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10/22/2011Mooshi kin Karma
10/21/2011I dont always post karma, but when I do, its for good reason.... ;)
10/21/2011New Age babbling, day after day, after day. Just stuff a sock in it.
10/21/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/21/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/21/2011Random Karma Time - Inptx :)
10/20/2011The whale "water ring" was fricken awesome! Thanks!
10/19/20111 for the most valuable member of GLP !
10/19/2011I like most of your posts. That is quite something around here.
10/19/2011Always love your posts SC! Keep it up.
10/19/2011My fav poster! love IWTB
10/19/2011LOL, Brief :)
10/19/2011For karma panhandling -- centinel
10/18/2011Thanks for putting a cat to my drip!
10/18/2011I always like reading your post no matter if I agree or not :)
10/18/2011Nice post ... that is indeed what freedom is all about ~WFR
10/18/2011Awesome posts as always!
10/18/2011Blessings to you SS! - Lisa:)
10/17/2011For spiral comprehension :) -mistersplinter
10/17/2011For the greatest galaxy pictures ... beautiful! ~ Miss H.
10/17/2011Revguard, even though it wont register!
10/17/2011Just awesome
10/17/2011No fear.
10/16/2011Excellent info
10/15/2011Love ya :) NIN
10/15/2011Mooshi Kin birthday Karma
10/14/2011For your open mind... BTW i send you a friend request.- Fabian
10/14/2011Amazing guy! SG
10/14/2011Reported Copyright Violation
10/14/2011I love the dancing ban
10/14/2011How about a karma swap?....Being Mindful
10/14/2011Super post as always SS! You r a GREAT read. - Wolfen aka: RonOh
10/13/2011From Uncle Mikey
10/13/2011I appreciate your perspective.
10/13/2011An excellent thread on a complex subject
10/13/2011A little birdy told me that SickScent is a cowboy superhero. ~Luna
10/13/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/8/2011Gotcha! We Who Watch
10/8/2011Always the same new age nonsense. Just shut the fuck up already, god damn!!!
10/8/2011Love your info
10/8/2011Sickscent is positive, intelligent and helpful.
10/7/2011Educated and enlightining posts!
10/7/2011"The inspections are going to be quite in depth"- looks like Im not ready . trbl ivan
10/7/2011Thanks. kc
10/7/2011Nooooo truth
10/6/2011Sorry I had your Marvin the Martian. Didn't do it on purpose. Just a newby. RayGun
10/6/2011Always great post
10/6/2011Opened my mind a little more...thanks
10/6/2011Always awesome -mistersplinter
10/6/2011Love the obama-pic - astrochik
10/6/2011Good vid about spiral universe! thanks!!-Danose
10/6/2011Made me think!!! Fantastic thread! Bravo!
10/6/2011Love the Dog! DoorBert
10/6/2011Your mind amazes me -lilac
10/6/2011Great post, interesting links... but mainly for the 'bump girl' Thanks for another great read
10/6/2011Great info, love SickScent's writings and ponderings!
10/6/2011SickSent provides some of the best reading (and learning) on GLP. Hell of a guy to boot.
10/6/2011Excellent thread on our solar system!
10/6/2011Mind expanding topic
10/6/2011Love his info and positive attitude
10/5/2011A very simple concept demonstrated quite eloquently.
10/5/2011Great thread.-Seer
10/5/2011You don't know anything about the universe.
10/5/2011Thank you for all your wonderful posts.
10/5/2011Great post!
10/5/2011Good post (spiral)
10/5/2011Good work
10/5/2011Always good posts
10/5/2011Very out of the box posts..thank you
10/5/2011Weekly bump. Best poster on GLP: Revguard
10/5/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/5/2011For all the research you do and information you distribute, mroysterhead
10/5/2011The truth
10/5/2011Love Angels :hf:
10/5/2011TAG! poster
10/4/2011FANTASTIC and enthralling thread!
10/4/2011Just because... We should hang out one day...
10/4/2011Enlightening stuff
10/4/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/4/2011Great post!
10/3/2011For another cool thread! XO...JustUs/Lisa Marie
10/3/2011Good job at explaining something I have known since I was 5 :)
10/1/2011You are very wise
9/30/2011Some balance.. I love you!!! lol.. dont mind the haters.. they exist to entertain us .. xoxox
9/30/2011Dog face in Dog Ass pic - NAMIO
9/29/2011Thank you for the information...and the effort.... bug
9/29/2011Great research
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