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Chip's Karma

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4/25/2015ItsAllOneBigLie =) I think you may be one of my fave Mod's!
4/24/2015Loved your comment in the Pledge of Allegiance thread - - should be in your signature! from Eggcellent
4/24/2015You're vile
4/24/2015Have a good weekend Chiparooni! :)
4/24/2015I like the way you think...petitroche
4/24/2015Love GFG
4/23/2015Brotha green from Scrump
4/21/2015Seriously? -Sammie
4/21/2015Funny posts today! Bluebird
4/21/2015Favorite current mod! Hawk02
4/17/2015I need Love's Divine:)
4/16/2015Thanks for all you do! ...nutmeg...
4/16/2015EleKtroN was here :)
4/14/2015Mind fucks come in all shapes and sizes and forms and are evil,yes.
4/13/2015Haha epic reply in greek thread -astral goat
4/13/2015Brotha green from Scrump
4/13/2015Always hilarious responses
4/12/2015Gays =/= paedophiles
4/11/2015Kick in the face LOL
4/10/2015For the laugh. florida2015
4/10/2015Nice one bro, pinning the z guy, show the tards how fake the system is, and we can laugh at him too!
4/8/2015Good man
4/8/2015Jesus whips some ass! LOL New Heart
4/7/2015Trust the Chip! KimmieAnnaJones
4/7/2015Great response to my thread. Thanks
4/6/2015May we live to be just as ornery! -cheers!!!
4/5/2015Easter karma for my brother
4/4/2015DontBeSuchAGiantWeine​r =)
4/3/2015EleKtroN was here :)
4/3/2015Brotha green from Scrump
3/28/2015Stamina ~Bodhi
3/28/2015Drought karma_GeoStorm
3/28/2015Good to see you, man. - Kai
3/27/2015Still my friend, from,, whats next :)
3/27/2015Lol, you tell him
3/27/2015Good work my friend!
3/27/2015Always make me laugh
3/26/2015Damned right - "all" dist group - synchro
3/26/2015Thank you for the get well wishes you sent for me today! ~with love, Goddess of the Sea
3/26/2015Popcorn smells good. pool
3/25/2015Beacuse you delete constructive red karma....
3/25/2015Contrarianism is okay but without an underlying point your just being a dick
3/25/2015Spines hahahahha
3/24/2015ReginL :D
3/22/2015HEY CHIP! Always good seeing you threads. - Adam's Ale
3/21/2015Eekers love you
3/20/2015Most antisemitic fucks are ghey obama supporting muzzies disguised as liberals. +1
3/20/2015Happy Friday you bad A$$ mothertrucker you!!
3/19/2015You are sweeter than Tupelo honey! Bluebird
3/19/2015LOL, let it go.
3/19/2015SAMBOS!! Hawk02
3/18/2015Chip ftw - QClu.
3/18/2015Enjoying your comments, very much - Petrichor :)
3/17/2015You're not going to be able to HANDLE my trashiness, mister.
3/17/2015Brother Chip!!!!
3/15/2015Thanks Chip, I appreciate. You are a patient man, haha! Sloane
3/14/2015Love of your children is 1 step above the world:) you're right you know..New Heart
3/14/2015Hi chip! hope you are well. :D calx
3/13/2015Love GFG
3/13/2015Jager! And so mote it be!
3/12/2015Good karma your way
3/12/2015Brotha green - Scrump
3/12/2015<3 om
3/11/2015Haha!! Very funny :-) No touching it!! Vala :-) xxxx
3/11/2015Pwn'n booger eaters daily-LTL
3/11/20151 change your avatar
3/11/2015Howdee frum Dace & Khaleesi =-)
3/10/2015Youre just awesome. every time
3/10/2015No More Lies
3/8/2015Just love you. Call bullshit for what it is. ~Remoh
3/6/2015P Would you like some?
3/5/2015I'm enjoying the Moderator gig, thank you for all your help!
3/2/2015CHIP is just great!
3/2/2015Hi you chippers! lol
3/1/2015Great mod!
3/1/2015Strong Mind.. ~Bodhi <3
2/28/2015Tm :D
2/28/2015You are great Chip! From New Heart
2/28/2015Green hugs from Vala :-) xxx
2/28/2015EleKtroN was here :)
2/28/2015You a funny guy - Thatguywhowalks
2/27/2015Hello good buddy! RegenLeif
2/27/2015Back atcha yo ! ---Phenn
2/26/2015Dace & Khaleesi sez howdee ! =-)
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