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Éireann's AvatarÉireannUSA35 months, 20 days ago13 days ago11,385
>~* Flutterby Fringe*~<'s Avatar>~* Flutterby Fringe*~<USA41 months, 8 days ago8 days ago6,297
< DL >'s Avatar< DL >USA10 months, 11 days ago1 day ago17,782
<<TIMEWATCHER>>'s Avatar<<TIMEWATCHER>>USA45 months, 5 days ago3 months, 13 days ago3,016
*Evan's Avatar*EvanUSA29 months, 28 days ago10 months, 20 days ago24,488
*Rhombus*'s Avatar*Rhombus*USA39 months, 5 days ago10 months, 19 days ago6,769
141's Avatar141Canada39 months, 5 days agoToday11,008
18328's Avatar18328USA78 months, 22 days ago1 day ago2,602
 1Star6C0RNERSRomania6 months, 2 days ago3 months, 17 days ago124
 3ePoland58 months, 13 days ago47 months, 15 days ago3,200
4oneone's Avatar4oneoneUSA66 months, 20 days ago4 days ago89
4thhorseman's Avatar4thhorsemanUSA19 months, 28 days ago1 day ago7,478
:.:'s Avatar:.:USA23 months, 27 days ago16 months, 12 days ago2,360
A r c's AvatarA r cGermany39 months, 6 days agoToday9,084
A.R.T.'s AvatarA.R.T.Starfleet17 months, 22 days ago2 days ago2,122
Abi ~'s AvatarAbi ~USA27 months, 2 days ago1 day ago7,020
 AbinadiUSA25 months, 19 days ago4 months, 17 days ago7,487
 Acid Cat!!!USA20 months, 5 days ago17 months, 7 days ago386
 aHEMagainUSA17 months, 23 days ago3 months, 14 days ago6,063
aHEMagain^2's AvataraHEMagain^2USA1 months, 12 days ago1 day ago395
 AikanSamoa27 months, 17 days ago26 months, 5 days ago549
AkivaJeff's AvatarAkivaJeffUSA30 months, 0 days ago25 months, 25 days ago654
AKObserver's AvatarAKObserverUSA29 months, 8 days agoToday15,311
 AndromedaUSA70 months, 24 days ago48 months, 17 days ago8,572
Angelseverywhere™'s AvatarAngelseverywhere™USA23 months, 24 days ago1 day ago19,500
ANHEDONIC's AvatarANHEDONICUSA41 months, 20 days agoToday31,878
ar-15 nut's Avatarar-15 nutUSA45 months, 28 days ago1 day ago16,230
Archaic Mason's AvatarArchaic MasonUSA39 months, 9 days ago12 months, 22 days ago1,684
ArmouredKitten's AvatarArmouredKittenUSA38 months, 6 days ago1 day ago1,510
Aspamce's AvatarAspamceUSA3 months, 16 days ago1 day ago2,281
Astral Goat's AvatarAstral GoatSomalia24 months, 17 days agoToday60,378
 AtheistUnited Kingdom63 months, 29 days ago47 months, 0 days ago10,648
 aVianUSA73 months, 21 days ago46 months, 26 days ago12,332
Balloons's AvatarBalloonsDenmark25 months, 9 days ago4 months, 16 days ago11,307
BattlesightZero's AvatarBattlesightZeroCzech Republic13 months, 10 days ago17 days ago7,046
Beetlejuice's AvatarBeetlejuiceNetherlands24 months, 4 days ago1 day ago10,550
benjamin w's Avatarbenjamin wUSA64 months, 13 days ago2 months, 18 days ago2,118
Bes Maat's AvatarBes MaatEgypt5 months, 28 days ago4 days ago2,663
BetteDavisEyes's AvatarBetteDavisEyesUSA45 months, 18 days agoToday12,527
BioReaper's AvatarBioReaperUSA30 months, 15 days agoToday7,732
