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10/9/2014Happy Thursday greens. Hugs from Holland xxxK
9/23/2014Greens from Holland xxxK
7/27/2014Have a wonderful day xxxK
6/30/2014Christ calls you to come out of "Her" (the roman catholic church)
6/21/2014"Happy weekend"-green xxxK
6/19/2014Thankyou for you Garabandal thread… Abinadi
5/27/2014Back at ya. -Rev
5/22/2014God bless you. One of God
2/4/2014HI from Holland xxxK
1/4/2014Have a great weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/14/2013Good posts in the Obama thread. -Revbo
11/2/2013Love sent to your brother. pool
10/15/2013Thanks for support on the Catholic mass shutdown thread (abeliever*)
10/13/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have a green karma point? :)
9/24/2013God bless Sen. Cruz
8/30/2013Fatima thread, Elemental xx
7/22/2013"St Skittles" hahaha priceless!
7/13/2013For ur amusing comebac lol
7/13/2013Here's some green! geminilion
7/12/2013Great comments on the TM/GZ threads. - Eireann~
7/12/2013Gz is a Liar!!!!
7/12/2013Green from Tard :)
4/20/2013For support on thread - Indysmindy
4/19/2013Asshole nazi
4/6/2013I believe your tomato plants! - :) Rabid Wolf
3/30/2013Have a nice easter weekend xxxMzK
3/24/2013Thank you for contributing to the 'If Obama had a son' thread. Ben Schillen
3/22/2013Reported Abusive Post
3/22/2013Reported Abusive Post
3/13/2013Thanks for the comment{waterman}
3/10/2013Long time no see have a great day .ar15-nut
2/15/2013Praying for you darling! ~ OYE
1/22/2013To my sister in the Faith..wildhoney
12/14/2012It's sad, but you are 100% correct.
11/21/2012Hmmmm ...
10/29/2012Reported Abusive Post
10/27/2012Agree with that gonviral
10/11/2012Bitch takes sides!
9/20/2012For the obama flag thread. From Tiger1.
9/19/2012Way to go picking on cancer patients you twat
9/12/2012For being the first person on GLP to ever agree with me lol - IDHTA
8/17/2012You claim to be Christian, eh? How about this: God doesn't like homosexuality or racists. And since you're both, you're just a shit piece of meat who no one loves.
8/1/2012Go Chick-fil-A--Hawgzill​a
8/1/2012Ignorant fuck
6/25/2012Closet fag
6/4/2012Kiss Mitttens Ass!
5/30/2012Bringing your karma down has to be done to stop you wasting pin space.
4/25/2012It been long time- lol D'Light
4/23/2012Karma tgime ar15-nut
3/3/2012I liked the Esther synopsis!
3/3/2012Feast of Purim story
2/10/2012Dats some lame rap bullshit! LOL
2/10/2012Nice standoff thread. Storm
2/9/2012For caring
2/9/2012So sensational..must be gay.
2/3/2012You'll be reincarnated as fat black guy.
1/23/2012My uncle Fukka, lol. Thanks, a student of Protean thought
12/25/2011A Very Merry Christmas Hug 4 U :) ~GG
12/16/2011Clap this, faggot
11/20/2011Karma love back atcha ~BlueMind :)
11/10/2011Buddy List karma ~BlueMind
11/7/2011Thank you for the support and kind words!
11/6/2011'who, who' you hear ... i am an owl, then i say, perhaps, you too, hello friend, ty for visiiting, namaste'
11/5/2011Indeed 1929!
11/4/2011This is what I heard from my parents.
11/3/2011Happy Karma~Jane Smith
10/31/2011For speaking the truth about the Catholic church. : )
10/30/2011Cell phone conversations are common out here. Even in communion line.
10/29/2011Back at cha~thank you so much~RebeccaLove
10/25/20111 from Silent Wind. Thanks for the Ignore Poster reminder :)
10/23/2011Great post to you too. It would appear that we do think alike.
10/22/20111 ci. 95
10/21/2011Cuz it is Trin's yard ~derelekt
10/7/2011Despite it all being publicly available information beforehand.... TRUE!
9/29/2011Comment makes no sense.
9/29/2011Made me laugh
9/25/2011I Mock You And Your Non-existant Deity. Mock,mock,mock!!!!
9/24/2011I like your avatar
9/24/2011Knows french
9/24/2011You will bow down to the Anti Christ... You will ....You know you cant resist....
9/24/2011It's the whip
9/23/2011God bless! Sleeping giant
9/23/2011"I am God's child." That's worth good karma. :-)
9/23/2011Praise God! Thanks for sharing!
9/23/2011Winner of Call the Close 9/23
9/22/2011For considering Pinning my thread - - ItMustEndSoon
9/22/2011For the kind message Thanks! :)
9/22/2011For a wild ride babe ;)
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