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zacksavage's Karma

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2/23/2015Stephen Hawking shagged your mum. And still does, regularly. Amazing...
2/19/2015<3 om
2/4/2015Green from WOLF (ANHEDONIC)
1/21/2015Happy New Year, Zack! Peace & Blessings.-sol reflector
1/20/2015Pat Tillman, rest his soul, Littlebird
1/11/2015Thanks, great points too! Ag47
1/11/2015Simple27 : )
1/9/2015Hi Zac! Isis One
1/4/2015Well said! Ag47
12/30/2014Merry christmas! IWTB76
12/25/2014Merry Christmas!!
12/22/2014I like camp...Pooch
12/19/2014For being rude
12/17/2014Hey friend ~ A r c
12/14/2014Holiday ((((HUGS))))!!!....>>​>>Settle4It<<<<
12/12/2014Howdy, Zack, old friend!-Sol Reflector (hugh)
12/5/2014To civility - Setheory
12/4/2014He is right you know
12/4/2014Hi Z, IsisOne
12/2/2014Skeeter, long time around and you still on "it".
11/27/2014You are welcome / tropical
11/26/2014Gooble gooble karma from halman : )
11/19/2014Some sunny karma for you! shenue
11/12/2014T~ love xx
11/7/2014Some green karma for you. shenue
11/5/2014Concise and correct. {{Distant Echo}}
11/4/2014Hiya Zack, hope all is wll with you, from ~T~ xx
10/28/2014Green Karma coming your way! shenue
10/28/2014Lotsa love from ~T~ xx
10/20/2014For my friend, from ~T~ xx
10/12/2014Boo! - Rev Woo-Woo
10/11/2014Green hug from ~T~ xx
9/27/2014Love your avatar! ~SpiritWarrior~
9/21/2014Green love from ~T~ xxx
9/14/2014Love from ~T~ xxx
9/5/2014Love from ~T~ xxx
8/27/2014Keep the good vibes up Zackster as we sail into the tumultuous sea of uncertainty and novelty karma from halman.
8/23/2014Thank you! Revelator Stargate! Much Love!
8/22/2014Zack, really one of the most/only redeeming traits of humanity is the desire for togetherness and connectivity. I truly understand. Blessings!!!
8/22/2014Karma drive by - Rev Woo-Woo
8/11/2014Blessings Karma...Fantasia
8/9/2014A green thumbs up for you! shenue
7/27/2014July green for the solar team!!! - joinca
7/25/2014Mahalo! - Rev. Woo-Woo
7/15/2014I appreciated your thoughts on the Disconnect thread - Waif&Stray
7/13/2014Green for the Z man! Dog Wayne
7/13/2014A r c
7/12/2014Nice to see you! Isis One
7/11/2014Just a little humor! lol bigD111
7/11/2014Simple27 : )
7/6/2014A bit of green coming your way. shenue
6/28/2014Green from ANHEDONIC
6/23/2014A warm Karma hug for you! shenue
6/15/2014Much love to yo, my friend! Fantasia
6/15/2014Mountain Woman
6/14/2014A thumbs up for you! shenue
6/13/2014Bowman left the thread cupboard bare but we'll see what halman can scrape up into a thread one of these days karma from halman. : D
6/12/2014Hey Z, sun's waking up, Isis One
6/5/2014Green for you my friend ~ A r c t u r u s
6/5/2014June green for the solar team!!! - joinca
6/4/2014Karma ((((HUGS))))....>>>>S​ettle4It<<<<
6/3/2014Warm green hugs! shenue
6/3/2014Rev Woo-Woo was here
6/2/2014Thank you. pool
6/1/2014Big hugs from ~T~ xxx
5/25/2014U drink and drive bro?
5/23/2014Hey Zack, hope you are doing well and staying badass! All the best ~ MO
5/23/2014Meteor Storm karma, Zack! Peace tto you, friend.-hugh
5/8/2014I'm still awake my friend!! WakeUp :)
5/5/2014It's good to be back my friend. Hope you're doing well karma from halman.
5/2/2014Sigh.... there is something about you that makes me swoon. :) Thank you!! ~Vesper33~
5/1/2014Hi Z, nice to see you on the board, Isis One
5/1/2014Howdy, zack! Peace to you, Sol Man.-hugh
4/21/2014I consider that to be a monumental complement!!! Many thanks!!! Blessings ~ MO
4/7/2014Hi Z! Isis One
4/5/2014Green hugs to you! ChiaPet
4/4/2014Fucking idiot
3/26/2014Brilliant analysis
3/24/2014For fighting on the homeless thread
3/22/2014The man with the worlds biggest penis is white. You fail again.
2/25/2014Hiya Zack, hope all is well in your world, from ~T~ xxx
2/20/2014Hey bud. Greetings from ANHEDONIC
2/16/2014Thanks buddy...appreciate you immensely.
2/15/2014<3 Only Me
2/7/2014Boo hoo and fuck you Z
2/6/2014Hello, to brighten your day, love from ~T~ xxx
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