 blind squirrelUSA24 months, 7 days ago14 months, 8 days ago453
BlondeQT's AvatarBlondeQTUSA87 months, 10 days ago31 months, 25 days ago1,060
 Bob HoskinsUSA48 months, 1 days ago8 months, 21 days ago68
Bongo7's AvatarBongo7USA5 months, 17 days ago3 months, 3 days ago644
 BorianUSA41 months, 12 days ago25 months, 5 days ago5,841
Brussel Sprout's AvatarBrussel SproutStarfleet44 months, 13 days ago1 months, 5 days ago10,883
calx's AvatarcalxUSA26 months, 26 days agoToday16,632
 Cannabisaurus RexUSA65 months, 24 days ago41 months, 7 days ago1,433
 CarGuy1122USA47 months, 22 days ago47 months, 11 days ago361
Carol B.'s AvatarCarol B.USA50 months, 11 days ago1 day ago7,126
cg's AvatarcgUSA58 months, 6 days ago24 months, 23 days ago8,839
Chay-Ophan's AvatarChay-OphanUSA11 months, 0 days ago12 days ago409
Cheyenne's AvatarCheyenneUSA39 months, 10 days agoToday1,520
Children of the Atom's AvatarChildren of the AtomUSA46 months, 6 days ago16 months, 2 days ago10,405
Chrit's AvatarChritUSA46 months, 4 days agoToday10,819
Citizenperth's AvatarCitizenperthAustralia42 months, 13 days agoToday35,713
ClydeX's AvatarClydeXUSA34 months, 3 days ago2 days ago2,724
 Cool Music GuyUSA50 months, 5 days ago46 months, 8 days ago637
Dace's AvatarDaceUSA36 months, 25 days agoToday18,504
 DaJavooUSA108 months, 18 days ago47 months, 11 days ago33,858
daughteroftheking's AvatardaughterofthekingUSA1 months, 10 days ago1 day ago135
davvi's AvatardavviUSA29 months, 3 days ago1 day ago30,105
 DeltaUpUSA50 months, 8 days ago44 months, 25 days ago655
 Dirty SanchezUSA62 months, 11 days ago51 months, 15 days ago289
Doc Savage's AvatarDoc SavageUSA100 months, 3 days agoToday4,007
Dog Wayne's AvatarDog WayneUSA34 months, 8 days ago1 day ago4,216
 Don'tBeAfraidUSA24 months, 15 days ago23 months, 0 days ago2,597
DOOM-N-GLOOM's AvatarDOOM-N-GLOOMUSA37 months, 10 days ago28 months, 21 days ago995
Doomish's AvatarDoomishUSA41 months, 8 days ago1 day ago12,806
DoorBert's AvatarDoorBertUSA41 months, 18 days ago1 months, 1 days ago35,999
DREAM MAKER's AvatarDREAM MAKERUSA7 months, 8 days ago2 months, 14 days ago5,118
 EaterofpiesUSA14 months, 5 days ago1 day ago216
eekers's AvatareekersUSA19 months, 10 days ago1 day ago18,913
ella's AvatarellaUSA114 months, 14 days agoToday3,083
El_Duderino's AvatarEl_DuderinoSpain28 months, 18 days ago1 months, 9 days ago4,489
 Epic!!USA18 months, 18 days ago4 months, 20 days ago802
EscapeVelocity's AvatarEscapeVelocityUSA25 months, 0 days ago8 months, 21 days ago1,768
Esoteric Morgan's AvatarEsoteric MorganUSA51 months, 4 days ago5 days ago6,713
FatalW1shes's AvatarFatalW1shesUSA43 months, 13 days ago12 months, 25 days ago6,067
Feistylorax's AvatarFeistyloraxUSA5 months, 22 days ago1 day ago589
ForunMoberator's AvatarForunMoberatorUSA20 months, 27 days agoToday4,136
 Frigg StuyvesantUSA84 months, 2 days ago47 months, 11 days ago9,995
