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4/18/2012He who feels that he is too small to make a difference has never been bitten by a mosquito. - Lyttlmiss For being such a great Admin :)
4/18/2012Karma bump ~~CF~~
4/18/2012Paint chips...yum -sammie
4/17/2012I 100% agree with your views on trading karma. it is corruption at its finest! - Donivan
4/17/2012A flower falls even though we love it. A weed grows even though we don't love it. -Chrit
4/17/2012Karma - Charlie the Choo-Choo
4/17/2012Valid point
4/17/2012Newbie dreamer
4/17/2012Green thumb from <Path>.
4/16/2012Enjoy the green :) Gdchappy
4/16/2012Kaaaaarma - LeifErikson
4/16/2012'doodyhead'. LoL -Barnacle Bob ;-`)
4/16/2012Scuba Steve --- too funny ---- DRAGOON
4/15/2012Green For You. Thnx. DoGMoRal
4/12/2012G. was here
4/10/2012Shame on you for only using part of the statement....
4/10/2012Ka-Tet, Gunslinger. It's been awhile. Phase
4/10/2012You are great. from sonic doom
4/10/2012Karma bump! ~~CF~~
4/7/2012Much thanks for pins and support - DoorBert
4/6/2012Amazing post and insight about 'young people'
4/5/2012SHR.. you the man.... hope to hear you soon back in VC
3/27/2012Karma bump! ~~CF~~
3/18/2012Good info SHR- Nerdrage
3/17/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here. :)
3/17/2012Karma bump! ~~CF~~
3/17/2012For the tourettes guy video. lol, i have not laughed that hard in a while
3/16/2012Because we're stuck on this rock together -xxl
3/16/2012Are you smart enough to know when your wrong?
3/15/2012We're having fun now!!!!
3/15/2012"What IS his voting record dunce?"~~Priceless~~C​heops
3/14/2012Yap yap yap. Blah blah blah.
3/10/2012Banning norwegians-41
3/7/2012Miss you in chat these days--Bluebird
3/7/2012Ronulans! LoL
3/6/2012Rp ftw
2/24/2012Its not a TOOMAH LOL Marax
2/24/2012Thanks for being a Cooperative and nice mod, from ClappaGuy
2/23/2012Thank very much for helping me - SP
2/18/2012Borderline retarded.
2/17/2012Made me laugh today...Chas..
2/17/2012Karmafied.... is that a word.. wtf!...lol... miss your voice in chat...
2/16/2012For making me laugh daily thx mod!
2/16/2012Rp 2012
2/15/2012Love from Greece. :)
2/15/2012You guys and gals do a great job thanks ae15-nut
2/14/2012Shr ftw
2/14/2012NOM nommy tofurky <3
2/14/2012Fuck yeah-LonghairKing
2/13/2012One of the best MODS on GLP.... LooK`n
2/13/2012Just because... well, you're SHR. ~Sandi
2/13/2012Thats a jam! -JIK
2/10/2012For good post
2/5/2012From tauranga
2/5/2012For lucky number 333. and glad your back.
2/4/2012Buddy karma drive by. Faith
1/31/2012Politically insignificant
1/31/2012You are the smartestt person on GLP - by far.
1/31/2012All in! Tex :)
1/31/2012Glad you are back....:)
1/31/2012Karma bump ~~CF~~
1/30/2012For being a music nerd too~Luna
1/30/2012Awesome fuckin mod
1/30/2012For helping to keep this place running. - Voice
1/24/2012From Uncle Mikey!
1/20/2012Green thumb! ~~CF~~
1/12/2012Love from Santorini. :)
1/8/2012Misleading title. Not what an example that an admin should set in my opinion.
1/8/2012Wishing you n family are well, happy and contented ... and having damn good belly laughs:)
1/7/2012Karma bump ~~CF~~
1/6/2012From tauranga
1/5/2012Love your sci-fi sarcasm -LilacFrost
1/5/2012Someone has to stand up and speak the truth
1/4/2012Hahahaha RON PAUL lost and they hate it ;)
12/31/2011Have a Happy New Year, from Santorini :)
12/30/2011Best wishes for good health and loads of happiness in 2012! -wnb
12/30/2011Happy New Year Karma Bump! ~~CF~~
12/30/2011Thank you from tauranga
12/30/2011Good Catch! ~Chip
12/29/2011You better PRAY Ron Paul wins this thing...
12/28/2011I may not always agree with you but enjoy your comments :) ~GG
12/28/2011For your love of dogs/animals. If you have the time, check out my video documentaries about animal abuse and dog fighting. They are very graphic, so please be aware of that. It will piss you the hell
12/27/2011Ron paul
12/25/2011Merry Christmas Hugs from Jane Smith
12/25/2011Merry Christmas SHR!! I will get your goat this year!!:)~~~~Z
12/25/2011Merry Christmas bro! - STT
12/24/2011Happy Holidays
12/23/2011Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Santorini :)
12/22/2011I dont care if you r mod. bullshit. Whats better? more Obama
12/21/2011Tis' The Season For The Reason! - :) Acts Of Thomas
12/20/2011Karma bump!
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