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Only Me's Karma

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8/27/2014Get well soon! - Rev Woo-Woo
8/27/2014Radiating lurve to you OM! May your healing be quick and easy and your loved ones surround you in support and comfort until you're back in action like the badass you are!
8/26/2014Glad to see you around, blessings and wishes for a fast recovery!!!
8/26/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/26/2014Get well lovely.
8/25/2014All the best wishes. Hope to see you back here soon!
8/25/2014My pharmacist's daughter had exactly same - piece of cake. She was fine in no time. Just give it to God and look forward to the relief.
8/25/2014Wishing you the best during a difficult time -#521
8/25/2014Get well soon <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Vision Thing
8/25/2014A stranger is praying for you today.
8/25/2014Best of luck with your surgery!!!
8/25/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/22/2014Good Luck OM. ~Z
8/14/2014Friend! :) Fantasia
8/12/2014I think you like NIN :) ~ICBN
8/7/2014Prayers for strength, healing, and LOVE!
7/28/2014Hi Cutie! ~RT
7/21/2014Green from nutmeg! :)
7/20/2014Praying for skilled surgeon's hands. +1 Occasionally Swears
7/13/2014Well Wishes from ANHEDONIC
7/13/2014I love you :) ~TH
7/12/2014Prayers for your coming surgery, you will do great! ~Vesper33~
6/25/2014Green hugs - Nemamiah
6/25/2014Happiness is an inside job :)
6/25/2014I've beeb here a long time as well as you You always post interesting threads that I have watcehed with great interesr!!
6/25/2014Love your posts Carol B.
6/25/2014Yes :) "Happiness is an inside job" LoveLightEnergy~*** ctruth333
6/25/2014Heya OM~ET :)
6/25/2014Great thread ! Karma from Infomonger
6/25/2014There is a solution post ~ Fuzzy Image
6/24/2014Nice solution that you"ve posted. Bravo! morgan
6/24/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/24/2014Amen to you thread "There is a solution", really wonderful words and so true. Blessings and all the best to you. ~MO
6/23/2014"Jewcasian" <---BWAHAHA ~TH
6/21/2014SOOO PRETTY. pool
6/20/2014Hello there! Emmieaz
6/20/2014Gorgeous :) ~tell me lies
6/20/2014Beetle <3
6/20/2014Good luck! lots of love and healing thoughts, eekers
5/12/2014Hmmm...."Whatever happened to that only me bitch?" thought nutmeg....
5/9/2014Just because :-) trailingedge
5/6/2014There is no you
5/5/2014Reported Abusive Post
4/25/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
4/15/2014Love you, OM. Great post. Blessings and all the best to you ~ MO
4/14/2014Hey there strawberry girl. pool
4/13/2014Merry Springtime tiny dancer! May the sun shine upon you and grace follow in your wake...
4/4/2014Muppet karma,...~Z
4/4/2014Hi!!! Long time no see, KarinZa
3/31/2014Best wishes for you dear friend and lots of love, 141
3/30/2014Green from Scrump
3/20/2014Only you fart and it stinks
3/20/2014Selfish bitch
3/12/2014Hope all is good! N a H : )
3/9/2014So ornery that you go full circle around and end up sweet! lol ~Chip
3/8/2014Its my b'day so here's a gift for you :-) trailingedge
3/6/2014<3...to help you on your way...morgan
3/5/2014From STT
3/5/2014Brief :)
3/5/2014Smiles and hugs from N a H <3
3/5/2014Because even when times are tough you make others smile!
3/5/2014We love you too! Vesper
3/5/2014Hang in there ... ms zippy
3/5/2014With love and healing, you are amazing, sometimes we may forget who we are, but it'll always shine through in the end. Thank You <3
2/19/2014Strawberry girl, hurray!! pool
2/18/2014Surprised and quite happy. Thank you. Always thought you were a snappy poster :) ~Z
1/31/2014Strawberries for you. pool
1/20/2014Glad tosee you're still around,too! stay away from the skunks! lol! PennyCandy
1/19/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/9/2014Only you!!! -Anubis
1/6/2014Hey OM! ~ET
12/27/2013Lots of love to you, and thanks for being you 141
12/26/2013EBRA! thanks agent73
12/26/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/26/2013Merry Twinkle Toes! :)
12/25/2013For the snazzy red bra link, haha! Sloane
12/23/2013Merry Christmas OM!!! ~Chip
12/23/2013Thank you for your comments in the Ice-mageddon thread .. Zuzu
12/21/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
12/20/2013You shouldn't make fun of retarded people you heartless witch
12/20/2013Leave the dating advice to doctor Ruth you old haggy tard!
12/20/2013For Frankie--Oh_Yikes
12/19/2013Green for my girl OM -Anubis
12/18/2013Seasons Greetings from ANHEDONIC
12/18/2013Fuck your negative comments man
12/18/2013Happiest of holiday seasons!!! Have a Merry Christmas!!! MO
12/13/2013Hi from trailingedge :-)
12/9/2013Hello. pool
11/16/2013Never see ya anymore!! Where have you been hiding!?!?! Miss ya :) PB
10/29/2013Happy Birthday !!!... Cyndexia
10/29/2013Happy Birthday to you! MX
10/29/2013Happy Bday -Relativity
10/29/2013Happy Birthday! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/29/2013Happy Birthday! Hope you have a joyfull one! MRoot
10/29/2013Birthday karma!....indiandave
10/29/2013Happy Birthday, Brief :)
10/29/2013Love GFG
10/29/2013Birthday karma - ANHEDONIC
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