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2012's Karma

Total: 13 (13  User Votes) and 3

7/6/2015You are correct ... only deterrent to the creeping tyranny ... :(
11/23/20111 for NDE thread from SEVAK_MUNI
10/20/2011I thought that was brilliant too!
10/20/2011Well said
10/20/2011Very insightful
9/28/2011Got to be startin somethin
9/20/2011Go fuck yourself
8/31/2011I hear ya
8/14/2011“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Ghandi Epic quote, deserves karma!
8/14/2011Great quote
8/14/2011Said something good about Ron Paul
8/13/2011For supporting LIBERTY! and HONEST RON!
8/13/2011Cool idea

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