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Mister Obvious's Karma

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9/26/2013Nice - Chrit
9/25/2013Thank You Soup for you!
9/25/2013Cause youre a precious soul
9/25/2013Hello beautiful.. LP
9/25/2013Thanks for the birthday wishes my Queen.
9/24/2013Ah MO you're so awesome...your posts burn my eyes!
9/22/2013Thank you for unbanning my IP- Do You See What I See
9/19/2013For being you! ~ Bear Drinker
9/19/2013Always green(~)
9/19/2013Thank you for killing the nobody shit. Holymeerkat
9/19/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/19/2013Green)Because you took on the NOBODYTARDS...peace..​.dettro
9/18/2013Where have ya been in chat?? Miss ya, even the heckling! PB
9/18/2013I absolutely HAVE to give you red for posting a NOBODY thread- Gringo-Cracker ;)
9/18/2013Its green...its sticky...and Uncle F*#k Stick just wiped one on you
9/18/2013The Great King who slayed The Nobody and cast it into the GLP hells!!
9/18/2013Mister Tooangryandillogical
9/18/2013I'm blushing and running hot - is this love? OH NO! I'm gifting Karma on a lit stove again!!!! Jinxy McDeath
9/18/2013One of the more biased mods.
9/18/2013The bouncing elephant :)
9/17/2013Hey sweetheart-Rochelle
9/17/2013For trolling Girl With Eyes Open .. I can't stand that stupid cow
9/17/2013Ur comments really hit home. I am a fence sitter. TH
9/15/2013For being an undercover kitteh lover, you big softie! MP
9/15/2013My Mo <3
9/15/2013Thanks, MO :D
9/14/2013Good advice! And best thoughts your way :) Sloane
9/14/2013Tea tree oil info - Junkyard Lily :-)
9/14/2013Very nice
9/14/2013Thanks for your help getting me logged back into my account.
9/14/2013For being the embodiment of "Awesome" !!!!
9/11/2013Its green ...its sticky...and Uncle F#*k Stick just wiped it on you
9/10/2013Did you know you could stop a dog fight with one of these up the aggressor's bum? much love, JInxyMcD
9/10/2013Lol....:) abrasive but witty
9/8/2013Nice thing to do to update the thread.
9/8/2013Thanks for thread re-title :hf:
9/7/2013Zora Neale Hurston- From Molon Labe 2013
9/7/2013Great vids. I can't remember if I've seen Yuri before or not, but a refresher is always good. - Eireann~
9/7/2013Brutal truth
9/7/2013Thanks for the posts ~ 3pic
9/7/2013Anyi shill 2 genders tirade
9/7/2013Your comments on gender Bullshit was spot on with my opinion. SerenaSeesAll
9/7/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
9/7/2013"You post some shill shit to me, I will fucking ban your sorry ass" A+ Post
9/7/2013You are awesome.
9/7/2013Funniest person on GLP_GeoStorm
9/7/2013Thanks! :D calx
9/7/2013Hi MO!
9/7/2013You are crackin my ass up right now! LittleMissDictator
9/7/2013How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Saint LIke
9/7/2013For sorting my account...the bouncing elephant :)
9/7/2013You must not know who i am.
9/6/2013The Dragon Emperor was here! lol :hf:
9/6/2013Got get a coffe
9/6/2013Thanks MO, GT500
9/5/2013Hanging in there - Mr P
9/5/2013Epic level of douche
9/5/2013For all you do.
9/3/2013Bane the comedian
9/3/2013<3 m
9/2/2013I love your sarcasm and cynism..lol right up my street..lol
9/2/2013Thanks MO and sorry about that... Love Spirit666
9/2/2013Hilarious commentary - Xerces
9/2/2013You make me smile. LP
9/1/2013LMAO at the Lucille post. wowsers!! --eekers
8/29/2013Love your posts and chat talk! PB
8/28/2013I <3 your crazy~jinx
8/27/2013Don't make me blush!
8/27/2013Chillwave love! -HypnoSlaveDoll
8/27/2013Lol ag:) good posts in the man love women thread
8/26/2013Luv you trooooo
8/25/2013"Whatever you do though, don't be ANYONE'S fucking tool." (Amen)
8/25/2013For a fellow Nuturer. From a proud Homemaker. ~ThereRMeds
8/24/2013LOL, the fun never stops..
8/24/2013MO is awesome!
8/24/2013Fucking Flash Carshing in Chat! Dx< Anywho. You rock MO. You already knew that though :D - Too Dark Park
8/22/2013Hey good to see ya! Martianprincess
8/21/2013I love MO
8/20/2013Bad title.
8/20/2013SO....u..uuhh.. think we can be..uuhh..friends?
8/20/2013You're a dick
8/19/2013You're on a roll tonight.
8/19/2013Thank you.
8/19/2013Haha kids are nasty! Truthserim
8/18/2013Amen to that -- super bowl dave
8/18/2013For your optimism "..."
8/17/2013Why be rude and insulting if someone doesn't share your hateful point of view? - Knowbody Special
8/17/2013Kmart post:)
8/17/2013Wishing you a great weekend love GFG
8/15/2013Ha! words cannot describe how much i admire you :) salt
8/15/2013Lmao at the thread change - Mind's Eye
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