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2/1/2015All about you baby! RED
1/29/2015Random green -- stinkbug
1/27/2015Hi from UseLesRep
1/23/2015Have a wonderful day ;) izzybeth
1/18/2015Happy face for Natasha! :)
1/17/2015Random green - stinkbug
1/15/2015Sudden GREEN from THE INQUISIDOR
1/13/2015Hi Natsha NFM...
1/12/2015Greetings from Weltenbrand
1/10/2015Threat to society
1/8/2015HUGS) for your headache, and thanks for the laughs~~WFTMission~
1/7/2015Jonny Blaze
1/6/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/2/2015Greetings from Germany - Weltenbrand
1/2/2015Blessing to you and yours for the New Year! ;) izzybeth
12/31/2014Happy New Natasha! <3
12/29/2014Happy Holidays Natasha... Looking forward to your mini-crisises in the New Year : D - ANHEDONIC
12/25/2014Merry Christmas ~~ Surely You Jest
12/25/2014Stop trying to tempt people
12/25/2014Haha picture of the year award. To Infinity & Beyond
12/24/2014Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! eV3y :)
12/23/2014Merry Christmas Nat-UseLessRep
12/19/2014Green. ~ Obi-Wan
12/16/2014Not relevant
12/15/2014Prayers and more prayers! LindaE
12/15/2014Prayers for Andy and his family, and also for you. God bless~WFTMission~
12/15/2014God Bless you and Andy - whiteangel
12/15/2014Merry Christmas beautiful! ~ Bear Drinker
12/14/2014Natasha! -Ceelite:)
12/3/2014You need red
11/25/2014Didn't realise you were retarded, thanks for letting me know.
11/25/2014Thanks for the heads up on weather! :) eV3y
11/24/2014Hi! Cheers! Maguyver
11/20/2014Thanks for the kind words yesterday! *hugs* -Ceelite
11/20/2014Lmao wtf is with these psychos bleeding their red all over your pretty green garden?
11/18/2014Yes, waste of a casket.
11/18/2014Just cause
11/17/2014Feel the same
11/17/2014Find a hobby. Like collecting garden gnomes, that must be within your range of capabilities? No?
11/14/2014Hi from UseLessRepEATER
11/12/2014You're an agitator.
11/11/2014Thanks for viewing my thread - ANHEDONIC : D
11/11/2014For central Florida polar vortex weather update =)
11/10/2014Green for your reply in the Mocow Sulphur thread. ~Snuffie.
11/8/2014Pancakes, maple syrup, and love ~ Bear Drinker
11/3/2014Boo! :D calx
11/2/2014I'm just grateful I'm not your husband
10/30/2014Attention whore - wanting sympathy green - shame, shame!
10/30/2014I really do love your post...some of them bold and it's good.
10/29/2014Happy early Halloween! :)
10/29/2014Actually dumb
10/26/2014Why are you still here? Dumbest person on GLP!
10/26/2014Whaaaa Whaaaaa threads won't help.
10/26/2014Hugs from nutmeg
10/26/2014For a better day tomorrow. :) ~PENG
10/26/2014Just people's opinions doesn't matter what they say- secrets of the mist
10/26/2014Attention whoring again.
10/26/2014The mentality of a 12-year-old.
10/26/2014Sending you much love!
10/26/2014I like your posts and your phrase of WTF per hour! LylaB
10/26/2014Don't care what people say who don't even know you! Love, Sloane
10/26/2014I've always liked you Natasha! Fuck the haters. <3 Doomish
10/26/2014You made me want to be mean to you! and judging from your karma, a lot of people feel the same way. congrats!
10/26/2014You are precious...love-love,​ cosmicgypsy
10/26/2014Love ya girl
10/26/2014Green from thetruthmonger
10/26/2014God bless you. Pope Peter
10/26/2014Natasha We Love You, you are what makes GLP....GLP --- Lupe_Ate_My_Tacos :-)
10/26/2014I have always liked you.
10/26/2014I don't know you, but you have a very pretty sig pic. Have some good karma. :)
10/26/2014Because your avatar is a penis with a blonde wig. Is that you?
10/26/2014Does karma feel as bad if its green? are you on your period? Please answer me those!
10/26/2014Love you! nahkers :)
10/26/2014Waaaah no one likes me waaaaaaaah ... lol
10/25/2014I really like the wtfs per hr.
10/25/2014So Funny!
10/25/2014Thanks for your FL thead. I thought you are in FL... Superduper
10/25/2014Dumb negro
10/25/2014Ebola green from eekers. be safe!
10/25/2014For thread title.
10/25/2014Your 1st rate in my eyes!
10/25/2014Green for 1 star bandit
10/25/2014Horrible racist.
10/25/2014Learn english
10/25/2014Why do you have to say "negro?" Do you think it makes u cool to be racist in here? Fuck you stupid cunt
10/25/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
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