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3/18/2017Green. HL
3/17/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/14/2017Alien Agenda ~ Can't/won't forget Lady Truth Green
3/13/2017Thanks for commenting on my flashing sun video! TrustNoOneKS
3/8/2017You need Green. - History Lion
3/6/2017I bet you could suck a mean dick.
3/6/2017Dude, you need it!
3/5/2017Have a middle finger with this red thumb.
2/25/2017Even Cobaine couldn't stand his self enough to live. Thank goodness.
2/25/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/25/2017My, my, my...ass jizz felcher.
2/24/2017No sorry i don't
2/21/2017Great find!
2/21/2017Curt Kobain sounded like he was constipated... - Ehrmantraut
2/20/201702/19/2017 09:42 pm
2/20/2017Stupid junkie killed his own child's father. Needs to rot in hell.
2/20/2017Although you and I might disagree on all things politics we agree Kurt Cobain was a special person
2/20/2017Cobain and Nirvana sucked!
2/20/2017Cobain RIP. Nice acknowledgement. MacLachlan
2/20/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
2/20/2017Green for Cobain.
2/19/2017Great comment on 200 criminals. Green from Flashbuzzkill
2/18/2017Curt Cobain was a cum drinker.
2/15/2017Nirvana always sucked!
2/14/2017Reported Abusive Post
2/14/2017Your thinking process is wrecked.
2/14/2017Could not trust
2/14/2017Eat 900 dicks
2/14/2017Do you really suck hobo farts for a living?
2/14/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/13/2017Tick..tock..ti....tim​es up. Scared for you lost mocker
2/12/2017Fucking Retard. This is a pirvate forum. --Cybored
2/11/2017Go suck an elephant trunk.
2/8/2017More honor for you. Get a full red bar for a permaban.
2/8/2017Hello from nutmeg!
2/8/2017Red because you asked for it
2/7/2017Have a little green - new age scam artist
2/6/2017You're not special
2/6/2017Read Wikileaks and dont stay uninformed all your life
2/4/2017I got some peanuts for ya.
2/3/2017Hindu Criminal
1/27/2017Finally you said something intellegent --about bio- hazard womans used products....won't identify myself for the green .
1/27/2017Crusty butt flake with peanuts
1/25/2017FO troll
1/25/2017Pussy fagget
1/25/2017FUCK OFF, leftist cunt.
1/25/2017Now see what you did? Such a shitforbrains you made me log in just to do this
1/24/2017Author of bulshit
1/22/2017U r no judge!
1/17/2017Amy Schumer is a dude and you give him blumpkins in front of Chuck while he sits in a chair diddling himself
1/17/2017Cut the shit you faggalotti
1/17/2017Fucking weirdo
1/16/2017Nice gay emoji
1/7/2017You are a gigantic Moran. Fuck off.
1/6/2017If you want blood.
1/4/2017That Manson rant is completely ridiculous.
1/2/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/29/2016You're on glue man!
12/29/2016Smells his own farts
12/29/2016I noticed you had lots of red karma. ThisWayUp
12/24/2016Ain't that the truth!
12/7/2016Stop asking for pics of my dick. seriously. stop it.
12/7/2016Stop asking for pics of my dick. seriously. stop it.
11/5/2016You're ona thin ice around here asshole
11/3/2016Probably best if you fuck off
11/3/2016I see you have a bright future here selling shoe strings
11/3/2016You stand alone.. .wtih about 1000 other fucktard potato-heads on this forum. ;) Ooh.. so lone-wolf, sheep.
10/5/2016What a load of fkn shit. - Yup
9/11/2016Illary might as well be dead already. bronchitis for over a year. red for being a true moran
9/11/2016Here is to your health !!
9/11/2016Let me be the first....Shut the fuck up hitlery shill, obviously she's sick, not poisoned, she herself is poison
9/2/2016Hahaha! Happy Friday :) Sloane
9/2/2016Let me be the first to call you a fucking idiot moran, Have a nice day!

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