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zacksavage's Karma

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9/21/2016Hey Zack, hope things are good with you! Ag47
9/19/2016Whoop whoop green from ~thetoolman
8/30/2016Hey Zack, hope all is good out your way! Ag47
8/22/2016"The American Way, has now become the NAZI way." :) strgzr
8/21/2016Go Fuck Yourself Asshole!
8/5/2016Mmm...yes, please, Z ;) Lol, Loewin
8/5/2016Heya Zack, have a good weekend! Ag47
8/5/2016Hi Z, always good to see you, Isis One
8/5/2016Hey Zack, good to see you here, welcome ~ A R K
7/22/2016"The accepted vetted narrative..." Ag47
7/22/2016Aloha! From Rev Woo-Woo
7/21/2016Can a billionaire really Fail anything? ~ sees3
7/18/2016<3 KimmieAnnaJones
7/15/2016Hi Z!! Have a good weekend, Isis One
7/12/2016Aloha! - Rev Woo-Woo
7/10/2016I know it has gone down hill bad. This place is not what you thought it was and that is why I left :( LOVE YA! KimmieAnnaJones
7/9/2016<3 om
7/8/2016Beso :)
7/8/2016Always with the manifesto!! Ag47
7/8/2016SunTard karma, my friend! Peace & Blessings.- Helios Max
6/25/2016Rev Woo-Woo was here
6/25/2016Its me, solar shield. can you donate any amount to my fundraising page link at my signature.
6/24/2016Thanks Zack, hope things are good out your way!! Ag47
6/24/2016I got your direct hit for ya! : )
6/14/2016Thanks Zack, hope you're doing good! Ag47
6/14/2016Funkadelic karma, zack! Peace & Blessings.-Helios Maximus (formerly Hugh M. Eye;)
6/3/2016Progressive cunt
6/3/2016People like you are enemies of freedom. Soon...
6/3/2016Supporting violence
6/3/2016Think about it
6/3/2016Obama clinton voter
6/3/2016You should add more then one Z under your comments. You are asleep, stupid, or both.
6/3/2016Justice is coming - The Comedian
6/3/2016Wow, are you asleep.
6/1/2016Yeah, fuck the two party system, it's time is coming to it's end - Sir Phy
5/30/2016Green Man was here
5/28/2016Hi zacksavage~~Hugs from I Love Panda Bears!
5/28/2016Thanks for pasting...raindrop
5/26/2016Hey Zack--hope your enduring the madness--UseLessRepEA​TER
5/13/2016You see through his BS...:) hoodrats
5/12/2016Good to see you Zack, good info! Ag47
5/3/2016Trump 2016
5/2/2016You see through the curtain, I like that - plasmic
5/2/2016Hey there!!!! Lol, frosty or forsty? Or thirsty? Loewin :D
5/1/2016Swallows whatever astronomical BS he can find, poor guy. Pity him.
4/28/2016Hope you've been doing good Zack! Ag47
4/11/2016Hi Zack! Ag47
4/10/2016A reminder :) Trump bump.
3/27/2016Dirty communist
3/27/2016Stupid dumbfuck
3/26/2016Trump bump :)
3/26/2016Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Simple27 : )
3/26/2016Cheers -- filth
3/25/2016Green for a brother!
3/24/2016Rev Woo-Woo was here!
3/21/2016Hi Z, comet time!! Isis One
3/17/2016I also go back with you and. ot in any good way
3/17/2016Anti-trump chump
3/17/2016Anti trump tard .. enjoy your red commie!
3/14/2016Trump bump :)
3/14/2016Oh well. i still love you bro. :) hahah 1-2-Follow
3/11/2016Gutless, spineless, Zionist commie shill
3/11/2016Trump 2016
3/4/2016Enemy of Jesus Christ
3/3/2016For having a brain and being a breath of fresh air! - <3 Rubatosis
2/27/2016No worries..I'm buying an RV and moving to the Grand Tetons lol..Birk
2/26/2016Hi Z, have a nice weekend! Isis One
2/24/2016What a long strange trip....itWILL be. Nice to know theres good , opn minded souls like you still hanging around-shad
2/24/2016Post more often Z! :D calx
2/23/2016Lol....Jonestown explained ~ puredreaming
2/23/2016You really suck, man
2/20/2016Dumb fuck
2/19/2016Why do people like socialist thieves like this muppet
2/19/2016Bernie's a fucking retard, just like you. It's no wonder you can't get your mouth off of his dick for more than 10 seconds
2/19/2016Smooches ~ LittleMissDictator :D
2/14/2016Fuck off, libtard!
2/11/2016Loewin :)
2/7/2016You are against torture...good....gru​mpier
2/7/2016This person is a liar
2/3/2016<3 om
2/3/2016A r k
1/30/2016Assmaster loser. trumps gonna be YUUUUUUUUUGE
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