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Chip's Karma

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4/15/2014You're funny! nah :)
4/15/2014Fucking astounding! Swanson
4/14/2014Like all your input on this site Chip.. We are lucky to have you around...4H
4/13/2014Fuck you too :)
4/13/2014Bambi2U <3
4/13/2014Great Mod!! Send me a pic of your turkey!
4/13/2014The machine hates us and it's hungry for blood in mass quantities. ~Granny
4/13/2014My point exactly cookie lady
4/13/2014Have a great Sunday ~~BadMoonRisen~~
4/11/2014LOL you rock. couldn't have said it better myself. --eekers
4/11/2014Humans are strange
4/10/2014Hell Yeah! Ban Stupid People, he does need to wake up!!!! --- Juggalo
4/10/2014Great minds think alike.
4/9/2014I like you now Chip
4/9/2014Green from saved
4/9/2014Hey (I have to behave myself)
4/9/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
4/9/2014Graves on NY island. Superduper
4/9/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
4/8/2014My reason for giving you a good karma vote is because I think you're good. :) And to say thanks.
4/8/2014What is wrong with you? did glp love idots?
4/8/2014St0ne brewery
4/8/2014Holder looks he smells of butt cheese
4/6/2014You get green! admin Chip ~ Daniel of the Rose
4/6/2014Great mod friend. DF
4/6/2014Nice post
4/6/2014Correct again!
4/5/2014Well said
4/5/2014Clap clap
4/4/2014That's a great one :) eekers
4/4/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
4/3/2014You rule :) - TDP
4/3/2014I'm more with you than not on this one. Is the point to make us stop vaping, or to send us back to tobacco? Agendas. Always agendas.
4/3/2014Good thread Green karma for u from Gonviral
4/3/2014Finding holes in movies.
4/3/2014Best line of the day "So once I cross the Oregon or Nevada imaginary borderline...all will be well?"
4/2/2014Vegetarians are haters!
4/2/2014Shir I agreed with you on something
4/2/2014BAHAHA - Your Vegetarian post had me laughing my head off!!! Good one, Chip! *Haarp Lady
4/2/2014Meat does a body good
4/2/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
4/2/2014Thank you for the reply on the dead relatives thread - pjammz
4/1/2014Green Hi, Chip
4/1/2014Birkies! yay! morgan
4/1/2014I wish more men were like you
4/1/2014Yellowstone map. Thanks :)
3/30/2014Looking forward to it!
3/29/2014Splc is hate spewing trash and mark potok is a 53 year old virgin
3/29/2014Thetruthmonger wuz here
3/28/2014For the good news on SPLC BLuebird
3/27/2014Smartazz! "Hooker Boots" LMAO SweetLilTT
3/27/2014Thread Master Award! ~ TastyThoughts
3/27/2014From STT
3/27/2014Good info-CE1
3/27/2014The Fox passed your way.
3/25/2014I knew you were a big ole softie! :) AnonymousGirl
3/24/2014Hiya!! hugs, eekers
3/24/2014Great Post Green Karma From Gonviral
3/23/2014Your wife is lucky!
3/22/2014Just dropping by to say happy friday. take care man. :) calx
3/21/2014Phen wuz here ;)
3/21/2014Like his graphic
3/18/2014You're a nice person, no shame in that
3/17/2014St Patrick's Green for you from Bluebird!
3/16/2014I love the way you think. :)
3/16/2014Your posts always make so much sense, Chip! *KarenStarbucks
3/11/2014Just drivin' by - R.P. McMurphy
3/10/2014Some long overdue green Chip - Cookie :)
3/9/2014Have another!
3/9/2014Hey man, long time ago I was the biggest asshole to you, you didn't deserve any of it, so I'm giving you some green to counteract my negativity from back then +1
3/9/2014Green Karma from Gonviral
3/8/2014From STT
3/8/2014Hello from Superduper
3/7/2014LOL Fudge Packers (aka TurdRollers) SweetLilTT
3/7/2014"Da photons are alood to get troo" - DVC
3/7/2014You're pretty awesome, dude.
3/6/2014Bacon Wrapped Twinkie Stonehenge
3/5/2014<3 om
3/3/2014Valid points
3/3/2014We finally got some rain!!,.,.,.,.,.,..,,​.M*walk
3/3/2014Stache Salute! Swanson's Raider
3/3/2014Greenage to ya CHIP! Give em hell!....saved
3/2/2014Green for you brother!
3/2/2014May I have some chips please
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