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The Messiah's Karma

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3/24/2017Only eight year olds bump their own threads, asshole. You are a major candy ass snowflake, aren't you?
2/8/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/8/2017You are a piece of shit
1/1/2017Messiah this fucktard.
11/29/2016Go count your sheckles heb
11/29/2016Derpity Derp Durr! Hill Shill Exhibits Derping Delight!
11/29/2016Red for you! Marxist scum!
11/29/2016Stuffit commie!
11/29/2016Unfounded accusations
11/29/2016Even God thinks your a schmuck
11/18/2016From the Devil
11/11/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/11/2016Fucking retard.
11/11/2016Why not
10/18/2016Red for being a dumbass!
10/16/2016Stupid monkey
10/7/2016OMG! You are just one stoopido.
9/29/2016Less drugs for this poor man.
9/21/2016Your "god" is satan. Who will devour you in hell flames for rejecting the Tue Messiah. Attention Whore!
9/21/2016The messiah of stupidity.
9/21/2016For speaking ill of your Messiah (Jesus.)
9/21/2016You are a certfied nutter, one of the bad ones, without a sense of humor....grumpier.
9/14/2016Happines and love to you, enjoy your day sacred energy :)
9/12/2016Transgender homo
9/11/2016Go and fuck thyself.
9/11/2016Divine fury
9/9/2016Caps Lock Doesnt Give You Credibility
9/1/2016As we move into the month of September, the faithful few will have a shift in consciousness.
8/31/2016If you are the Messiah... then... FINALLY thank G-d, Dr VIP
8/29/2016Pure insanity
8/28/2016What a deluded lost baabling chimp you are. Willfully blind and infected with delusion. You will bow before the Jesus who you scoff
8/28/2016Hey Jew, don't make it bad. Take a sad song, and make it better.
8/27/2016Red for you, like the blood that covers my sins.
8/27/2016You lousy bum
8/26/2016Jesus was just alright :) strgzr
8/24/2016False messiah
8/20/2016Lies on top of lies.
8/10/201611:11 link B-) ~bluespirit~
8/1/2016Just for being an asshole!
8/1/2016No common sense
8/1/2016FUCK OFF - Remember where you heard that first!
7/31/2016No "k" in America.
7/31/2016FUCKING MORAN! Anti-Christ? YEP! Not THE but A
7/31/2016More real than that fake messiah "Jesus".
7/25/2016Red Red Red - Code Red For Commie.
7/25/2016Green from Granny for truth
7/22/2016You should probably change your avatar name. It's already taken.
7/22/2016You are really a dumbshit
7/20/201637 gophers can fit up your asshole
7/19/2016Get fucked, idiot.
7/18/2016Go Away Tard
7/18/2016I am arguing with God about this horrendous disaster - MEDS!!!
7/18/2016September bullshit tard!
7/11/2016Agreed the west is going to incure Gods wrath.
7/11/2016Praise The God of Art!!!
7/10/2016"For many will come in my name"
7/8/2016Eat shit
7/6/2016To offset the red karma, I really like your threads :-) ~bluespirit~
7/6/2016For DNA thread !
7/6/2016You're full of shit!
6/28/2016We'll meet one day in Glory
6/28/2016You are a fucking maniac...lol KT
6/28/2016Red for trolling

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