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Gavin's Karma

Total: 139 (133  User Votes + 6  Threads Pinned) and 3

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5/19/2015Cow A.
5/17/2015Spring green from the archive.
5/12/2015Planetary alignmnt info... ~bodhi
5/8/2015Cow A.
5/8/2015For all your posts MySaul
5/5/2015From the archive.
4/30/2015Cow A.
4/28/2015Grønt for min Norske venn! ~Snuffie.
4/24/2015Hi gavin! I'd love to make an excursion!! Esp if Monk paid! lol Granny
4/5/2015Happy Easter! Cow A.
4/1/2015Green from the bird :-)
3/28/2015Cow Anonymous ;-)
3/11/2015Cow A.
3/9/2015For Barda MySaul
3/3/2015BARDAKARMA! Granny
3/3/2015Pre-spring green from the archive.
2/26/2015For Neverending Story :) CoffeeTime
2/26/2015Cow A.
2/25/2015Barda! -V
2/22/2015BardaKarma :) msmc X
2/21/2015Some pre-spring green from the archive.
2/16/2015Hi Gavin! -auntiebeads
2/12/2015Cow A.
2/11/2015For all your work on the Barda Thread MySaul
2/10/2015BardaKarma :) msmc x
2/9/2015Green from the archive.
2/9/2015Grønt for en god venn! ~Snuffie.
2/8/2015Barda! -V
2/5/2015Cow A.
1/28/2015Hey Gavin! Fire Watch~
1/27/2015Like breaking an egg-shell, exactly -V
1/27/2015Cow A. for the diehards...
1/25/2015For all your work on the Barda Thread Thank you MySaul
1/21/2015Green from the archive.
1/16/2015Cow A.
1/11/2015Good posts in Abhie's thread and Bardakarma to you - Aspamce
1/8/2015Cow A.
1/4/2015BardaKarma :) msmc Xx
1/2/2015Happy New Year!! -V
1/2/2015Some New Year's green from the archive.
12/31/2014Happy New Year, Cow A.
12/28/2014'Tis my birthday and I feel like giving a gift. Thanks, Thulsa
12/25/2014Merry Christmas from RefreshPage
12/23/2014Merry Christmas from Cow A.
12/22/2014Holiday green from the archive.
12/16/2014Not a tard -V
12/14/2014From a bardatard zeldannie
12/13/2014Thanks for green!! From the archive.
12/10/2014Still lurking on the Barda Thread MySaul
12/7/2014For your continued support of the Barda thread, thanks! Thulsa.
12/2/2014Great discussion and agree to disagree- apiratewithadd
12/1/2014BardaKarma :) msmc x
12/1/2014Karma in shadow. :) CoffeeT
12/1/2014For Barda Thread MySaul
11/27/2014For your amazing contributions, from the bird :-)
11/26/2014Geomagnetics response, Thanks!
11/23/2014For your dedication to the Barda thread. Thulsa
11/23/2014Can't give you some daylight but a little green may help! MySaul
11/23/2014Green from the archive.
11/18/2014Some Bardagreen for you -V
11/17/2014Some Green for a great thinker! ( Music Man)
11/17/2014Cow A.
11/13/2014Some green from the archive.
11/11/2014BardaKarma :) msmc x
11/7/2014Cow A. See ya!
11/3/2014Thanks for you help my friend....( Music Man)
11/3/2014BardaKarma :) msmc x
11/2/2014Barda thread green! -auntiebeads
10/30/2014Cow A.
10/28/2014For contributions on Barda Thread MySaul
10/27/2014Green from Music Man
10/26/2014Barda green :))) -auntiebeads
10/25/2014BIG BARDA BOOM! CoffeeTime
10/23/2014Hi! It's Greentime again! From Cow A.
10/21/2014For Barda Thread MySaul
10/21/2014Jet stream green from a bardatard zeldannie
10/15/2014Barda green! From Cow A.
10/13/2014Barda thread! -auntiebeads
10/13/2014Thank you for all your work on Iceland Thread MySaul
10/10/2014Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/10/2014Good info on SO2 on barda zeldannie
10/8/2014BardaKarma :) msmc x
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