~NorMs
12/14/2015Stfu Cunt
12/8/2015Yes, ban muzzies. love ya.
12/7/2015NT & OT God are the same. NT God is the Son of OT God. They are 1
12/3/2015Crazy times we live in, MO. stay safe. eekthecat
12/2/2015Thanks for recognizing I'm not a shill or idiot. haha -pollypingle
12/2/2015Thank you MO. You must know I wish the same for you and yours. Happy Holidays my friend!!~Z
12/2/2015Thanks for your help, inputs, (and pin, I suspect)! T. Noticer
12/1/2015Stupid ass
11/29/2015Om <3 mo
11/29/2015Yes, TheOracle'sCookie has been abused by someone. Glad you helped! Bridge of Sighs
11/27/2015Good on u for helping, I cant tell you how many time this happened to me. -Relativity
11/26/2015Happy Thanksgiving Green - Hope you have the best day! :)
11/24/2015Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! Susie:)
11/19/2015Hope all is great with you and your site Love GFG
11/16/2015American Patriot! AdHocBOHICA
11/16/2015You said it mister! Obvious!
11/14/2015They are NOT "REFUGEES"... they are TERRORISTS. Well said MySaul
11/14/2015They ARE terrorists - ConspiracyOrReality
11/14/2015The Queen of GLP has spoken...and "She's right you know!!!"
11/14/2015Thanks for speaking out! -astral goat
11/14/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
11/13/2015Have no souls
11/13/2015Glp chat!
11/13/2015For truth!
11/11/2015Agree OP is a retard. Trump hand signal GMAB. TKC
11/11/2015Green Karma_GeoStorm
11/9/2015Love, eekthecat. times are stange!
11/3/2015Sup MO. How's the other site goin? ~NorM
11/2/2015And you're an admin?
11/1/2015Thank you for the contest prizes!!! It was good fun - WhiteAngel
11/1/2015Thank you for the help - Chrit
10/29/2015El Penguino
10/29/2015You are a racist moran
10/27/2015Thank you for the kind words ~ LittleMIssDictator :)
10/25/2015Spooky green ~NorM
10/25/2015Lol - Happy Halloween MO... I grow fonder of the day with every year...however my beard thinks it's silly. lol lol
10/24/2015I'm coming for you MO. Hang on in there!!!! Vala :-) xxx
10/19/2015Pumpkin time - Chrit!
10/18/2015Hola! gg:)
10/15/2015MO doesnt like beards... but that's ok... MO is still kick ass
10/14/2015"Holy tard fest" - Hilarious! Hawkesbay
10/12/2015Bizarre Verewolf
10/11/2015Being a jerk to others just because
10/10/2015Loving your avatar :-) ~bluespirit~
10/10/2015MO!! -Anubis
10/10/2015That was funny - HEAD CHEF (re ZOD)
10/9/2015Love your Halloween avatar! love, eekthecat
10/9/2015Good to see you MO ~NorM
10/9/2015Servo wuz heer =-)
10/5/2015Lol --- Khan
10/1/2015Green kindness & appreciation - LL
9/28/2015You're an icon! gg:)
9/22/2015Yeah good post
9/17/2015Love you <3 Turtle
9/17/2015Well said. -Revbo
9/16/2015Anytime GLP Queen. I gots yo back!!!!
9/15/2015Sup MO! How's the other site goin? ~NorM
9/15/2015Thank you...Fantasia
9/13/2015For great support and good laugh! :)
9/11/2015Good to see you! Cheers! Maguyver
9/10/2015Greenz from Mattie :-)
9/9/2015Excellent post
9/9/2015Are you gay?
9/8/2015It's dehumanizing to loathe yourself --I agree-- seesw
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