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Acro's Karma

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5/15/2015Shut your ignorant hole, fuckface!
5/12/2015Karma does exist -Blueridgedoom2
5/12/2015Dont be a retard
4/17/2015Fuck you
3/14/2015You're <-- really?
2/12/2015Do u even know the meaning of the word? thick twat
1/15/2015Why Thank You!
11/13/2014Guess the race?
11/7/2014Silver, thank you
9/5/2014Thanks OilMan
8/21/2014Love your avatar GFG
8/18/2014Green Monday! ~ ancha
8/25/2012I like "gulper". Very nice. - Six Six Six
5/10/2012For Johnny Depp b.s. thread!
11/9/2011Didn't forget Zosime
11/5/2011Here you go, I could use one too if you have one to spare!
11/5/2011HIt me back N34444
10/10/2011You must get to much documented "TRUTH" information

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