 Full CircleCanada81 months, 6 days ago49 months, 27 days ago7,540
fullfaith's AvatarfullfaithUSA10 months, 27 days ago1 day ago807
 gd2baliveUSA45 months, 26 days ago4 months, 12 days ago6,591
geminilion's AvatargeminilionUSA56 months, 29 days ago6 months, 7 days ago10,265
genba's AvatargenbaOther45 months, 19 days ago20 months, 20 days ago869
Gerry52's AvatarGerry52USA30 months, 11 days ago2 months, 24 days ago2,383
 Girl GeniusUSA50 months, 8 days ago22 months, 5 days ago6,739
Goddess of the sea 1's AvatarGoddess of the sea 1USA16 months, 28 days ago1 months, 27 days ago888
Goofy for God's AvatarGoofy for GodUSA35 months, 22 days ago1 day ago27,839
 GreadyGeniu$USA24 months, 15 days ago22 months, 12 days ago430
green_girl's Avatargreen_girlCanada26 months, 18 days ago1 months, 18 days ago7,052
Gypsy Priest's AvatarGypsy PriestUSA20 months, 28 days ago9 months, 2 days ago7,338
halman's AvatarhalmanUSA77 months, 2 days ago15 days ago17,260
Hardwired's AvatarHardwiredUSA25 months, 27 days ago18 days ago5,976
 Hashland, Oregon 97420USA30 months, 29 days ago27 months, 20 days ago70
Hawkesbay's AvatarHawkesbayUSA34 months, 17 days ago1 day ago1,722
 Herman The KidUSA29 months, 14 days ago26 months, 27 days ago1,289
 Holy Bat Shitman!USA82 months, 25 days ago39 months, 6 days ago2,268
 Hunny~BUSA20 months, 18 days ago5 days ago461
indiandave's AvatarindiandaveUSA52 months, 25 days ago1 day ago4,363
Inerrancia's AvatarInerranciaSpain41 months, 20 days ago1 months, 6 days ago13,598
 insertfunnyusernameGreece31 months, 26 days ago18 months, 26 days ago7,302
InsertWittyNameHere's AvatarInsertWittyNameHereUnited Kingdom22 months, 3 days ago1 day ago520
Isis7's AvatarIsis7USA67 months, 6 days ago5 days ago12,223
Itcouldbeaname's AvatarItcouldbeanameUSA20 months, 13 days ago3 days ago674
Jack Daphne's AvatarJack DaphneUSA114 months, 16 days ago1 day ago1,710
JazzyG's AvatarJazzyGUSA9 months, 19 days agoToday6,518
 JenkinsCanada76 months, 3 days ago54 months, 17 days ago3,263
 jnchisox1USA67 months, 20 days ago53 months, 22 days ago5,143
 John GozUSA39 months, 18 days ago12 months, 26 days ago1,623
Johnny Ringo's AvatarJohnny RingoUSA57 months, 5 days ago41 months, 8 days ago657
Joker's AvatarJokerUSA104 months, 27 days ago1 day ago2,844
Jux11's AvatarJux11USA8 months, 27 days agoToday1,779
Kai (VALIS)'s AvatarKai (VALIS)USA16 months, 19 days agoToday4,730
Kai (VALIS24/42)'s AvatarKai (VALIS24/42)USA17 months, 10 days ago17 months, 3 days ago1,013
 Kaosofik GnostikUSA67 months, 3 days ago50 months, 5 days ago6,807
KarinZa.'s AvatarKarinZa.Netherlands9 months, 17 days ago3 days ago5,036
Kezar Stanyan's AvatarKezar StanyanUSA4 months, 22 days ago1 months, 23 days ago678
Kinga's AvatarKingaPoland26 months, 26 days ago1 day ago2,503
KITKAT123's AvatarKITKAT123USA27 months, 0 days ago13 months, 18 days ago1,509
