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2/15/2014Mr. Obvious - My IP is on an auto-ban. I'm using karma to stay active. Is there a way to fix this? Even if not, thanks for what you guys do - salty1
2/15/2014Coming from you means a lot. humble thanks
2/15/2014Love your response to Super Bowl Dave about Valentine's Day - TrustNoOneKS!
2/14/2014Just classic!
2/13/2014For being fair)
2/13/2014It couldnt be
2/13/2014Thank you for your response. :)
2/12/2014MO for the win!
2/12/2014Hi there stranger love GFG
2/12/2014Abstract and far out in one package. pool
2/12/2014Thanks for everything MO :) Have a good day! Love Angelseverywhere
2/12/2014Love Ellusion :)
2/11/2014I love your abrasive fervor towards me ;)
2/11/2014Karma RoLL nice to see you ....C.C
2/11/2014Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts. Think with your heart, quiet the mind. Much love!
2/11/2014Dont ya wan it? dont ya wan it? lol.... thanks for noticing avatar .. murdoch
2/11/2014Ingenius thread!
2/11/2014Thanks had it coming
2/11/2014Best mod
2/11/2014Good evening MO! Paig:)
2/10/2014Thanks lilac.nights
2/10/2014For being yourself
2/9/2014Please don't delete the crush thread. xoxo...sweetnsour
2/9/2014Dont hate me! :) GeoStorm
2/9/2014Dont fuck with Canadians - you are the most pathetic mod on GLP
2/9/2014Not sure why you hate me.... but here's some love.
2/9/2014I freakin love you, you're a trip :) eekers
2/9/2014Just because - Rev Woo-Woo
2/8/2014The bouncing elephant :)
2/7/2014Always giving me a smile :) Turtles
2/5/2014Impressive glittery avatar is still impressive-brightstar​z
2/5/2014You are a fucking asshole
2/4/2014Love Angelseverywhere
2/3/2014Thanks MO! :rockon:
2/2/2014Love you! Paige
2/2/2014I Love mo
1/31/2014You're a trip LOL eekers
1/31/2014Aspartame is shit.
1/30/2014Micro mike
1/30/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/30/2014I like how you think
1/29/2014Does it hurt to be old and all alone?
1/29/2014Glittery dress-brightstarz
1/28/2014For suffering Alaskan weather in Fl. DF
1/26/2014Controversial Topics: OPERATION DEGRADATION takes a long time to put together a post that throrough. Good job!
1/25/2014Just reading through your karma. You get red too, eh? lol Paige :)
1/25/2014Very interesting YT threads
1/24/2014When you judge someone else, It doesn't define who they are, It defines who you are. Be love!
1/24/2014Thanks, coach
1/24/2014Good observation! I have used YouTube for years and it is truly at it's worst.
1/24/2014Love your threads!!!! FBHO aka DILKe
1/24/2014Can you trust your eyes?
1/24/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/24/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
1/24/2014Speaking the truth ~ KnoWon
1/23/2014Why do you hate Jews?
1/23/2014For your awesome retort to thread regarding autism vs normal, 'These words are labels put on natural features found in people...' so true!!! ty for being educated... mechatronics
1/22/2014Uncle f#*k Stick :-)
1/22/2014Mo Ftw
1/21/2014Oh for God's sakes just give the fellow the karma back
1/21/2014I'll try and remember that next time
1/21/2014Thanks for your help, MO! eekers
1/21/2014Love ~ M1
1/20/2014You get shit on this site for no reason at all, you can have a laugh too every now and then! you're still my absolute favorite most huggable mod!
1/19/2014For your God like behavior
1/19/2014Thanks again for all your help...the bouncing elephant :)
1/19/2014Dip shit fuck your moma your fucking cunt
1/18/2014Spotify allows you to listen to music for free forever, just have ads played every few songs
1/18/2014Hope 2014 is being kick ass for ya and yo's!
1/16/2014Insecure, idiotic control freak. You ain't shit!
1/15/2014You're a dykish poser -> TX
1/14/2014Keep the glitter-brightstarz
1/14/2014Ghosts don't die. They remain with the familiar.
1/13/2014New year = Good year. Hope all is well!
1/10/2014Vaccination reports. thank you. octobersolstice
1/10/2014Greenery for the MOster!
1/9/2014We're doing well. Thanks for asking.
1/9/2014Bullshit is right
1/9/2014Good Post Good karma from Gonviral
1/7/2014Hi MO! Have a great week :) Love Angelseverywhere
1/7/2014Thanks again for your help...the bouncing elephant :)
1/6/2014The fuck are you talking about?
1/6/2014Damn straight on the thread with pages o'plenty!!! KarinZa
1/6/2014You totally and completly rock! Paige
1/6/2014Happy New Year - DoorBert
1/3/2014Cuz we both have vaginas
1/3/2014Wishing you and fantastic New Year...Fantasia
1/2/2014You spell it his not 'is'
1/1/2014Happy new year
1/1/2014Go fuck yourself -
1/1/2014Happy new years friend! May you and yours have a most excellent 2014!
1/1/2014Happy New Year! - Rev Woo-Woo
12/31/2013They should empty the death row prisoners of the world onto Fukushima to clean that shit up. -Anubis
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