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5/21/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/5/2014Green for you. how are you?
8/13/2014Great thread!!
8/7/2014Just because... doomtarddoom :) Ninki
7/16/2014Miss you on here - NODOOM
2/23/2014Good post
2/18/2014Failed predictions thread
1/26/2014Props on the failed doom thread. -corkygreenstate-
12/1/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/1/2013Nice calculation - but the ISON tards will go into "ignore mode" - Hydra
10/2/2013For list- seer
10/2/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/2/2013Keep the failed predictions thread going!!!
7/27/2013Continue with the List of false prophets and failed predictions thread
7/2/2013Where have you been? cock sucking again??
5/28/2013Thanks for all your efforts!!
3/16/2013List of false prophets and failed predictions.
12/8/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/24/2012Thank you. From NODOOM
10/20/2012Nice work on the list of false prophets
10/16/2012List of false prophets and failed predictions.
10/14/2012List of false prophets and failed predictions. RayGun
10/1/2012Big list dude
9/23/2012For busting SG's bs thread ~ phocuss
9/23/2012Love your avatar and your list!!
9/22/2012Well done!
9/20/2012Awesome! Love your listing! Well done and keep it up!
9/20/2012Stupid thread. GLP is for predictions. Don't like it...Dont come here.
9/18/2012Fair Enough! ~ PlutoPig
9/18/2012Stupid thread. GLP is for predictions. Don't like it...Dont come here.
9/17/2012LOVE the Failed Predictions tracker!!!! -- Travis Bickle
9/13/2012Good karma! PsycoCandy
9/10/2012For the failed predictions thread ~ phocuss
9/10/20121 Up!
8/29/2012False prophet tread. RayGun
8/29/2012Very good thread! - Commando602 was here.
8/29/2012There are real prophets - Prophet.
8/29/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/29/2012Awesome thread
8/18/2012For the false prophets thread
8/18/2012For the list of the false prophets
8/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/16/2012Quake Prediction
8/16/2012For your work on your thread. great work. --digital mix guy
8/12/2012For adding me TWICE to the hall of fame in one day ~ spiritfilled111
8/12/2012Who the fuck are you ?? The Internet POLICE?? Come out of your mothers basement already. Fucking Fucktard
8/12/2012Show these idiots
8/5/20121+ Up!
7/27/2012Thread delete
7/15/2012Sergman, keep your great work :)
7/14/2012List of false prophets and failed predictions
7/11/2012Gj... TheTruthWorker
7/1/2012Lol at "The outcome of this prediction will be recorded" - Lime flavoured redux
7/1/2012Awesome failed predictions thread
7/1/2012Love your compiled thread of false prophets/failed predictions - Cat Mouth
6/6/2012Great work on thread. --digital mix guy
6/3/2012Thanks... TheTruthWorker
5/24/2012Just because... TheTruthWorker
5/21/2012Failed predictions thread. RayGun
5/19/2012Failed predictions thread. Awesome.
4/2/2012Keeper of the failed thread. RayGun
3/24/2012Keeper of the failed thread. RayGun
3/24/2012List of false prophets and failed predictions - Chaos
3/24/2012Good Karma for your list of false prophets and failed predictions. Keep up the good work! <Peace be with You(~)> tSJ
3/21/2012Your avatar is stupid.
3/21/2012Good work on list! WeAreOne
3/11/2012Failed prediction thread ~~ TheTruthWorker ~~
3/5/2012Keeper of the false prophet and fail predictions threard. RayGun
2/27/2012Excellent thread, enjoyable read, certainly shows how gullible some can be.
2/21/2012Keeper of the Failed thread. RayGun
2/20/2012For your List of false prophets and failed predictions thread = Great work(~) <Peace be with You(~)> tSJ
2/6/2012Been watching your failed prediction thread for months. See Eye A
1/31/2012Keeping the failed prophet thread. RayGun
1/22/2012Keeping the failed thread. RayGun
1/13/2012Very useful thread.
1/12/2012Great thread!!!
12/29/2011Great thread - Bovril
12/29/2011For best thread ever
12/25/2011Great thread re failed predictions!! --hoopity
12/25/2011Merry Christmas! RayGun
12/20/2011False prophet thread - Wonkish
12/10/2011False prophet thread-wonkish
12/7/2011Thanks RayGun
11/25/2011Karma for helping out a a tired and delirioius King
11/20/2011For one of the best thread on GLP -. Fabian
11/20/2011Failed predictions thread
11/10/2011Judge not
11/9/2011Dead Right!'
11/6/2011Great list ty
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