Krispy71's AvatarKrispy71Netherlands59 months, 28 days agoToday8,674
Krystle|Ann's AvatarKrystle|AnnUSA23 months, 5 days ago10 months, 20 days ago8,995
Lacoste's AvatarLacosteUSA22 months, 0 days ago20 months, 15 days ago1,149
Lamplite's AvatarLampliteNew Zealand41 months, 18 days ago1 day ago7,863
 limUSA57 months, 3 days ago2 months, 20 days ago331
Lionels Love's AvatarLionels LoveUSA8 months, 14 days agoToday929
lionhound's AvatarlionhoundUSA53 months, 8 days ago1 day ago1,779
Liquid_Pestilence's AvatarLiquid_PestilenceUSA34 months, 0 days ago13 months, 10 days ago2,935
 Lord.KayleVatican City67 months, 9 days ago41 months, 3 days ago10,168
LOU512's AvatarLOU512USA45 months, 25 days ago4 months, 14 days ago2,035
Louve's AvatarLouveUSA20 months, 15 days ago1 day ago2,428
 Love JoyCanada45 months, 25 days ago6 months, 16 days ago320
LT Prepper's AvatarLT PrepperUSA23 months, 11 days ago15 months, 0 days ago1,643
Lyonesse's AvatarLyonesseSweden63 months, 14 days agoToday2,437
M*walk's AvatarM*walkStarfleet29 months, 23 days agoToday10,603
 MarkinAZUSA40 months, 23 days ago1 months, 22 days ago1,908
Martini & Cigar's AvatarMartini & CigarUSA33 months, 19 days ago4 days ago918
Matjaz's AvatarMatjazSlovenia7 months, 25 days ago1 day ago3,790
Mattie:)'s AvatarMattie:)Starfleet30 months, 11 days ago1 day ago4,216
meganebula's AvatarmeganebulaUSA56 months, 10 days ago1 day ago1,469
 Metatron PhiUSA11 months, 25 days ago6 months, 21 days ago3,159
 mhanth4fStarfleet28 months, 8 days ago17 months, 3 days ago2,368
miffed's AvatarmiffedAustralia48 months, 18 days ago11 days ago3,648
Molon Labe 2013's AvatarMolon Labe 2013USA20 months, 17 days ago14 months, 23 days ago958
Mooshi Kin's AvatarMooshi KinUSA40 months, 15 days ago37 months, 25 days ago1,053
Ms. Superduper's AvatarMs. SuperduperUSA22 months, 15 days agoToday24,059
Myst_Wolfsong's AvatarMyst_WolfsongUSA8 months, 28 days agoToday2,222
Nah-T's AvatarNah-TUSA28 months, 4 days ago1 day ago12,838
Nefarious Libertine's AvatarNefarious LibertineUSA13 months, 6 days ago14 days ago740
 NewThorUSA29 months, 22 days ago5 months, 19 days ago4,587
No Dhimmi's AvatarNo DhimmiUSA39 months, 7 days ago1 day ago14,339
 ObeWayneKenobeUSA65 months, 12 days ago30 months, 7 days ago17,464
 OmegaUSA117 months, 14 days ago65 months, 20 days ago22,518
OmniPhi Prime's AvatarOmniPhi PrimeUSA5 months, 22 days ago4 months, 14 days ago1,618
 Open Your EyesUSA58 months, 28 days ago10 months, 27 days ago77,735
 Pantheist_prowlerUSA37 months, 12 days ago10 months, 17 days ago341
Person445's AvatarPerson445Canada29 months, 11 days agoToday5,820
PinkLilPanties's AvatarPinkLilPantiesUSA46 months, 2 days ago42 months, 6 days ago1,119
 PolemarchosRomania16 months, 8 days ago6 months, 24 days ago672
popcorn's AvatarpopcornUSA68 months, 20 days ago42 months, 20 days ago6,188
