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6/22/2014Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
11/22/2013Greetings to you - SilverPatriot
11/9/2013Good to see you back! Hope you are safe and well! AZWonders
11/6/2013Greetings to you do have a great productive weekend - SilverPatriot
9/12/2013Hello :D
8/5/2013Thanks for the Smiles thread and letting me share! Nicolemare
4/21/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
4/9/2013Love from Alex
3/24/2013Some green for ya. -Hitokiri
12/29/2012Thank you for your threads.
10/28/2012Mil man friendlies
9/18/2012For your 'Smilies' thread - RoXY
9/11/2012Stop another 911. Mil man
8/27/2012Been on GLP for about 6 months. Just saw this about 4 years late :
8/24/2012Good posts
8/20/2012Long time no see....he you are safe and well...AZ Wonders
8/6/2012For my favorite Israelite. :) 28m
7/31/2012Smilies... TheTruthWorker
7/20/2012Days like this make me appreciate the good people in the world! AZwonders
7/15/2012Israeli karma. Mil Man
7/7/2012A lil green for ya. -Hitokiri
7/1/2012Excelent topics
6/27/2012Hope all is well! AZwonders
6/20/2012Good karma Mil Man
6/19/2012Stay safe -- alex
6/15/2012Never thanked ya for your share smilie thread, Thank you :)
6/14/2012Have a good weekend - cat mouth
6/12/2012Keep telling it like it is!
6/10/201210 camels ... swin
6/10/2012Back at ya OMH
6/10/2012I like your avatar...I bet you have beautiful eyes! Rael
6/10/2012For your thread about animal hunting
6/10/2012Love the animal hunter post! AZwonders!
6/10/2012Ma shlomex, Metukah?
6/10/2012Thanks for the green
6/10/2012Funny post ! From Tiger1.
6/4/2012Karma - Mil Man
6/2/2012Happy June! AZwonders!
5/28/2012For the eternal flame extinguisher... - Terviseks !
5/28/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/27/2012Some Memorial weekend green for ya! -Hitokiri
5/26/2012You crack me up!
5/26/2012Tell em girl. you friend Desert fox.
5/25/2012For the Ukraine thread and I like ya! ayr phorce yuan ;)
5/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/24/2012You can't smoke all those cigarettes, silly goose.
5/23/2012Swin was here :)
5/22/2012Shalom! :-) - STT
5/19/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/16/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/15/2012Good Karma for a Good Friend - from DoorBert
5/14/2012Karma for the first day of canadian spring swin
5/12/2012Great thread, Gaia ! From Tiger1.
5/12/2012Reported Copyright Violation
5/6/2012Hope all is going great for you! Happy Sunday! AZWonders!
5/5/2012Some green for you. Joker
5/4/2012Vote wisely ;) alex
5/4/2012Awesome posts-marketselloff
5/4/2012Go Gaia Go! - Charlie the Choo-Choo
4/30/2012You have good posts, Gaia ! From Tiger1.
4/30/2012Because you are awesome and your posts are always interesting- cybervato
4/28/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/28/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/27/2012Kate :)
4/26/2012TXGal :)
4/26/2012Passing out some green to my buddies. -Hitokiri
4/25/2012Just returning the kind karma you gave to me :) --ClappaGuy
4/25/2012D gn
4/24/2012Great post! Cute innocent dog! AZWonders!
4/24/2012Thank you for smoking!~Luna
4/23/2012Thanks for the best glp thread. Isis7
4/19/2012Hugs Chica! TXGal :)
4/18/2012Some green for ya -Hitokiri
4/18/2012Good post-anonymity
4/17/2012Good post! Joker
4/17/2012Another porn post , yay.. Like Porn much?
4/16/2012Great story of the Egyptian man seening his wife in porn..watching if for the first time of course....AZWonders!
4/15/2012Your Friend - DoorBert
4/14/2012Don't beg
4/12/2012Cause you deserve some good karma
4/11/2012Back atcha! Sleeping Giant
4/10/2012From ~iNTuiTioN~
4/10/2012Not seeing the truth
4/10/2012May the positive karma flow freely today! :) -TeChNoXiC
4/10/2012My sister from gods chosen. from sonic doom
4/10/2012Great research on the Obama in bed with the MB thread! - Eireann
4/10/2012The bouncing elephant guy bounced by
4/10/2012Bullshit. Fuck you and fuck your family tree.
4/10/2012Good morning beautiful! AtheistRepublican!
4/10/2012Oh you silly israhelli i love you
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