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Mister Obvious's Karma

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11/3/2013Green for a fav!! PB
11/3/2013Thank you-GeoStorm
11/2/2013We have a chance to bring change, but it we are not taken seriously, we will not succeed.
11/2/2013Great Post (USMC0369)
11/2/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/2/2013You could have slammed me with the ban hammer in voice chat , but you restrained yourself . FASCINATING . - grimmlord
10/31/2013Always a Super Star! -- JinxyMcD
10/31/2013Thanks forposting !! green karma from Gonviral
10/30/2013AP girl
10/30/2013Gopod to see you! Paige. :)
10/29/2013Love ya gf! hawk8414
10/29/2013The bouncing elephant :)
10/29/2013Thanks for the info -dp
10/29/2013Just plain rude.
10/28/2013You are a good person. :)
10/28/2013For almost being white
10/27/2013Every time I see your avatar I just wanna hug you :) eek
10/27/2013I fucking love Amazon too-Kayak
10/26/2013Happy Holloween! - Chrit
10/25/2013Friday hugs from Elemental x
10/24/2013Thank you ~Tangy :)
10/23/2013Fuck you in a good way.
10/23/2013Un-belieber ~ Odd John
10/22/2013Nice job admin
10/22/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/22/2013Excellent thread about GLP shill psy-op. The thing is it's everywhere. Some places more than others, this being one of them.
10/22/2013Karma for warning
10/22/2013Don't...look like fools thread, Ag47
10/22/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/22/2013For the "Report Abusive Post" suggestion. Never thought of doing it. 10-4 morgan
10/21/2013Goooo Moooooo .. LP
10/21/2013The Mod of Mods, Tnank you :) Ace of Tards
10/21/2013'understand your role in it' ahh yes. Sloane
10/21/2013Great consiprary thread
10/21/2013Coffeebreak :)
10/21/2013Super duper excellent thread. Locked for goodness! -Bananael
10/21/2013Give the shills what they deserve - failure
10/21/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/21/2013Love your Halloween avatar! Laura Bow
10/21/2013For being you and always making me laugh..geminilion
10/21/2013Nom nom hole lol! nah :)
10/21/2013Thanks for the red. you are insane! :D calx
10/21/2013FUCK YEAH!!!! Kick some Shill asses!!!
10/20/2013My favorite Admin_GeoStorm
10/20/2013The bouncing elephant :)
10/20/2013I love MO
10/20/2013Southern belle green sugar. DF
10/19/2013Too Dark Park :)
10/17/2013Self rightous bigot
10/15/2013Thanks, now I know. Occasionally Swears
10/15/2013The Jews totally own the entertainment industry. -Anubis
10/15/2013Cause I love me some MO! lol! hawk8414
10/15/2013Thank you for your participation on my thread- Do You See What I See
10/15/2013Thanks :) you are a good person too! a hell of a person!!!
10/14/2013A Monday hug from Elemental :)
10/13/2013Ya hoo!! karma for u from Gonviral
10/13/2013Thank you!
10/11/2013Grow up. you're too sensitive
10/11/2013Haha thanks. GeoStorm
10/11/2013For all you do - This thumb's for you! much love, Jinxy
10/11/2013You are a meanie, Women are tired of being used,
10/10/2013For being a cutie bug)
10/10/2013Thanks for helping, but can I have an update? Is that guy stalking me? --ClappaGuy
10/9/2013Glad to see you posting more, you are the tits.. LP
10/8/2013Slow sight doesn't equal hacked dumbasses ..LOL :-) UNCLE F#*K STICK
10/8/2013Way to go- totenkopf
10/7/2013You're "spacey". I like it. Corner ;D
10/7/2013Thanks....the bouncing elephant thang :)
10/6/2013Hey MO, miss seeing ya in chat on teh reg! PB
10/6/2013Thank you for the condolences.
10/5/2013Cool avatar :) here'smystupidaccount​ was here
10/4/2013Happy Halloween month MO. woooooohoooooo!!!! ~Z
10/2/2013Thanks for the help MO :) Love Spirit666
10/2/2013The Doc's got our back dear GLP Queen! He did a great job!
10/2/2013Penance for bad karma I gave you once when i was a noob
10/1/2013Your avatar tickles me! JinxymcD
9/30/2013Because they are nasty and negative and haven't got anything good to say
9/30/2013For the awesome avatar! geminilion
9/29/2013Stop trying to listen through the wall to hear me pee. Thanks!
9/28/2013Thanks for your input. TH
9/28/2013Funny while regulating
9/28/2013Eeee I love your avatar xD - Too Dark Park
9/28/2013Muahaha...nice AV, MO! `ET
9/28/2013Greeeen Back at ya!!
9/28/2013For kindness :) Sloane
9/28/2013I like the Halloween avatar. John Kocktosen
9/28/2013Happy Saturday! Elemental :)
9/27/2013Web archive post appreciated
9/27/2013The bouncing elephant :)
9/26/2013Nice - Chrit
9/25/2013Thank You Soup for you!
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