 ProgrammerUSA64 months, 9 days ago43 months, 14 days ago991
 Psalm 23USA8 months, 12 days ago4 months, 15 days ago915
Psi Guy's AvatarPsi GuyUSA60 months, 25 days ago1 day ago2,129
Que's AvatarQueUSA110 months, 10 days ago1 day ago2,144
 QuonxWerxUnited Kingdom56 months, 3 days ago49 months, 28 days ago812
R.P. McMurphy's AvatarR.P. McMurphyUSA26 months, 8 days ago2 months, 15 days ago10,313
rekameohsnad's AvatarrekameohsnadUSA15 months, 24 days ago7 months, 23 days ago8,483
repatriated_one's Avatarrepatriated_oneStarfleet55 months, 20 days ago13 days ago25,395
retiredsoldier's AvatarretiredsoldierUSA22 months, 15 days ago24 days ago888
Revbo™'s AvatarRevbo™USA61 months, 16 days ago1 day ago17,542
Rising Son's AvatarRising SonUSA30 months, 23 days ago1 day ago4,781
 Rogue MessengerUSA15 months, 16 days ago12 months, 2 days ago6,133
Saddletramp's AvatarSaddletrampUSA30 months, 28 days ago1 day ago21,322
 Sam Fox 76USA6 months, 18 days ago1 day ago740
Savakill's AvatarSavakillUSA57 months, 16 days ago13 months, 10 days ago450
Scorpiona's AvatarScorpionaSpain6 months, 24 days ago1 day ago75
Seeker of Truth's AvatarSeeker of TruthUSA131 months, 26 days ago5 days ago9,727
shadahoochie's AvatarshadahoochieUSA40 months, 19 days ago5 months, 6 days ago13,666
ShadowDancer's AvatarShadowDancerUSA80 months, 0 days ago1 months, 21 days ago15,209
shinbone's AvatarshinboneUSA65 months, 23 days ago5 days ago2,194
Simple27's AvatarSimple27Starfleet24 months, 21 days agoToday69,614
Sixty Acres's AvatarSixty AcresUSA60 months, 10 days ago41 months, 4 days ago216
Sleeping Giant's AvatarSleeping GiantUSA52 months, 2 days ago1 day ago15,242
Sloane's AvatarSloaneUSA29 months, 0 days ago1 day ago11,079
 smilesunItaly65 months, 18 days ago2 months, 5 days ago10,112
smooth infidel's Avatarsmooth infidelNetherlands18 months, 8 days ago1 months, 17 days ago165
Snuffielover's AvatarSnuffieloverRussia31 months, 28 days agoToday1,597
Sobriquet™'s AvatarSobriquet™USA15 months, 20 days agoToday4,411
 SoliloquyUganda36 months, 19 days ago30 months, 27 days ago6,026
 Southern BikerUSA59 months, 5 days ago47 months, 7 days ago448
Squidbillie Girl's AvatarSquidbillie GirlUSA18 months, 16 days ago2 days ago1,267
StarchildShane's AvatarStarchildShaneUSA3 months, 8 days ago3 months, 2 days ago1
 stargazerUnited Kingdom61 months, 6 days ago38 months, 7 days ago168
Stereo's AvatarStereoUSA112 months, 20 days ago11 days ago865
 Steve1967USA11 months, 22 days ago11 months, 12 days ago156
 Steve5728USA108 months, 18 days ago11 months, 22 days ago4,850
 SUFFER FOOLSZimbabwe77 months, 17 days ago51 months, 27 days ago858
 Swinburnian ReduxCanada20 months, 15 days ago10 days ago680
Tangy's AvatarTangyUSA84 months, 21 days ago1 day ago15,205
 tehOmniUSA42 months, 22 days ago23 months, 16 days ago32
Tell Me Lies's AvatarTell Me LiesUSA8 months, 7 days ago1 day ago6,562
