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1/3/2015WOWZA! ~CommonA
1/3/2015Happy New Year :)
1/3/2015You've been smootched by a calx. :D
1/2/2015Best Wishes for a happy, healthy and BLESSED 2015 ~ Cassie :-)
1/2/2015Most helpful reply
1/1/2015Thy Will be Done ~cat
1/1/2015Nice taste. :)
12/31/2014Happy New Year and stuff! Ms. Superduper
12/31/2014Happy New Year!
12/31/2014Honored. pool
12/31/2014Thanks, Jager
12/30/2014Happy new year! :) may you be blessed in 2015!
12/30/2014Hope you had an awesome Christmas! <3 OM
12/29/2014For being you :-) Happy new year Darling, you're absolutely fabulous :-) Vala xxx
12/28/2014I hope the new year brings wonderful things for our Queen. Mucho blessings and love!
12/28/2014Thank you for the pin. It helped get many great suggestions.
12/28/2014Im wanna marry MO !!!
12/28/2014For pinning the breast cancer thread and providing the OP with info & links. <3 - ANHEDONIC
12/28/2014Very helpful
12/27/2014Tsk tsk
12/27/2014Happy New Year - always the best thoughts your way MO. Sloane xo
12/27/2014For pining the sad cancer thread -jrdy787
12/27/2014Really appreciate you, MO. Guitar Girl. :)
12/27/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
12/26/2014Merry Christmas!! love, eekers
12/26/2014Wishing an amazing day and lots of good things to come to a wonderful person. - Cassie :-)
12/25/2014Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays :) eV3y
12/25/2014Lol..merry Christmas
12/24/2014Xmas well wishes....Murdoch
12/24/2014Merry Christmas! Jesus is the reason for all our Hope and Blessings not only at Christmas but all year long! GOD Bless you! Susie..
12/23/2014Thanks for your help - Wrath O' Luna
12/21/2014You're funny
12/18/2014Merry Christmas Hugs!
12/18/2014Season Greetings, Kinga:)
12/17/2014Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! GG:)
12/17/2014I left my teddy bear in there too... - Kai
12/16/2014But really uou are my favorite Mod! Hawk02
12/16/2014Beautiful post about women! ~~~Raye
12/16/2014Women should be... ~ A r c
12/16/2014Sure thing!!! waiting for the men to be real men first
12/15/2014Great thread. Superduper
12/15/2014Love your women thread! - Runningwithscissors <3
12/15/2014Truly a woman who talks the talk AND walks the walk! Always an inspiration, many thanks!
12/14/2014Like your humor tazzy
12/13/2014More pure gold from Mister Obvious
12/13/2014I saw you working your butt off last night when my puter was not being helpful.
12/13/2014Me love you long time :)
12/13/2014Way to go on maintaining order on this hectic night - major kudos
12/13/2014Much love to you dear, Ele xxx
12/13/2014Thanks for the green :)
12/12/2014Oops, sorry.
12/12/2014Anything for you dear ....
12/12/2014Green for you garymule
12/10/2014Some green for Starfleet and the crew of the Enterprise! MM
12/8/2014Is that a Merlot you're holding? Much love - Louve
12/8/2014Happy Christmas <3 OM
12/8/2014Change that avatar! I want my familiar MO! Guitar Girl :)
12/7/2014Some green for being such a sex pot.
12/7/2014Lovely :D
12/7/2014OOo, you're a horny, dissatisfied girl. This buck would like to take care of you
12/7/2014Elvis comment! :) Thx
12/5/2014For uncensored postings! - ANHEDONIC
12/5/2014MOAR!! :D eekers
12/5/2014Such honesty. Its always a pleasure to read your posts. Sloane
12/4/2014Superduper green.
12/3/2014Hey MO!!! Have a marvelous December Holiday!!!! {{{hugs}}}} *Haarp Lady
12/3/2014HAHAHAHA! NAILED the OP Frenchie thread! I needed the laugh! Thanks St3v3
12/2/2014Love Ya MO :) Have a great Holiday honey Love Angelseverywhere
12/2/2014Pinball Wizard blesses you with the magical power of true sight and enhanced memory.
12/2/2014You are one saucy vixen
12/2/2014Because you're wrong
12/2/2014For your sandy hook thread
12/1/2014Tell your lizard i said helllo. ~Cat
12/1/2014Sa'n it like it is Green! Cheers! maguyver
11/29/2014Aye Captain! MM
11/29/2014Simply The Best ~~~Tina Turner ;)
11/27/2014Happy turkey day! Guitar Girl:)
11/27/2014Happy Thanksgiving ..C.C
11/26/2014Thanks MO! Superduper
11/24/2014Cool Admin, thanx for previous help :) Bes Maat
11/24/2014Amen - QClu.
11/24/2014Happy Turkey Day Karma :o)
11/22/2014Come on mr. O have a sense of humor ~norml85
11/21/2014Lung cancer thread ~ Beetle
11/21/2014Love, eekers
11/20/2014It happens..
11/17/2014You are so fucking funny!
11/15/2014"Gravity" movie sucks! And, not certain about actual real gravity either. TastyThoughts
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