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Mkguyver's Karma

Total: 24 (24  User Votes) and 11

10/12/2014Good answer! Azila
8/4/2014You so right, Mkguyver, sahib.
12/18/2013Pretty kittah!
10/18/2013Gorgeous pup!! sookie girl
3/22/2013Didn't admit your ghost photo was fake after being adamant, just moaned about karma.
3/21/2013Replacement karma for you! morgan
3/21/2013Muahaha! The Phantom Red Thumb strikes again... BAD KARMA!! Muahaha!!
1/30/2013I appreciate the way you communciate. Sloane
12/8/2012Liked your 'introduce' :) Sloane
11/18/2012Wield that sword brother
11/12/2012"Hope your having a happy winter holiday!" Marry Christmas!
9/1/2012No, it's not.
8/5/2012Fuckface cum-gulper.
8/4/2012Love that avatar - have the t-shirt. :) ~ Truly
7/15/2012Douche bag, read the article in the link. Geez
5/2/2012Luv the show!
4/28/2012Also sending you a friend requestion. - Vulcan4
4/16/2012From: LOVE GLP
4/4/2012For sheriff Joe! -Hitokiri
2/21/2012For not being a racist
1/22/2012Duh? paterno died before he could be charged and convicted
1/22/2012Common sense - Lime flavoured
1/20/2012For 38 years - Turtle
12/19/2011For the Wonder Woman look. it ROCKS
11/9/2011Loved your post
9/25/2011Balance get ya back even
9/16/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/4/2011No shit!
8/23/2011Liked the vid

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