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Freedom101's Karma

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3/9/2017I agree with you on Trump - YouAreDreaming
3/6/2017Made me log in just to red karma your liberal ass : (
2/26/2017Eat a dick shit bird
2/7/2017Not a Trumptard, actually get it. ~Lost Lady~
2/5/2017Green from a fellow Christian GLP'er! ><> DePLoRaBLe NiGhT OwL <><
1/27/2017My doctor says i have a gay STD and you need to see him.
1/27/2017Toke another one
1/26/2017Fuck off and die in a fire, you scummy little leftist cunt... you're a miserable little piece of shit... cunt!!!!
1/26/2017Reality is really gonna suck for you.
1/26/2017Libtard tool.
1/11/2017Happy Birthday green from nutmeg!
12/19/2016Merry Christmas-LL
12/19/2016You're the blithering idiot
12/18/2016Spelling Nazi
12/17/2016Spelling lol tard
12/17/2016Faggot commie
12/17/2016You are a Dick
12/17/2016Idiot shill and a LIAR
12/2/2016Common sense is not common
11/29/2016Derping FAIL!
11/29/2016Allow me to pop your red cherry retard
11/19/2016Greenest kindness wrapped in Love-Lionels Love
10/12/2016Good point on Trump Philligan

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