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8/12/2015Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/29/2013Profane username
1/5/2013He is a good man with his shit together.
1/5/2013Good job on bunke
1/1/2013"Would the Antichrist really have good Karma? ;)" Yes because he has many followers, Antichrist is instead of Christ for those that don't want Christ.
12/28/2012Awesome bunker. Poker Face.
12/28/2012Build me one too - sunyata
12/28/2012Bunker skillz---->karma ~e1
12/26/2012Great job, thanks for sharing....waitn4end
12/26/2012Bunkering like a BOSS!- Suntar
10/17/2012Would the Antichrist really have good Karma? ;)
12/3/2011From Gaia...
11/15/2011Here's some karma my friend...:)
11/8/20111 from The Emp. I'm sorry but I dislike your name <_< (wink)
11/7/2011Kryten says thanks
10/31/2011Well we have different opinions. I see how your theory could be true
10/31/2011Because you are who you are....
10/31/2011For Having a Very Large, Masculine Penis ~ Rockarchy
10/30/2011Love OM
10/30/2011You just got caught up in a drive-by Karma attack by Doommincus Maximus
10/23/2011Your punk ass is back? You need to just go away. Maybe you and New Age Messiah can run away together.
10/15/2011Not the AC
10/15/2011Nope not the antichrist sorry
10/15/2011Retard antichrist
10/15/2011Cause you're not really the AntiChrist
10/15/2011You're weird. TG4T :)
10/15/2011Dude went full retard
10/10/2011From Apollo Illuminaughty
9/25/2011Satanist and a liar!
9/24/2011From Apollo illuminaughty
9/23/2011Because well, you're the Antichrist 666 for fucksake...
9/22/2011Here's some karma from Jesus
9/22/2011For you mr evil lol
9/2/2011Have always enjoyed your posts!

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