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9/28/2012Thanks again for clearing up my ipban! good to be back - madajs
9/27/2012EleKtroN was here :)
9/20/2012Poll - Chrit
9/20/2012Hey man of mystery! :) 2342
9/20/2012For the obama poll. From Tiger1.
9/20/2012Empty chair lol - buggedout
9/19/2012SHR is a huge, irrelevant douche
9/18/2012Paultards... lol
9/18/2012The video (demographics) is an eye opener....had no idea....thanks -ladyannie
9/18/2012Such retarded political views, and an asshole on top of that.
9/17/2012EleKtroN was here :)
9/17/2012Thanks for help - -GLP-Christian-
9/17/20121 for a young friend.
9/16/2012Fucking Stupid
9/16/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/13/2012Great Post!
9/13/2012Here's that green that was coming your way!
9/13/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/13/2012Great post,so here we are, Desert fox
9/12/2012Fuckin A man....Fuckin A
9/12/2012Good job. -JIK
9/12/2012<3 om
9/12/2012Well thought out post on the "So here we are..." post....my2centsworth​
9/12/2012Great thread, but i fear it is too late. ---- davvi
9/12/2012For your muzzie masterpiece!
9/8/2012Liked the Idea.
9/8/2012How come i cant post polls? Gonviral
9/8/2012Good thread! Giving you five stars as well!
9/8/2012Wow, you're an idiot
9/7/2012Thank you for your input and wiisdom ...CowgirlK
9/5/2012Football karma for the gmen. sonic doom
9/5/2012Because you have a sense of humor!
9/5/2012No balls
9/5/2012Thanks- the INQUISADOR
9/3/2012You're not only a talented artist, but you made a great ponit. Awesome cartoon! - Dease
9/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/3/2012Awesome cartoon- Val
9/1/2012Superb bacon....omar
8/31/2012For fighting the thick skulls....Fatal
8/31/2012Clappaguy was here! :)
8/27/201208/27/2012 11:11 PM True. time will tell. ..11:11..
8/26/2012Thanks for the rock and roll....MR2
8/26/2012Good idea rock and roll! SpaceCommand
8/26/2012Bada bing!
8/24/2012Re: The UN Post. Excellent --Davvi
8/24/2012Posted THE best Led Zeppelin gig in your 'World lost another great musician' thread - RoXY
8/18/2012Good karma!!!!
8/18/2012Shr rocks!!!
8/17/2012You are trash
8/17/2012Peace bro. BK
8/17/2012If your brain was a muscle you'd have trouble fighting your way out of a paper bag
8/17/2012For trying to speak truth to the blind and deaf--Bluebird
8/16/2012Dr. Astro approves of Dr. Hal and Dr. Jay but not Dr. Sal
8/14/2012Nice Barry pic, glad you liked it --- Munsoned
8/14/2012Helpful Admin Made My Post Boss
8/14/2012Two Must See 2012 Movies: 'CONTRABAND' & 'SAFE HOUSE' - RoXY
8/13/2012Truffles kick ass - Cave Johnson
8/10/2012Because you are you
8/9/2012Good post
8/8/2012Cause I feel like it ; )
8/7/2012LOL ... .this ain't the Nuns afternoon tea social.
8/6/2012Good call on this one.
8/4/2012Good humor, The INQUISADOR
8/4/2012America Fuck Yeah
8/4/2012Good administrating. keep it up
8/3/2012I lol'd thanks. LP
8/3/2012Ignorant piece of shit!
8/2/2012Honey badger don't care! sonic doom
7/31/2012Run down a tuna in open water --lmao--mistersplinte​r
7/29/2012Someone really needs to end and silence your turgid stupidity once and for all.
7/27/2012You are right!!!! ~ Beso
7/27/2012Great essay on current social engineering in school systems.---Bluebird
7/27/2012Epic truth! You sir, are a Jedi! From AmJedi!
7/27/2012Had a really great post trying to raise awareness. Keep on seeking truth, because truth will never find you. Thank you for your post. - Prophet.
7/27/2012Great post
7/27/2012I'm stunned and amazed, Fatalw1shes
7/26/2012I agree with you 100% on the twilight fangirl/boy shit. -Donivan
7/25/2012Revelation Stargate
7/24/2012Helpful mod, thanks--ClappaGuy
7/24/2012Your awesome man - acid trip
7/21/2012Poo-poos mk ultra when guy doesn't fit profile and had ridiculously complex wiring to bombs in his home
7/18/2012Another homophobe full of hate - what a shame
7/17/2012Good Tobacco thread....Chop's
7/17/2012Good thread CoiNmaN
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