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C.C. Corry's Karma

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3/8/2013Mil man Friday greetings
2/20/2013Mil man greetings
10/13/2011Cool vid :-) jdb
9/21/2011Good post OP. Passive Resistance.
9/21/2011Karma for saying it strait.
9/20/2011This is awesome
9/20/2011Because I smiled a week before the shit hits the fan
9/20/2011George Carlin is my idol and you just made my day with that vid so THANK YOU!!-Danose
9/20/2011Because everyone needs some George Carlin
9/19/2011Karma for a Carlin fan - Chopinrocks
9/19/2011Laughed and laughed and ive heard it all before. :-P
9/19/2011Good post (RoXY)
9/19/2011Freom a fellow Calrin fan (Scytherius)
9/19/2011Thanks for the laugh
9/19/20111 For George RIP
8/31/2011Awesome - pass the karma - Bink
8/31/2011Excelent thread with Richard Hoagland +1 from 2Crazy4U
8/29/2011For excellent marriage advice yesterday :)
8/29/2011For your positive outlook and enthusiam :)
8/28/2011Beautiful pic
8/28/2011For posting the cool pic - thanks! TexasGirl
8/27/2011For one of the most speechless pics I have seen in awhile
8/27/2011Cool pic!
8/27/2011For lying and posting an old pic
8/27/2011Sic pic
8/27/2011The Great Wall of Doom
8/27/2011Great photo and info!!
8/27/2011Awesome storm pic thanks for sharing
8/27/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/27/2011Nice storm picture
8/26/2011Because you make sdense
8/20/2011Just because
8/20/2011Here's to 'KARMA' --EU
8/19/2011Thank you for your thoughtful post...
8/18/2011Good point on the You don't want DOOM thread

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