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9/29/2011Thanks for liking my solar doom drawing!! :) MP
9/29/2011U da man coool guy!
9/29/2011For being a great asset to GLP!! From "always looking" stay safe
9/29/2011Your wife says I`m better "LooK`n" than you....
9/29/2011Wishing you a joyful day xoxo
9/28/2011Love yer threads:)
9/28/2011Your SO good!! And funny (thats even more important) please go on, x from holland!
9/28/2011Stand up
9/28/2011Thanks for all the good info -truz1980
9/28/2011Been reading the Gary threads. Riveting! You'll get karma for a few days from me. :) -- Lorax
9/28/2011Thanks back at you. :D // good thread btw
9/28/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/28/2011Like Solar System Extra Planet thread
9/28/2011Interesting thread****Butterfly girl
9/27/2011Resister Karma for keeping the cutting edge of doom science sharp on GLP
9/27/2011For doing a very good job trying to warn us!
9/27/2011Massive amount of work and what appears to be good hearted intent.
9/27/2011For believing their are a million possibilities that we will never know or understand.
9/27/2011For being true to himself and everyone around him. Not to mention the valuable research.
9/27/2011Thank you very much for sharing all the info sir!
9/27/2011Sharing your search is a great gift
9/27/2011SickScent is awesome. Period.
9/27/2011Thanks, buddy. -Rev
9/27/2011Great post's as usal..Thanks SS~dgmt2112
9/27/2011Just because you rock.
9/27/2011THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE, SS!!!! You da BEST, man!
9/27/2011Sharing Gary
9/27/2011Thank you.
9/27/2011Karma for the smart
9/27/2011You know you way too many of these... each diserved. Frankenstein
9/27/2011Dont ask for a pin.
9/26/2011Pin ammo! - Poster
9/26/20111 kharma for SS. ;-`)
9/26/2011Right back at ya SS....R
9/26/2011Karma for the Karma angel!
9/26/2011Foralways pursuing more knowledge that you share willingly
9/25/2011Thumbs up for you
9/24/2011Blue Skies
9/24/2011Thank you - G3
9/23/2011ALWAYS excellent posts!!!!
9/23/2011Love, the inbred kitteh acadian :)
9/23/2011I do not die...I awaken to the dream that I lived. Dream on(~)
9/23/2011I just posted this a secong ago. Should have known you'd be on top of it! ;-[)
9/23/2011Excellent post with great info
9/23/20111 for throwing that Obama hand pic on another thread
9/23/2011I have a message for you in my karma scorsheet, lol. Bowman
9/23/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
9/23/2011Good read!
9/22/2011Appreciate it!
9/22/2011Has always relevant information, awesome poster
9/22/2011Back at ya,,,, Napoleon
9/22/2011Fascinating posts
9/22/2011Hiya Sicky!!! Much love to you and your wife! XO JustUs/Lisa =)
9/22/2011So sick of your new age ramblings. Just shut the fuck up and stop pinning your shit.
9/22/2011Exciting times coming!
9/21/2011LooK'n kicks ass
9/21/2011You earn it for your thread about Nasa and Interestellar Cloud
9/21/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/21/2011Hugs :) CS
9/21/2011Don't think i've given you any yet... What's wrong with me? PoT
9/21/2011From 'Uncle Mikey'... Always Thought Provoking Posts.
9/20/2011Complexity of Influence. Excellant. Deserving of Karma. Lucky to have you here to enlighten me. The Ballchinian.
9/20/2011Fuckin sick dude
9/20/2011Wish I had your brains - Heres 1 for you - Cam
9/20/2011Thanks for being generous Storm
9/20/2011Weekly bump up: Rev
9/20/2011Just cuz i like you! - astrochik
9/20/2011Might as well hit you with some Karma~~ XCheops
9/20/2011From your good friend Frankie... You're my favorite poster dude
9/19/2011From Alien Head- just cuz :)
9/18/2011Combating the double thumbs down lol :0 keep up the great work xoxo
9/18/2011Right back at you SS, for the violated posting rules thread. tfho
9/17/2011For having the lawnmower man in your avatar
9/17/2011New age crap
9/17/2011TOL for wasting your page
9/17/2011Great read
9/16/2011The truth shall set us free
9/16/2011Blue Skies was here
9/16/2011Poster for Pin!
9/16/2011From Apollo Illuminaughty
9/16/2011Good karma for you <3
9/15/2011Love the kitty assassin in apollos thread
9/15/2011From Muse
9/15/2011Cuz it is kharma day! Good kharma to a good guy. ;-`)
9/15/2011This person always has the best info to give an in the nicest ways too! I enjoy all threads from them.
9/15/2011For your amazing "all I can say" summary, update, and ongoing thread. wow.
9/13/2011Fluffy Alien Tard
9/13/2011Consistently GROOOVY posts!
9/13/2011I'm fascinated with the Ribbon and you're one of the best sources for info and speculation out there!!
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