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LivingProof's Karma

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7/2/2014You need it
1/5/2014"parody" look it up.
1/3/2014The Daily Currant is a competitor to The Onion. Dumbass
1/3/2014Is it looney day somewhere? 'Living proof' of what? Overdose???
1/3/2014You're a pathetic waste of space
1/3/2014Lol, seriously?
1/3/2014Was hoping your post was sarcasm.. It was not
1/3/2014Rude ass hat! Tampaheather
1/3/2014By far the stupidest thing I have ever read
1/3/2014Stuffit Commie
1/3/2014Dope doesnt kill, Corrupt government does.
1/3/2014Stupid cunt.
1/3/2014You deserve this red for being such a tard, orbs
1/3/2014Being stupid
1/3/2014Either trolling or stupid. Either way you lose.
1/3/2014Genesis 1:29
1/3/2014Living proof of stupidity
1/3/2014STFU you are not funny.
1/3/2014Just because you are a dumbass
12/17/2013For playing devil's advocate so well! retiredsoldier
10/16/2013Lol! Thanks Witness!! ibyte on 2

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