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9/25/2011For what you said about Gooderboy's avatar. I miss him. :'(
9/24/2011Fall Guy! STT
9/22/2011Don't waste our time on useless threads - now you have a great day - k?
9/22/2011You have a good day too....bug
9/22/2011You have a good day too!
9/22/2011Just because i love you so. tinygreen.
9/22/2011For wishing us a great day! ~Azila
9/14/2011Fuku thread
9/13/2011Didn't see your thread before i made mine, sry
9/12/2011Great long time poster. Top of GLP class.
9/12/2011Shills are what ever they are.Your a good person,awake!riderr
9/12/2011For imformative thread....good one....Arnie
9/12/2011Good point
9/12/2011Weekly injection. : D tinygreen.
9/12/2011Good info fukushima is gona affect the whole world ppl need to know
9/12/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/12/2011Children, Fukushima, Heart Attacks thread- thanks. -woodstock
9/12/2011Your a good man RT... right back at ya....
9/12/2011Because you're a nice guy and I hope your feet injuries have healed!
9/9/2011Because The Fall Guy Rocks! (I'm great Bro!).
9/9/2011Just because. Storm
9/9/2011Just for the red lips and cherry. Oh my! ;-`)
9/9/2011Kittehs love funky music :)
9/9/2011Heck yeah Retro time 48N
9/9/2011Wild Cherry-Uh huh <3 Luna
9/8/2011Awesome Post!
9/3/2011Good Karma to you too!!...(gaia)
9/3/2011Because you annoy me
9/1/2011Karma hope youre feeln better dude - phen
8/30/2011Always loved the Stormwatch av
8/30/2011Good poster
8/30/20111 for honesty, you streetcorner slut, you! LOL no harm meant...here's a bit o karma for ye. <3
8/30/2011Here ya go, ole buddy
8/30/2011Asked nicely
8/30/2011Hey,, I will give ya one,,,, hitndahedfred
8/28/2011Weekly infusion. dude i spewed a drink when i saw that! rofl. much love. tinygreen.
8/24/2011Been enjoying your comments -- Humuhumunukuapuaa.
8/23/2011Becouse i can:-)
8/23/2011I hope you are well sir!
8/23/2011Great threads & posts always. Plus all-around nice guy!
8/23/2011This poster is truthful and consistant
8/23/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/22/2011Cause I want to. bug
8/22/2011Laughed at my Joke!
8/22/2011Back at ya ~ BoBo
8/22/2011Mile high
8/22/2011You deserve it
8/21/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2011Hellz yeah
8/19/2011Cuz he's badass
8/19/2011Because you are a great person! S OR
8/18/2011Adc karma
8/18/2011I forgot.
8/17/2011Heh.. cause i enjoy yoer comments.. and I got some spare... GRIN
8/17/2011This guy rocks.... and very well liked member to everyone
8/16/2011Because i like you. you are funny and serious and have intense curiosity. i like that. tinygreen. i gave you your first karma!!
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