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5/24/2016Saudi-- Well said, train
12/4/2015Thanks for the support in my thread~Pyax
12/3/2015Msmc Xx
9/8/2015Every man of age that crosses the borders from these countries as a refugee, needs to be put into the military of the nation they seek asylum in.
1/8/2015I like what was said
2/22/2014Have great mixes of seed and spirit among us today.
11/25/2013Love ya GFG
5/24/2013REgards from the Hapless moran
4/27/2013Hydrogen Peroxide advice you gave me on a tread I posted awhile back ago!
4/13/2013Great advice! -SteamrolledGobias
1/14/2013Poor kitty needs a green karma....waitn4end
12/27/2012End of 2012 green giveaway! Happy New Year! -- Paa Tal
10/22/2012Thanks for great reply in thread on general signal. :-)
9/5/2012Kind and thoughtful comment.
7/25/2012Have a great day! -- Paa Tal
12/20/2011Ron Paul for Prez !!! RebeccaLove
10/9/2011Great feedback on the Trinity thread propaganda video...My2centsworth​
8/20/2011Risky posting of unpopular ideas

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