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The Patriot Mind's Karma

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12/22/2016Hey, Merry Merry Merry Christmas!! savcash
12/18/2016Dont Tread on Your Anus - Anderson Cooper 360
12/18/2016Well said - txstoke
12/18/2016Chewbacca pounded your grandpa with a strapon lubed with midget's snot
12/18/2016Fuck the libs, and their wacky agenda. 03
12/18/2016Here's you another badge.
12/16/2016Grow.up.cuckold pansy sissy. fuck your star wars fantasy and grow a pair
12/16/2016You're a dick
12/13/2016You cuck
12/8/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
12/6/2016Blah blah lib think -- careful ....
12/5/2016Loves his government daddy's cock down his throat.
12/5/2016For being a rude ass.
12/4/2016Fuck libtards and fuck muzzies - DAMN STRAIGHT
12/4/2016You misunderstood, so you looked like an idiot.
12/3/2016Fuck off retard.
12/1/2016You said it!
11/29/2016Good post. Thanks. -Revbo
11/20/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/14/2016Wisdom. ~sikhed
11/14/2016I like you - The Comedian
11/13/2016For the post in the boycott Pepsi thread the deplorable Carol B.
4/27/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)

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