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3/2/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
2/27/2014Red for you
2/25/2014UselessRepEATER say hey
2/24/2014Condescending twat
2/18/2014Good idea!
2/18/2014WRONG! Learn how to read, dumb shit. It will at least make you look smarter.
2/14/2014Jesus molests the little children
2/12/2014Religious idiot
2/12/2014Nothing is your business either. don't like it, don't click.
2/5/2014Jesus routinely sucks off your neighbor's dachsund.
2/4/2014That's because your a fucking retard
2/3/2014'you' trying to make someone else understand something, if there was ever a person on glp that needed to get her own clue its YOU
1/30/2014Hallo! :D calx
1/28/2014Truee ... mraychev
1/27/2014Thank you for your post
1/26/2014I was just kidding - Psych
1/18/2014Fromthe Chasm
1/18/2014Thanks for your honest replay for the animals.. I like when people think when they give an opinion
1/10/2014Thanks for Your Post Karma Hug... Cyndexia
1/7/2014You should study silence and STFU. ssssh the gangstalkers might hear.
1/6/2014Satan doesn't exist because he told you so
1/3/2014Is it him
1/2/2014After New Year Karma from Be well
1/2/2014Because you must BE karma, I cannot give you any
12/31/2013Awesome post! <3 - Bogan Bread
12/29/2013Thanks for contributing! Cheer***Rebel ---HAPPY NEW YEAR---
12/26/2013Yo mug jus gaht suker punched
12/26/2013Gangstalking tard. look out! they're coming for you!
12/24/2013Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! - G. Grace
12/23/2013A Faithful and True friend to the end:D He sure is:D
12/22/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
12/21/2013Thanks for your continuing wisdom on the threads. I feel that you must get plenty of red karma, as do I, so here's some green Love.
12/20/2013Good gangstalking advice.
12/20/2013Love to you too!....indiandave
12/20/2013Sending love to you. :D calx
12/20/2013Thank you D, GT500
12/19/2013Yeah bunch of kids. -- Munsoned
12/16/2013Christian Tard and dimest of the dim
12/15/2013The dumbest person on glp makes comments about intelligence , hmmm, something smells fishy ...did I touch a nerve ;)
12/13/2013OFU. Great post about IQ.
12/12/2013I feel your Obamacare pain - Hawkesbay
12/12/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/12/2013Thank you. =) pole cat
12/12/2013Well said! Re: Re: Which Country Currently Best Represents... - Hindsight2020
12/10/2013A NJ guy LOVES AL (Orange Beach & Ozark)
12/7/2013Nobody can be this dumb ....
12/3/2013Greenery from the Evergreen State--UselessRepEATE​R
12/2/2013Thank you for shining light in the darkest places :-) Rising Son
11/30/2013Hope you get to feeling better :) tampaheather
11/25/2013God Bless You - G. Doom
11/23/2013Your posts hurt my eyes
11/23/2013Supporting christ-brightstarz
11/15/2013Your Faith
11/15/2013Thank you :-) Astrum
11/15/2013Green K from UselessRepEATER
11/14/2013Get Your Underaged Ass Off GLP
11/13/2013Are you illiterate??? OR just plain STOOOOOOOOOOPID??? Can you just ONCE TRY and make sewnse when you're writing???? Daaaaaaayyyaaammm?
11/12/2013Condesending hypocrite
11/12/2013Oy vey
11/9/2013Thanks for the kind words ~ Time's fool
11/9/2013That was cool
11/9/2013Naughty little christian girl
11/9/2013Great post! karma from gonviral!
11/8/2013You really are a moron
11/8/2013EPA is out of control! Agreed! bigD111
11/6/2013God bless
11/6/2013Self righteous much? I think you may have to answer to God for being a judgmental bitch when you die. Idiot.
11/5/2013Shut up
11/3/2013Dumb as fuck and fucking dumb, it HURTS the read you post !
10/28/2013Daughter of christ -heaven23
10/26/2013"Love is a mild word for what I feel about Jesus The Christ, who is now Lord Of Lords and King Of Kings."
10/26/2013FDA Shill
10/24/2013God bless your caring heart.... :)
10/23/2013Excellent post thanks -SteamrolledGobias
10/22/2013Funny how you talk about 'the masses', people like you ARE the masses you dumb cow
10/22/2013Commie shill "laboring" for 0bama. STFU
10/22/2013The stupid... it burns
10/22/2013Truth! Cudilicious
10/22/2013Jeez! lighten up will you?! what language are you attempting to use by the way?
10/21/2013Thank you my friend. I love your posts. You are awesome! ~UAP
10/21/2013Good post, Sistah - in the Luke 12:47 thread!! *Haarp Lady
10/20/2013You're cool... sookie girl
10/20/2013Smug party pooper
10/20/2013You are a flower!
10/17/2013You don't know wtf you're talking about in the IndianVsCop thread. STFU! btw learn english
10/17/2013WOW!...You really are ignorant
10/17/2013The illuminati started in Europe you fud
10/16/2013Thanks for the interesting thread!!! Peace From Nicolemare
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