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2/8/2016It's that time again. Enjoy.
2/8/2016Get out of the cult
2/8/2016Some green for the first sensible thread of yours I have ever seen. strgzr
2/8/2016Just stop it.
2/8/2016Hugs from I Love Pada Bears
2/7/2016God and Jesus are characters in a childrens' book, nothing more.
2/6/2016You sure act like a real Christian /sarcasm.
2/4/2016Crazy chrizzie
2/4/2016For muscle cars ! From Tiger1.
2/3/2016Billybob here yall
2/2/2016For the hell of it.
1/31/2016Lost idiot who cant spell
1/29/2016Oh get lost
1/25/2016Jerusalem was NOT destroyed in 607. Shunning is NOT scriptual. Anthony Morris is a liar, watch the ARC on youtube, testimony for child abuse
1/24/2016We wreste not against flesh and blood - loveexists
1/23/2016I love your threads
1/22/2016Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/20/2016Asking questions this deceived fool should ask himself but his programming from the JW cult forbids
1/17/2016You need some more green, my Friend! Peace & Blessings to ya.-Helios Maximus
1/17/2016Sam Elliot here, kiss my ass weenie boy!
1/16/2016You are a lost fool
1/16/2016Fucking retard
1/16/2016Crawl back under your rock
1/15/2016You seem to enjoy getting red. You work so hard for it. Enjoy.
1/15/2016Green for your darwin thread, its rough out there -cavjock12
1/13/2016Wolf in sheep clothes. You know you are one.
1/13/2016Please just stop.
1/12/2016You rock. So sorry you have red karma. I appreciate all that you do!
1/12/2016BillyBob here and red is my favorite color. Well actually, this yellow/brown color on my last toof is my favorite. But red be my second bestest color.
1/10/2016Smoke meth & hail satan
1/9/2016Quite a pedantic little fool, aren't you? Your "enlightenment is you bathing in the fire of your own ego, shame on you.
1/9/2016Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/3/2016Love ya GFG
12/29/2015Nice video !
12/29/2015El Ferocinator
12/29/2015Just go away religitard.
12/28/2015It's that time again. :)
12/27/2015Kitty thread- Lionels Love
12/27/2015From my girl Aja-brassbat
12/27/2015I love your stupidity. It makes me hope a comet wipes us all out before you can reproduce.
12/27/2015Happy New Year ! From Tiger1.
12/26/2015Shiva ; )
12/24/2015Preachin' Jesus!
12/22/2015Have a great day !
12/20/2015Great Video Thanks !!
12/20/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
12/19/2015A joyous Christmas to you from fellow motorhead Shiva ascendant
12/15/2015For classic muscle cars ! From Tiger1.
12/12/2015Bobby Joe here with some red.
12/12/2015Nice post cartard
12/12/2015Random green :)
12/8/2015You're OK
12/5/2015Crazy chrizzie
12/4/2015Enough of your false religion. Jesus is God and the 7th day Sabbath is still in effect
12/4/2015Random green
12/4/2015Fuck off watchtower whore
12/3/2015Just stop
12/1/2015Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
12/1/2015For reminding me of why I keep on keeping on. 1 Peter 5:6 has been one of my driving passages from the bible. God bless! ~Into Ether~
11/30/2015Red red. red
11/29/2015It's that time again.
11/26/2015It's mourning, moran. The real point, however, is that you are totally annoying to me. Happy Thanksgiving.
11/26/2015And it’s too not to. You're just too stupid.
11/26/2015And you're too stupid to spell "too" correctly.
11/25/2015Happy Thanksgiving! Shiva ; )
11/24/2015We are stardust....finley
11/23/2015How the hell do you get so much red? Oh well....here is a green, no matter what, an opinion is always right in the eyes of the one giving it. Os76.
11/22/2015Interesting posts. you're a hard one to figure out. I like it. from Last One
11/21/2015Still stupid
11/21/2015Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
11/21/2015It's that time again. Enjoy. :)
11/20/2015JW Liar
11/17/2015REVE fellation
11/15/2015You are a lost legalistic fool. No one will ever be righteous by observing the Law. Only by faith in Christ alone!
11/15/2015Smart person here
11/14/2015Don't care what they say, you're ALRIGHT ; ) Shiva
11/10/2015You idiot.
11/10/2015Red fur billy
11/10/2015Red for every one of these dumb threads.
11/9/2015For your threads ! From Tiger1.
10/29/2015For classic cars ! From Tiger1.
10/21/2015Some of your work is awesome w2w
10/20/2015Wha are you trying to prove, and to whom? You seem smart enough. Give it up already man. STFU and GTFO. Give us paying members a fuxxxin break.
10/20/2015You really are a fuckwit of the highest order.
10/18/2015Thanks for listening! - KonspiracyKitty
10/17/2015Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
10/17/2015You're like a 5 year old asking the same old shit over and over.
10/16/2015It's that time again. Enjoy!
10/16/2015This guy is a Russellite, he's in a cult that leads you to hell, don't listen to this crapmerchant
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