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6/27/2014For the one and only kick ass MO
6/26/2014Always looking to give me a dig ha - Kate :-)
6/26/2014Some Green {{hugs}} from me, gal! *Haarp Lady
6/25/2014I hope this finds you well. Vala :-)
6/25/2014For your lame comment.
6/25/2014I am back aka Gonviral... green karma from Infomonger
6/25/2014Making atheism illegal would be the first step toward enforcing islam - spot on MO. spot on !!!!
6/24/2014Dace wuz hear =-)
6/24/2014For your soccer fans doing their job comment!....saved
6/24/2014Mister Obvious, is obviously very conflicted.
6/21/2014<<< Hugs >>> to you MO from Quasar
6/21/2014Hey MO, loving your posts...such fun. Elemental x
6/20/2014Not all feminists are assholes. For some, feminism protects them from VIOLENCE
6/20/2014All that glitters.
6/20/2014You're so absolutely spot on.
6/20/2014From me, to you - Mercury11
6/17/2014Buddy list karma :) ~norml85~
6/17/2014Thank you for all of the help! GeoStorm
6/14/2014This is how you leave red karma. You are an ass. Paige.
6/13/2014You always bring me such joy :) eekers <3
6/12/2014Why are you not posting lady? Hmmm? Comatose finger? Vala :-)
6/12/2014Thanks for looking after the thread
6/12/2014Hey MO! Listen, thank you for excepting me for who I am. I most certainly do the same for you. And it's all good! ~Z
6/11/2014Green for the GLP Queen!!!
6/11/2014Hugs}}} I love to see you post! *Haarp Lady
6/11/2014Hi gorgeous, hugs for you, Elemental xx
6/9/2014Love Angelseverywhere :)
6/7/2014Excellent metaphor
6/7/2014Use The Force!
6/5/2014Seek and you will find her. Then you will know who she is and what her future holds. Patience.
6/4/2014On the "Re: To You, From: God" thread. Superduper, Ms.
6/2/2014Peace be with mister obvious .. and all of us haha (sprout)
6/2/2014Just me MO saying Hello! GOD Bless! Susie:)
5/31/2014Victory fullfaith
5/31/2014For the Sandy Hook tards plague thread ~ Bear Drinker
5/31/2014Thanks for housekeeping Ukraine thread - from goodmockingbird
5/31/2014Be a man
5/30/2014LOL! - tooth thread -astral goat
5/30/2014Nice one for the Aloe vera testimony. Two weeks in and Im probably more beautiful than you now. Sorry about that :-) Vala :-)
5/30/2014Friday hugs from Ele xx
5/28/2014Hey mo, wishing you the best, i have not been on vc cause honestly, when i have stopped by, basically it been either boring, or someone's only intent was to say something harmful
5/27/2014Glittery dress
5/26/2014A warm embrace to you MO === Quasar
5/25/2014We are fortunate to live in amazing times! And fortunate enough to know it! :)
5/24/2014I <3 u
5/24/2014You're so wise. Love you. Paige
5/23/20141 from nemo
5/23/2014It's cloudy here by God. Rats!!!! Oh well, hope yo seming something amazing MO. ~Z
5/23/2014Rev Woo-Woo
5/23/2014Thank you for the heads up on the meteor shower! I was expecting it to come in tomorrow and would have missed it!
5/23/2014Hey lady!!! Greenage for you on this lovely Friday! {{hugs}} *Haarp Lady
5/22/2014Cheers! dqwhispers
5/21/2014Great post re cat thread, fps
5/21/2014Hugs for your kitten
5/21/2014Thank you!
5/20/2014Hard to believe you're a woman... Fucking disgrace...
5/20/2014WARNING! User Possed Archons at times
5/19/2014Im with you on that -astral goat
5/19/2014Thank you.
5/19/2014Thanks, matjaz
5/19/2014Must be a Souhern Bell - Juggalo :-)
5/18/2014Nah-T :)
5/18/2014Very good
5/18/2014Thanks for the site. -- Munsoned
5/18/2014Yoga pants fucking rock
5/18/2014Thanks. Lol_GeoStorm
5/18/2014Thanks for the troll control :) Have a great evening! eV3y
5/17/2014Thank you sir but most of us that try to add news post to this thread any more just get drowned out now that last 2 weeks but we still try-Zombie Daddy in a Box
5/17/2014Thank you for banning the shills.
5/17/2014For chiming in
5/17/2014Thanks for cracking down on shills in Ukraine Thread--Tripleh31
5/17/2014For salvaging the thread! - ANHEDONIC
5/17/2014God bless you. One of God
5/16/2014Friday <<< HUGS >>> to you MO === Quasar
5/16/2014Thank you, my glp crush ;) -sparkling
5/16/2014Lol way to spoil my overdramatic exit. Much appreciated :)
5/16/2014For the karma upgrade to Manu-K~Silvervega
5/16/2014Ms. Superduper
5/16/2014For the Sandy Hook thread, should make one covering all as people seem to be getting lost in delusions. - El Duderino
5/16/2014I'm tired of these Sandytards, too!
5/16/2014I am with you on the SH thread. Read it carefully, people!
5/15/2014SH Tard thread.
5/15/2014You are the Fucktard Have A NICE DAY :-)
5/15/2014Bravo MO! <3 eekers (locked shill tard thread)
5/15/2014Sandy hook thread
5/15/2014Heh heh heh!!! "His earlobes match!" LMAO St3v3
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