 Texan BuckeyeUSA40 months, 21 days ago3 months, 13 days ago6,580
Tharamis's AvatarTharamisUSA14 months, 18 days ago29 days ago785
The Blood Type Guy™'s AvatarThe Blood Type Guy™USA60 months, 26 days ago11 days ago5,096
 The ComedianUSA21 months, 24 days ago12 months, 5 days ago23,156
The Sonic Dreamer's AvatarThe Sonic DreamerAndorra26 months, 20 days ago21 months, 12 days ago2,088
TheGasMan II's AvatarTheGasMan IIUSA25 months, 0 days agoToday4,598
 TheSeekerUSA47 months, 8 days ago40 months, 24 days ago1,964
thetrickybigguy's AvatarthetrickybigguyUSA41 months, 19 days ago1 day ago8,536
Thetruthmonger's AvatarThetruthmongerStarfleet36 months, 13 days ago1 day ago9,744
 TheWayWeWereUSA18 months, 11 days ago8 months, 4 days ago1,178
The_Original_Mind's AvatarThe_Original_MindUSA12 months, 2 days ago1 day ago3,690
Tinfoil Couture's AvatarTinfoil CoutureUSA7 months, 15 days ago2 months, 28 days ago657
TrashTrawler's AvatarTrashTrawlerUSA40 months, 10 days ago1 day ago498
TruthNow88's AvatarTruthNow88Canada24 months, 14 days agoToday3,278
 UKELLELUSA4 months, 19 days ago2 months, 0 days ago3,916
Uncle Fuck Stick's AvatarUncle Fuck StickLiberia20 months, 9 days ago1 day ago22,800
Undestroyer's AvatarUndestroyerUSA39 months, 29 days ago7 days ago2,055
Unsung's AvatarUnsungUSA52 months, 5 days ago1 day ago697
 UNThreddedIreland57 months, 14 days ago49 months, 12 days ago2,544
UVVU's AvatarUVVUUSA1 months, 29 days agoToday2,230
Vespertopia's AvatarVespertopiaUSA11 months, 5 days agoToday7,999
Vic-chick13's AvatarVic-chick13Canada39 months, 16 days agoToday4,058
waterlily's AvatarwaterlilyUSA40 months, 22 days ago9 months, 15 days ago6,649
Weltenbrand's AvatarWeltenbrandGermany7 days agoToday131
 WomanInBlackCanada71 months, 6 days ago66 months, 5 days ago3,441
 Wookiee666Barbados52 months, 26 days ago1 day ago2,034
Xerces's AvatarXercesUSA35 months, 7 days ago4 months, 11 days ago2,651
Xtinna's AvatarXtinnaUSA4 months, 14 days agoToday70
 XXIXUSA18 months, 23 days ago6 months, 20 days ago820
 Yoshi amiUSA37 months, 25 days ago13 months, 17 days ago0
YouAreDreaming's AvatarYouAreDreamingCanada46 months, 0 days ago1 day ago5,414
 z3rschmetterlingGermany18 months, 22 days ago11 months, 12 days ago2,117
 zaqqyNetherlands Antilles47 months, 3 days ago4 months, 26 days ago105
 ZcatUSA9 months, 1 days ago1 months, 12 days ago412
Zetetic's AvatarZeteticCôte d´Ivoire16 months, 4 days ago1 day ago1,485
_Anon_'s Avatar_Anon_USA69 months, 3 days ago41 months, 22 days ago3,545
{Epona}'s Avatar{Epona}United Kingdom25 months, 15 days agoToday896
~Christine~'s Avatar~Christine~Not specified58 months, 10 days ago1 day ago2,800
~kpm~'s Avatar~kpm~USA11 months, 19 days agoToday3,822
~sIcKaNdTwIsTeD~'s Avatar~sIcKaNdTwIsTeD~United Arab Emirates33 months, 1 days ago1 day ago8,664
~T~'s Avatar~T~Starfleet13 months, 25 days ago1 day ago460