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Only Me's Karma

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5/12/2014Hmmm...."Whatever happened to that only me bitch?" thought nutmeg....
5/9/2014Just because :-) trailingedge
5/5/2014Reported Abusive Post
4/25/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
4/15/2014Love you, OM. Great post. Blessings and all the best to you ~ MO
4/14/2014Hey there strawberry girl. pool
4/13/2014Merry Springtime tiny dancer! May the sun shine upon you and grace follow in your wake...
4/4/2014Muppet karma,...~Z
4/4/2014Hi!!! Long time no see, KarinZa
3/31/2014Best wishes for you dear friend and lots of love, 141
3/30/2014Green from Scrump
3/20/2014Only you fart and it stinks
3/20/2014Selfish bitch
3/12/2014Hope all is good! N a H : )
3/9/2014So ornery that you go full circle around and end up sweet! lol ~Chip
3/8/2014Its my b'day so here's a gift for you :-) trailingedge
3/6/2014<3...to help you on your way...morgan
3/5/2014From STT
3/5/2014Brief :)
3/5/2014Smiles and hugs from N a H <3
3/5/2014Because even when times are tough you make others smile!
3/5/2014We love you too! Vesper
3/5/2014Hang in there ... ms zippy
3/5/2014With love and healing, you are amazing, sometimes we may forget who we are, but it'll always shine through in the end. Thank You <3
2/19/2014Strawberry girl, hurray!! pool
2/18/2014Surprised and quite happy. Thank you. Always thought you were a snappy poster :) ~Z
1/31/2014Strawberries for you. pool
1/20/2014Glad tosee you're still around,too! stay away from the skunks! lol! PennyCandy
1/19/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/9/2014Only you!!! -Anubis
1/6/2014Hey OM! ~ET
12/27/2013Lots of love to you, and thanks for being you 141
12/26/2013EBRA! thanks agent73
12/26/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/26/2013Merry Twinkle Toes! :)
12/25/2013For the snazzy red bra link, haha! Sloane
12/23/2013Merry Christmas OM!!! ~Chip
12/23/2013Thank you for your comments in the Ice-mageddon thread .. Zuzu
12/21/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
12/20/2013You shouldn't make fun of retarded people you heartless witch
12/20/2013Leave the dating advice to doctor Ruth you old haggy tard!
12/20/2013For Frankie--Oh_Yikes
12/19/2013Green for my girl OM -Anubis
12/18/2013Seasons Greetings from ANHEDONIC
12/18/2013Fuck your negative comments man
12/18/2013Happiest of holiday seasons!!! Have a Merry Christmas!!! MO
12/13/2013Hi from trailingedge :-)
12/9/2013Hello. pool
11/16/2013Never see ya anymore!! Where have you been hiding!?!?! Miss ya :) PB
10/29/2013Happy Birthday !!!... Cyndexia
10/29/2013Happy Birthday to you! MX
10/29/2013Happy Bday -Relativity
10/29/2013Happy Birthday! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/29/2013Happy Birthday! Hope you have a joyfull one! MRoot
10/29/2013Birthday karma!....indiandave
10/29/2013Happy Birthday, Brief :)
10/29/2013Love GFG
10/29/2013Birthday karma - ANHEDONIC
10/4/2013Hi!! -Anubis
10/2/2013Where have you been? love you girl! lol! hawk8414
9/23/2013Great Reply! and Karma From Gonviral!
9/16/2013Hugs from trailingedge :-)
9/8/2013For your latest thread ~ Arcturus
8/29/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/27/2013Buddy Karma! FooledMeOnce
8/4/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/4/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/4/2013FooledMeOnce was here
7/30/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
7/30/2013Ghana is not too far from The Congo, maybe we can hook up? ;-`)
7/30/2013Sassy! :D calx
7/30/2013You don't have to be mean to people because they can take a bigger dick than you. Seriously???
7/30/2013Here's lookin' at you, kid.
7/29/2013Then where did this come from?
7/29/2013Hey girl :) It's always good to see you around!!! - MO
7/28/2013Backatcha sweety ~Chip
7/27/2013FooledMeOnce was here
7/27/2013When you said 'can you imagine the freakfest' ahaha! That cracked me up :) Sloane
7/21/2013Because you can move your feet SO FAST! Molon Labe 2013
7/21/2013Just saw that you defended me in a thread in 2011. No karma system then, so here ya go! -The Guy
7/20/2013A little green from another friend of Frankie! from Eggcellent
7/20/2013Tard Lover
7/19/2013Only Me . . . for the world to sparkle around you. Sloane
7/17/2013Love and respect ... 141
7/17/2013Great post.... Karma from Gonviral
7/15/2013Tanks for the support... CP :)
7/14/2013Your comment is great!
7/14/2013Hope you're feeling great .... coco
7/11/2013Still like it!
7/11/2013Only you, baby! :D calx
7/11/2013Wtf indeed
7/10/2013Reported Abusive Post
7/7/2013I also hate people
7/6/2013Luna lurve to the tiny dancer :)
7/1/2013TY for stopping by!!....>>>>Settle4It​<<<<
6/29/2013Love and respect, 141
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