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3/26/2017Bloods and Crips are named after bloody turds in the toilet. That's from forming a big circle of ass fuckers.
2/20/2016Get a life... lol blood gang... pathetic
9/1/2015Awesome candor!
7/10/2015Just dumb
2/13/2015Love from the crips
12/30/2014Idiot gang scum
10/7/2014Seek Jesus Christ today!! He is the only way to the Father.. TC1
9/28/2014White power
9/28/2014Remember loser....prison or the morge....LOL LOL LOL....fucking pathetic asshat...LOL
9/22/2014You fucking moron.
7/14/2014I just saw your Queen of Spades thread. It's dumb.
7/3/2014Dramatic! Signed, Queen of Spades
2/2/2014I think the thread topic is B.S., and that the OP is lying.
1/31/2014"Been banging hard body with my homies 10 years now." <-- Fag.
12/10/2013Useless shitbag
11/12/2013Here's your Q of Spades
10/8/2013Fucking retard
4/9/2013This motherfucker
3/17/2013Gotcha! it's like whack-a-dipshit! everytime I see you pop up, whack! more red. thanks for making it so fun!
3/14/2013Same person as Mr. Bel. Commenting on his own threads. You are busted you miserable racist shit sack
3/7/2013Welcome back, fuckbag. I've been holding these for you.
1/5/2013Real classy family you have there
12/4/2012Cum gurgling aids infected tribesman...keep you pet monkey locked up while fucker's loose...he"ll sodomize them!
11/28/2012God bless! - Lisa :)
11/21/2012God bless you! - Lisa :)
11/20/2012What an asshole
11/12/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/11/2012For wishing you were inside a ladyboy
11/11/2012Not very bright are ya
11/11/2012You the only fag around here ya fucking homo....PORCH MONKEY?....that works.
11/11/2012A bit obsessed with the CIA actress, aren't we?
11/10/2012Those are 99%er stupid fuck Obama voters.
11/10/2012Submit this for the jackass movie-dschis
11/10/2012I would call you an F-ing retard, but I don't think I should refer to you as something that might be considered a compliment. -1
11/10/2012You are either gullible or a liar perhaps both
11/10/2012Haven't actually reded you in a bit, bit i always want to. I'll get one to you next week, too. see ya!
11/10/2012Complete Douche
11/9/2012God Bless! - Lisa :)
11/9/2012Just stfu, you know nothing
11/9/2012Misguided soul
11/9/2012Because you are not very intelligent
11/9/2012Nutbagger is you, asshole
11/9/2012Racist retarded and Liberal, hat trick.
11/9/2012Can you fit all of Obama's dick in your mouth?
11/8/2012Stay the fuck off my thread
11/6/2012Expert on receiving big penis anally
11/6/2012Voter fraud is fucked up. - Leslie Zevo
11/5/2012Climate change dummy
11/5/2012Up yours commie
11/5/2012Global warming tard
11/5/2012Stuffit Commie
11/5/2012Not real!!
11/3/2012Proof that eating lead paint chips causes brain damage. Please kids do not eat lead paint chips unless you want to end up like this horrible cunt.
11/2/2012It is essential that people know what is really happening there
11/2/2012Happy Friday! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/2/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/31/2012Brainless douchebag
10/30/2012For your posts ! From Tiger1.
10/29/2012Drizzly pile of dogshit
10/29/2012You are stupid
10/29/2012Ill of some sort.
10/27/2012Deluded fuck.
10/24/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/24/2012Rudeness and making shit up
10/24/2012For being a fucking retard
10/24/2012Punk ass zero
10/23/2012Scared lying lefty
10/23/2012Idiot ass
10/23/2012You need to go straight to HELL...and NOW!
10/23/2012Why do you lie???? Does it make you feel better about yourself?
10/23/2012Contrary to your superstitions, we used metal ships in WWI
10/21/2012Christmas<3 :) tara
10/19/2012Nascar post was hilarious
10/19/2012Haha funny video
10/18/2012Great china video! thanks morgan
10/18/2012Douchebag cocksucker troll son of a slut
10/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/18/2012For hating White people and getting off on other people's misery. You are a typical POS Obama supporter. And, stop whining about the neg. karma. You deserve all you get.
10/18/2012For posting utter BS !
10/17/2012Attacking republicans with no proof
10/17/2012Counter-karma - ANHEDONIC
10/17/2012Watch the actual debate or shut up
10/17/2012Banana Man
10/17/2012That soulda been you getting a smack down
10/17/2012Propaganda machine
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