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Chip's Karma

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9/22/2014Chip heres some green Karma from Truth Agenda!
9/21/2014EleKtroN was here :)
9/20/2014Well then stfu , because you have sucseeded
9/20/2014It is indeed a mental illness.
9/20/2014Lmao @ the fag thread ~ STT
9/20/2014Give em fags some hell !
9/20/2014Closeted homosexual
9/20/2014Big wave hello from Vala :-) I won't :-) Lovin your new smilies :-) xx
9/19/2014Have a good weekend bud--Chibs/Evan
9/16/2014Good job
9/16/2014Omg i snorted so hard when you posted that 'im outta here' pic!! T-man
9/15/2014Agree. F7
9/15/2014Funny shit ¿
9/14/2014Thanks for the pin! Ag47
9/14/2014EleKtroN was here :)
9/13/2014For being reasonable when I did not expect you to be. Thanks.
9/12/2014Classic! If they were still picking cotton we wouldn't have the problems we do now.
9/11/2014Green From Base12
9/10/2014For keeping the sheeeetheads in line. Keep up the good work. - Cookie
9/10/2014"If I lay here ...If I just lay here ...Would you lie with me and just forget the world?" :)
9/8/2014Tangy :)
9/2/2014Base12 Was Here
9/1/2014This: That is how brainwashing works. Repetitive mantras are the key.
9/1/2014Least favorite poster
8/31/2014Bluebird flying by
8/29/2014Still GLP's Bada$$ motha trucka
8/29/2014That Adam and Eve meme. lol
8/29/2014Thanks for being my first karma :) AnonymousGirl
8/29/2014Awe, wer're buddies now! nahkers :)
8/28/2014Mountain Woman
8/28/2014Here's some green strange pusspuss karma for you! LOL eekers
8/27/2014Loved your jet-propelled smilie on Nahkers' thread! from Eggcellent
8/27/2014Your mean face cracks me up:) New Heart
8/27/2014Because I don't feel the need for you to LIKE me. Deal with it, but I don't hand out red just for expressing opinions - beverly hills ninja
8/27/2014Dace & Khaleesi wuz hear =-)
8/25/2014Haha!!! You cheated. I didn't get to answer :-) Vala :-)
8/25/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2014Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. LMAO
8/25/2014Hey Look Its a Chocolate Chip
8/25/2014Sweet n low karma from halman
8/25/2014Jager67: Just because you add outstanding fucking commentary!
8/23/2014For you - Mercury11
8/23/2014Lmao :)
8/22/2014Have a good weekend chip--Duke
8/22/2014You rock ! (Dino-gun thread) tbtg
8/21/2014Ruthless, irrational
8/18/2014No its not
8/17/2014With love and respect... 141
8/16/2014Insulting comment
8/15/2014Thanks *SolitaryWildFlower
8/14/2014Because I *know* you and I think you really are...one of a kind. :) Oh, and a little more green for putting up with my annoying a$$!
8/14/2014Great Mod!!
8/14/2014You gave me words to a picture in my mind...ty and hard hitting truth as well :) izzybeth
8/12/2014Base12 Was Here
8/12/2014Funny guy.
8/12/2014Hmmmm. you somehow make the 'late bloomer' pill a bit shugary sweet for me. so, thanks I guess. from: (hardlya)catch-22
8/10/2014To the nicest bloke on the Internet :-) Vala:-)
8/10/2014For your clear and accurate translation of Obama's "Ebola Is Controllable" statement. from Eggcellent
8/9/2014Insulting comment
8/9/2014Rules on American women--Hardwired
8/9/2014Brotha green ~ STT
8/9/2014Pre war III Green from THE INQUISIDOR
8/9/2014Have a great weekend! eekers
8/8/2014Love your posts.
8/8/2014Good to see you chip. :D calx
8/8/2014Hang in there, hit them shills with truth ---dschis
8/8/2014Who really gives a shit about what you think! Remember Karma is a bitch
8/8/2014Irrational, unbending support of Israel - Red
8/7/2014Honestly thinking of stopping casting pearls before the swine. Feeding time is up.
8/7/2014You don't need the green but this is for the pearls v swine comment! ~Instig8r
8/7/2014Good reply! Christian Woman thread. ~ ProfessorChaos
8/5/2014Hi Chip Its Gonviral as Inplainsite
8/5/2014Love ya! Kate :) You know that.
8/4/2014Good to see you again chip!--Evan :) aka Duke Silver.
8/1/2014Base12 Was Here
8/1/2014Thank you! abi~
7/31/2014Tool- First Born
7/30/2014For being Chip. -Anubis
7/30/2014Hiya Chip! here's a big green hug-- eekers
7/29/2014"And in this world where nothing else is true ...Here I am still tangled up in you "
7/28/2014Green for you >> Dangerwalt
7/27/2014NaugH-Ty gigolo!
7/26/2014Hey, thanks for letting me get my questions in before you deleted the thread. Much appreciated. (Had to wait for a +1 to tell you.)
7/26/2014Just becaus U ROCK!!! Going to Gun Restaurant!!!
7/25/2014Thanks for posting -Wrath O Luna
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